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Saylor-Beall compressors are not sold online or in your local hardware store.  They are sold only through a limited number of distributors.  The Saylor-Beall air compressors are mostly for industrial use.

The company has been making industrial air compressors for over 90 years. The industrial air compressors are considered to be high-quality compressors. However, this should come at no surprise since they are part of a limited group still manufacturing compressors in the USA. 

If you never heard of that brand, don’t feel alone. In this detailed guide, we will review what type of compressors they make, where they make those compressors, their service and warranty.

After you find out more about these compressors, if you feel you are ready to find out more, fill out the form below and one of our salespersons would contact you. 

Who Is Saylor-Beall?

Saylor-Beall has been manufacturing air compressors since 1915.  Their facilities are still located in St. Johns, Michigan, and the company prides itself on manufacturing truly American-made compressors.  

Many companies that claim to be “American-made” purchase compressor parts overseas and assemble them in the states.  Saylor-Beall machines the crankshafts, cylinders, blocks, connecting rods, and other parts of their compressors at the manufacturing facility in Michigan, and they use iron sourced from American suppliers.

Saylor-Beall’s Air Compressor Pump Features

An air compressor is only as good as its pump.  These features are worth highlighting because they simplify servicing of the compressor, lengthen the life of the engine, or provide additional benefits.

Simplify Service

Time spent servicing equipment is time not using the equipment.  

  • The side plates provide easy access to crankshaft and rods.
  • Access to valves is simplified with threaded plugs.
  • The needle and insert bearings are replaceable to simplify maintenance and lengthen the rod life.

Efficiency and Engine Life

An engine that works efficiently will have a longer life, and Saylor-Beall has numerous features that increase them.

  • The four-piston rings and precision cylinders increase oil control and efficiency.
  • A larger diameter crankshaft built from ductile iron increases strength and reduces wear and tear.
  • The oversized roller bearings are tapered to lower friction and longer crankshaft life.
  • Easily accessible valves are disc-type for additional efficiency. 
  • The cast-iron cylinder is designed to withstand stress from heat.
  • The cast-iron intercooler utilizes a fin design to maximize cooling.

Other Features

  • Vibrations are reduced due to the cast-iron crankcase.
  • No-load starting is provided by a centrifugal unloader.
  • The air intake filter on climate control includes a silencer.

Saylor-Beall compressors have a reputation for long life.  This reputation is due to how well they are built and features such as these.

Saylor-Beall Air Compressor Pumps Specs

Two-stage reciprocating pumps come in both splash lubricated models and are available in several engine sizes.

Motor HPPump RPMCFM Displaced @175CFM Delivered @175Shipping Weight (lbs.)

For continuous run applications, head loaders are available.

How to Calculate Horsepower Needs

If you are running a repair shop, figure on 1.5 hp per worker.   Horsepower requirements are higher in an autobody shop—you should have 2.5 hp per worker.  Think of these as general guidelines—your needs might be a little higher.

Horsepower needs on a reciprocating compressor are slightly lower—about 1 horsepower per work bay in an auto repair shop.

What Air Compressors Saylor-Beall Makes?

Splash and Pressure Lube Compressors

Saylor-Beall sells both splash and pressure lube compressors, and most specs are identical, including tank size, RPM, CFM, and weight.  The following are available tank sizes for engines based on horsepower:

  • 1 ½ -2 hp — 60 and 80 gallons
  • 3 and 5 hp —60, 80, 120
  • 7 ½ and 10 hp – 80 & 120 
  • 15 hp—120 & 200
  • 20-30 hp—120, 200, & 240

The highest horsepower available for a vertical tank mounted compressor is 10.  Tank sizes of 60, 80, and 120 are available for all vertical mounted compressors, except the 1 ½ and 2 hp models.

Performance Packages

Saylor-Beall offers upgrade packages that will enhance your compressor’s performance.  These include the following:

  • An air-cooled aftercooler.  The heat exchanger is mounted in front of the electric motor, and a high flow fan is mounted on the motor’s shaft.  This reduces the discharge temperature, prolonging the life of the compressor.
  • Magnetic starter.  A magnetic started prevents motor overload, thus protecting the compressor’s electrical system.
  • Low oil control.  Low oil shutoff is essential for protecting the compressor pump from damage.
  • Automatic Tank drain.  The package includes a pneumatic-controlled tank drain for 5 horsepower and below.  Larger engines utilize an electric tank drainer.
  • Quiet Intake filter.  The oversized air filter makes Saylor Beall compressors some of the quietest in the industry.
  • Vibrator Isolator Pads. By reducing vibration, the isolator pads increase the lifespan of compressor components.

Duplex Compressors

If you cannot afford downtime while a pump or motor is being repaired or services, or if you have applications that require different air usage, then you need a duplex compressor.  A Saylor-Beall provides back-up service and can save power.

  • The separate controls are self-contained and include magnetic starters, compressor alternator, on/off switches, and run lights.
  • A single enclosure houses the power connects.
  • Toggle switches and run lights for easy operation.
  • Use the alternation feature for even run time of compressor pumps.
  • When one unit cannot keep up with demand, the second compressor starts automatically. 
  • Individual compressors can be turned off manually.
Available Configurations for Duplex Compressors
1 ½ -51 or 3230 or 460
7 ½3230 or 460
10-153230 or 460
20-253230 or 460
303230 or 460

A standard duplex package comes with two compressors and motors, a tank, and an alternator control panel.  The performance package is available. Saylor-Beall can help you retrofit an existing compressor with a second compressor and the control system.  

Engine-Driven Compressors

Saylor-Beall offers both gas- and diesel-powered compressors.  The compact engine design and enclosed belt cage provide space and safety.  An idle control saves fuel, and engine options include Kohler, Honda, and Hatz diesel.  

The two-stage gasoline compressors use Kohler engines.  Diesel options include a Honda or Hatz engine.

Kohler Gasoline Engine Specs
HorsepowerTank capacityRPM @175 RPMCFM DisplacedCFM Delivered

Specifications for Honda and Hatz diesel engines are similar to gasoline specs. If you have not heard of Hatz engines, the company has been making engines since 1904.  It is a privately held company that employs over 900 and is headquartered in Germany. 

The diesel engines have an excellent reputation and are produced according to the specifications of the customer. All engine-driven models are available as splash or pressure lubricated. 

Oil-less Compressors

Some applications need oil-free air.  Even though a filter removes most contaminants, it cannot remove all the oil.  An oil-less compressor solves that problem.  Saylor-Beall oil-less compressors will meet the demanding needs of the medical, lab, and food and beverage industries.

Key features of the oil-less compressors:

  • Reduced maintenance due to the Saylor-Beall engine design.
  • The piston is made with composite resin, and the compression rings are manufactured with Teflon.
  • Excess heat is eliminated due to a two-way fan cooling system.
  • The large-capacity air filter further reduces contaminants.
  • Lower RPM makes for a quieter machine.


HPStageTank (gal)Pump RPMACFMMax PSI

Rotary Screw Compressors

If you require a 100% duty cycle, the Saylor-Beall rotary screw compressor will fit your needs.  The compressor has a reliable, high performance, and low maintenance air end.  The oversize radial thrust bearings on the precision-built rotor mean less wear and tear on the engine.

Standard features include:

  • Oil-flooded rotary screw air end
  • Direct drive on 15 to 50 horsepower models
  • Aftercooler for efficient heat discharge and lower oil temperatures
  • Oil separator tank replacement element to ensure oil is removed from compressed air and recycled into the compressor
  • Full magnetic starter and circuit breaker on compressor control
  • Air pressure gauge and hour meter

The following optional features are available for Saylor-Beall rotary screw compressors:

  • A compression enclosure to reduce noise
  • Removable panels for easy service
  • Tank-mounted systems to save on space
  • Vertical up drafting cooler to save space

Saylor-Beall teams with Sullivan/Palatak when manufacturing the rotary screw compressors, and they are manufactured in Michigan City, Indiana.

Compressor Dryers

The moisture that exists in the air enters an air compressor, and the amounts can be substantial.  For example, at 75 degrees with 75% humidity, five to six gallons of water can enter the air system.

Dry air reduces the chances of airline rust, freeze-up, and product contamination.  It also saves on maintenance and repair costs.  

Saylor-Beall dryers have a patented static design, which is one of the quietest air dryers in the industry.  Key design features include:

  • Cool compressed air exits the evaporator to pre-cool the warm compressed. 
  • The reduced inlet air temperature saves space and energy. 
  • This eliminates a traditional air-cooled condensing unit.
  • Increased coil spacing means less dirt and rust.

Where Are Saylor-Beall Compressors Sold?

Saylor-Beall products are sold only through a limited number of distributors, but why do businesses sell through distributors?  Wouldn’t Saylor-Beall have more sales if it were easier to buy their products?

Why They Use Distributors, and Why You Should Work with Them?

First, companies that rely on distributors for sales can focus on building their products and not have to devote time and money toward sales.  And that would increase costs and affect the bottom line.  These costs would result in lower profits, higher prices, or an inferior product.

Second, a company like Saylor-Beall will choose distributors where the sales staff is knowledgeable about the industry and their products.  

From a customer’s point of view, distributors will be more knowledgeable about products.  They can troubleshoot problems, provide expertise, and even design turnkey systems, saving the customer time and money.

Should You Buy a Splash or Pressure Lubricated Compressor?

Splash lubricated compressors literally splash oil through the crankcase with a “dipper” located at the bottom of the connecting rod.  As the crankshaft turns, the dipper randomly splashes oil from a reservoir in the crankcase to lubricate the cylinders and pistons.

The larger the engine, the less effective splash lubrication becomes.  The dipper randomly splashes oil so that some parts of the pump might not get adequate oil.  Also, the through needs sufficient oil, or components in the engine will show early wear and tear.  Too much oil is not better as it can lead to a hydraulic lock.

Additionally, both oil viscosity and purity are important to extend the life of a splash lubricated compressor.  Oil that is too thin will not cling to the dippers while thick oil heats up excessively.  Maintenance for splash lubricated compressors includes making sure the oil is clean and maintaining adequate levels.

The key difference between a splash and a pressure lubricated compressor is the pressure-lubricated compressor has a pump that sends oil to the key components of the engine.  This ensures the components receive a regular supply of oil.  

So why aren’t all compressors pressure-lubricated?  The short answer is price.  Splash compressors tend to be less expensive since they do not have a pump.  

When choosing your Saylor-Beall, pick a splash compressor if upfront costs are a concern.  Size and how much use your compressor will receive are two other factors to consider.    

Saylor Beall—the Air Compressor Industry’s Best Kept Secret

Those who have a Saylor-Beall compressor consider them the “Cadillac” of air compressors, virtually indestructible, truly American-made, with a wide range of options, including sizes, premium packages, and both splash- and pressure-lubricated compressors.

Like a Cadillac, Saylor-Beall is not the least expensive option, and you will have to locate a distributor.  Don’t be put off by a lack of reviews since you can’t purchase one from an online store such as Amazon.  But check out online forums, and you will see that people who own a Saylor-Beall have nothing but good words to say about them.

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