Schulz air compressors are renowned globally for their outstanding reliability, efficiency, and durability.

Their rotary screw, reciprocating and scroll compressors feature a range of innovative technologies for enhanced performance.

Different Schulz compressor models are suited for various applications, including engineering works, construction, service stations, and in carpentry.

Schulz Air Compressors reviews

To get the right model for whichever application, you need to consider such aspects as the airflow, pressure range, and air quality requirements. Reviewed below are the top five Schulz air compressor models you should consider: 

Best Schulz Air Compressors 

1.Schulz V-Series 10HP, 120-Gallon – The Best Schulz Air Compressor Model Overall

Featuring a horizontal 130-gallon compressed air storage tank, this 40 CFM 3-phase unit is one of the best models in the Schulz V-Series of air compressors. It is powered by a 10-horsepower WEG T.E.F.C electric motor that is renowned for its efficiency.

The unit is equipped with a Schulz V-Series cast iron pump. The pump is equipped with deeper cylinder fins for improved heat dissipation.

The increased space between adjacent cylinders allows the unit to run cooler, hence last longer. For enhanced durability, the compressor comes with oversized main bearings, and study Swedish steel valves.

The notched belt is offered as standard with these compressors and is covered using an enclosed belt guard for improved safety.


  • The powerful 10-HP motor delivers 40 CFM and up to 175 PSI in air pressure
  • Features CNC machines components of high quality
  • The compressor pump is backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty
  • The unit is powder-coated, making it corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Equipped with an enclosed belt guard for enhanced safety


  • The model is comparatively costlier as compared to other air compressor models in the same range.

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2.Schulz 7.5hp Single-Phase – 80-Gallon Compressor 

This unit belongs to the L-Series air compressors by Schulz. The model comes with an 80-gallon vertical air tank for continuous operation, even when the motor is not running.

The belt-drive two-stage air compressor is powered by a WEG 7.5 HP electric motor.  The oil-lubricated V-series pump used on this model features a sturdy and reliable cast iron construction.

7.5hp Single Phase 80 Gallon, 175 PSI, 30 CFM, Schulz...
  • Two Stage, Cast Iron Construcion
  • ASME Air Receiver and relief valve
  • Low RPM, Manual condensate drain

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With such a model, you will get a reliable 30CFM delivery at a pressure of up to 175 PSI. As such, the unit is suited for light to medium-duty industrial applications.

Comes complete with an ASME, 80-gallon air receiver with a pressure relief valve, and a manual condensate drain mechanism. The model features convenient Auto Start/Stop functionality and is fitted with a large intake filter/silencer.


  • Features a V-Series cast iron pump, and a 10HP WEG single-phase motor
  • Has deeper cylinder fins that are designed to improve heat dissipation
  • Features a reliable and sturdy design, with Swedish steel valves and large main bearings
  • Powder-coated for improved protection against corrosion, and rust
  • The pump is covered by a 2-year warranty


  • The air compressor weighs 707 pounds and does not have wheels, making it hard to move about at the job site.

3.Schulz Oilless CSD/9 1.5HP CompressorThe Best Oil-Free Schulz Air Compressor 

The Schulz Oilless CSD/9 air compressor offers a perfect blend of portability, air quality, and improved efficiency.

It is a part of the CSD model compressor pumps by Schulz that have been designed to offer you a compact and silent, yet powerful compressor. This alone makes the unit suited for indoor applications.

The unit features aluminum construction, which makes it lightweight and easy to carry around.

In addition to superior performance, the oil-free design of the compressor delivers clean high-quality air. As such, they are suited for light-duty medical applications.

The air compressor offers you two main air pump options: a 5CFM, or a 9 CFM pump.


  • Features an oil-free compressed air pump for improved output air quality
  • Powered by a 1.5HP 115 Volt low-draw motor that requires only 9.6 amps to start
  • Can deliver up to 120 PSI of clean compressed air at a flow rate of up to 9CFM
  • Relatively silent in operation, rated 72dB
  • Comes with a strong 8-gallon receiver tank


  • The small tank capacity means that you will have to run the motor every now and then to get a continuous supply of compressed air.

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4.Schulz SRP4050  –  50HP Rotary Screw Compressor 

The SPR4050 Rotary Screw air compressor by Schulz is a fully computerized model. The 50HP motor on the compressor is designed to run at low speeds.

Additionally, the entire compressor is housed in a foam-coated steel cabinet that is specifically designed to reduce noise. 

The result is a really huge and powerful air compressor that is rather quiet in operation. The model features oversized separator elements, robust belts, and uses synthetic oil.

All these components are comparatively durable, which has been proven to reduce the maintenance requirement of the model. The SPR4050 also features a range of safety features, including a belt guard, as well as a fault, and sequence phase relay switch.

In addition to effective high-temperature protection, the unit is coupled with a large cooling system for efficient heat dissipation.


  • Powered by a 50HP electric motor that features TEFC, IP55, degree of protection
  • Features automatic starters, with phase and sequence failure detection capability
  • Fitted with a thermostatic valve for precise working-temperature control
  • Equipped with a 240V command panel 
  • The air compressor runs efficiently and silently with minimal maintenance requirements 
  • Housed in a foam-coated steel cabinet for improved protection and reduced noise


  • This air compressor is costly to buy and install but is definitely worth the money 

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Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Schulz Air Compressor

Pneumatic tools require a specific volume(CFM) of compressed air, at a certain pressure(PSIG) for them to operate. As such, the efficiency of any air compressor mainly depends on its CFM and PSIG rating.

Bearing such in mind, Schulz air compressors are some of the best in the industry. However, you still need to choose the right Schulz air compressor in accordance with your compressed air requirements.

Here are some of the important considerations you need to make while shopping for the right Schulz air compressor: 

Pressure Level 

The various air compressor applications have different air pressure requirements. Schulz manufactures air compressors if different sizes and designs to suit these varying requirements.

schulz air compressors


Schulz Air compressors may be categorized into three broad groups based on their output pressure rating, as discussed below: 

Low-Pressure Compressors 

Schulz low-pressure compressors are all their air compressor models with an optimum pressure output of 130 PSIG. Such units are suited for applications that require compressed air at a lower pressure point, such as inflating tires of different sizes. 

For instance, models rated 60 – 125 psig are ideal for smaller auto repair shops. Schulz air compressor models rated 70 – 100 psig l, on the other hand, are the ideal choice for laundries and dry-cleaning plants.

For standard pneumatic tools, such as painting and airbrushing tools, a compressor rated 60 – 130 psig will suffice for single-tool use.

Medium-Pressure Compressors 

These are Schulz air compressor models that are rated between 135, and 400 psig. With such a pressure system, the compressor is often located near the load.

They are powerful enough for such applications as blowing soot off boilers and use with high-temperature water(HTW) generators. They are also suited for use with most hydraulic lifts.

High-Pressure Compressors 

Schulz high-power air compressors can deliver compressed air at a pressure of 400 to 6,000 psi.

Such air compressors are often used in industrial compressed air systems for the more demanding applications. For instance, a torpedo workshop requires compressed air at 600 to 3,000 psi.

For ammunition depots, you should get a Schulz compressor model rated between 750 and 2,000 psig. Wind tunnels are particularly more demanding, requiring more than 3,000 psi. 

Schulz Air Compressors

Air Quality 

Your choice of air compressor should also be influenced by the quality of air required, which varies from one application to another.

The various air compressors available in the market fall into four main air entrapment classes, as discussed below: 


Gaseous air pollutants are basically independent of air velocity and can have a corrosive effect on the inner components of the compressor. Again, the end-user process may prohibit the presence of such contaminants in the output compressed air.

Compressors meant to deliver breathing air and those designed for medical applications should be capable of removing gaseous contaminants.

You may also be required to purchase additional equipment in order to get high-quality air from your Schulz air compressor. 


Basically, air compressor intake structures need to be positioned away from surfaces that tend to attract particulate contaminants.

Again, there are those Schulz air compressor models that feature large air intake openings. Such a design allows for a low-velocity airflow at the intake openings, which prevents particulate contaminants from being sucked into the compressor. 


Air at the intake will always have some water content in the form of moisture. If this water condenses in the air compressor, it can damage its components, especially the air storage tank.

This is why the leading Schulz air compressor models are well galvanized to prevent water damage to the inner, and exterior parts.

schulz air compressors

Additionally, you should get a model that features automatic draining capabilities, or one that allows for easy draining of the tank manually.


Oil-lubricated air compressors are likely to contaminate the compressed air with oil fumes. If the end-user application requires clean oil-free compressed air, you should get a model that does not use oil.

The best Schulz oil-free compressor models are specifically designed to deliver high-quality, lubricant-free air. Alternatively, you can go for a lubricant-injected compressor model.

However, you need to note that lubricant-free compressors are costlier to install and maintain.

Air Compressor Performance 

Rather than the horsepower, the performance of an air compressor depends on its output air delivery and operational pressure range.

Depending on how you intend to use the compressor, here are the important performance considerations you need to make: 

Delivery (ACFM/SCFM) 

This is the volume of compressed air delivered by an air compressor at its discharge pressure.

This value is often expressed in relation to prevailing atmospheric inlet conditions (acfm). Altering the discharge pressure of a compressor will also affect its volumetric efficiency.

Therefore, you need to choose your preferred maximum operating pressure carefully.


The displacement, for a reciprocating air compressor, is essentially a product of its first-stage cylinder(s) volume and revolutions per minute (RPM).

For a rotary-screw compressor, it is a product of the model’s volume at suction per thread and the number of lobes it has on its driving rotor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are Schulz Air Compressors Made?

A: Schulz of America is a leading manufacturer of air compressors in Latin America. The company is based in Santa Catarina, Brazil, and has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Its products are mostly sold through the leading US resellers. 

Q: What Types of Compressors Does Schulz Make?

A: Schulz is a global manufacturer of both lubricated and oil-free air compressor pumps. The company specializes in reciprocating, and rotary screw air compressor types.

These come on multiple configurations to suit a vast array of applications.

Q: Are Schulz Air Compressors Covered by a Manufacturer Warranty? 

A: Yes, all Schulz air compressor models are backed by a standard two-year manufacturer warranty on the pump. 

Final Verdict 

Though not manufactured in the US, Schulz air compressors are of high quality and have been proven to deliver superior performance.

What you will love the most with these compressors is that they require minimal maintenance to run efficiently. The manufacturer makes some of the best rotary-screw, reciprocating, and scroll air compressor models of varying sizes and capacities.

While some of the leading Schulz air compressors come at a higher price point, they are definitely worth every penny.