Sullivan Palatek Air Compressors For Sale

Sullivan Palatek Air Compressors

Sullivan Palatek Air Compressors are versatile and efficient.  Sullivan Palatek (U.S Based) offers a wide range of diesel and electric powered rotary screw compressors to serve a variety of customers and industries.

Their product line is broad. In this buyer’s guide, we will look into the types of air compressors they make, parts availability and cost, as well as available dealers to provide service and support.

In addition, we will identify Sullivan Palatek most popular air compressors.

Sullivan Palatek was originally a design and consulting company serving the rest of the air compressor industry, Sullivan Palatek has grown into a world-class supplier of air compressors to a wide variety of industries.

The Types of Sullivan Palatek Air Compressors 

  • Industrial Air Compressors
  • Portable Diesel Air Compressors
  • Electric Construction Air Compressors
  • Oil-Free Electric Air Compressors
  • Utility mount diesel air compressors
  • Compressed air treatment and filtration systems

Sullivan Palatek assembles its air compressors in the US and offers several interesting and innovative designs.

Looking at several or the Sullivan Palatek air compressors in detail gives an idea of the concepts that drive the Sullivan Palatek design and engineering.

If your compressed air demands are such that you need a tank to smooth out the highs and lows of your airflow, the C-10 is available as a tank mounted compressor. Check with your Sullivan Palatek dealer for more information about tank mount options.

Service and Support

One concern that always surfaces when purchasing major equipment such as air compressors is the ease of accessing support and the availability of parts and supplies.

There should be no worry about these issues with Sullivan Palatek. Sullivan Palatek operates worldwide, making parts and support available any time and almost anywhere.


Parts for Sullivan Palatek air compressors are readily available online with a user-friendly ordering system or locally through the extensive network of dealers supported by Sullivan Palatek.

Sullivan Palatek offers next day delivery on parts orders received before 2:30 PM Central Time in the US. 

The SmartEquip system on the Sullivan Palatek website allows anyone to browse for specific information or parts for any air compressor in the Sullivan Palatek line. 

However, only authorized dealers and distributors can place orders through the SmartEquip system. The ability to find specific parts and numbers means you can have the information your dealer needs to make the orders quickly and efficiently.


Maintenance – Doing Your Part 

Every Sullivan Palatek air compressor comes with a detailed maintenance schedule that you must follow to keep the warranty in effect.

Sullivan Palatek designs their air compressors to ensure that performing the required maintenance and upkeep is as easy and as economical as possible.

The scheduling and performance of the required maintenance on Sullivan Palatek air compressors are so varied and dependent on the model, type of air compressor, and additional options that it is almost impossible to describe the routines that are required.

Your Sullivan Palatek dealer or distributor can provide exact details for maintenance and upkeep on the model of Sullivan Palatek air compressor at your facility.

Dealers and Distributors

From the time you start determining the necessary specifications for your air compressor to the ongoing maintenance and upkeep, your Sullivan Palatek dealer or distributor is your best source of information.

Sullivan Palatek maintains an extensive network of dealers and distributors who trained and equipped to serve you from your initial inquiry about air compressors to the final installation of your equipment.

To contact the Sullivan Palatek Regional sales director in your region of the US and Canada. Sullivan Palatek has an easy to use lookup page on their website. You can access that service using this link.

Dependability, Efficiency, and Innovation

Sullivan Palatek may not be the largest or most well-known rotary screw air compressor manufacturer in the world, but they certainly boast world-class products and service.

If you are searching for a rotary screw air compressor, no matter the size of your operation or your needs, Sullivan Palatek has options for you.

We hope that this article has provided you with information and understanding about Sullivan Palatek that will make your decisions about purchasing your next air compressor a bit easier.  

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