Quietest Air Compressors On The Market – 5 Best Quiet Air Compressors

The Quietest Air Compressors The quietest air compressors we’ve reviewed here work so quietly you barely know they’re there!

In this article, we’ll review the quietest air compressor brands that are currently on the market, including CAT and some of the Eagle Air Compressor Silent Series.

We’ll talk about their benefits, some examples of best uses, and provide answers to some frequently asked questions about air compressor loudness. 

The  Quietest Air Compressors On The Market

Product nameDecibels (DbHorsepower (Hp)Price
Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 792.5More Details
California Air Tools 5510SE 601More Details
Eagle EA 6500 652More Details
Eagle C5160V1605More Details
Master Airbrush Quiet Tank Compressor 591.5More Details
EAGLE EA-4000   472.5More Details
Eagle EA-2000  442More Details
Eagle EA- 3000   461More Details
Campbell Hausfeld DC080500   681More Details

Our 1st Choice: Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor

Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HPThis brand is known for robust construction and an efficient motor. It takes care of the recovery time by giving users a big bore cylinder and twin tanks in a cast iron frame. This material gives away heat quickly to be ready to pump the air when needed.

That’s a big advantage for the makers in terms of efficient design. Each of the twin tanks can hold 4.2 gallons of air inside. The air compressor comes with a 2.5HP motor.

It’s a 4-pole motor and can work up to 130psi of pressure when conjuring up air. If necessary, it can dish out air at 90psi (4.2 CFM) and 40psi (4.8 CFM) in need.

The first thing you’ll notice is its cage-like build. This lends it some much-needed stability and sturdiness to pull thorough wears and tears in tough conditions.

Makita is great for job sites, being very well-equipped to take any threat on. The design is an improvement over the usual “Petcock” design that I’ve grown accustomed to.

You have a tank-drain valve and lever handle ball valve for easier operation and maintenance as well.

On that note, the compressor starts off by drawing low on AMPs. Thus, it won’t cause short circuits by tripping any circuit breakers at a job site. 

Overheating is a common problem, which is why the manufacturers of Makita MAC2400 have put a circuit breaker inside to ward off thermal overloads that could cause loss of operation.

The motor gives us 1730 RPMs, which is low for equipment like this. At its peak, it makes 79 decibels of noise. This is very low considering how noisy a job site can get. 

A lot of effort has been put into designing the large-scale air filter for this compressor.

This is a great option if you’re into “Automotive Style” filters because it increases the amount of air the machine takes in. Also, it keeps dirt and other impurities out. This is why this product takes our top spot.  

Oil Lubricated 

The MAC2400 is oil lubricated, which is perfect for people who want to work with power tools. The machine’s temperature is manageable all the time thanks to the lubrication process.

Our 2nd Choice: California Air Tools 5510SE Ultra Quiet Steel Tank Air Compressor

California Air Tools 5510SE Ultra Quiet Steel Tank Air CompressorAnother very quiet compressor and the most popular in 2019 is the CAT 5510SE. It almost shares the top spot with the Makita. The California Air Tools 5510SE is oil-free with a steel tank.

CAT also has aluminum machines, which shouldn’t be mixed up with this one. Oil-free machines are pretty good even though oil-lubricated machines are great for power tools.

In fact, less maintenance is required on the user’s part in this case. You won’t have to spend hours to pick this thing apart and make sure they’re functioning at the top of their gear.

Moreover, oil-free machines give you the option of working on various terrains, unlike the lubricated machines that have limitations.

As far as design goes, steel is a lot heavier than other materials. That’s obvious. However, it’s durable when it counts. Fewer incidences of damages to the compressor mean a longer life cycle and higher efficiency levels. 

Efficient, Quiet Motor 

One more thing contributing to uninterrupted operation is the motor. It’s efficient and quiet. I mean, “Very Quiet”. The sound level we can measure stacked up is 60 decibels when the machine is at full throttle.

This is the same as a normal conversation indoors. Interestingly, none of this comes at the expense of motor power. The nifty tool can work within 130psi of pressure at peak capacity.

It can dish out 3.1 CFM of air when the pressure is 40psi and 2.2 CFM of air at 90psi of pressure. For a 1HP motor, this is incredible!

This motor needs very little power to function. All you need to do is supply it with 8.5 amps of power and you’re good! One advantage of this low power is the fact that there won’t be any circuit tripping due to surges in voltage causing overload. 

Are you concerned about capacity? Don’t be! This little compressor comes with a 5.5-gallon tank. It’s enough for a whole session of tinkering with tools in your garage.

Quality comes at a price. That said, don’t be startled. This machine goes a long way when it comes to delivering quality service. Thanks to all the mechanisms working together, the California Air Tools 5510SE provides more than 3000 hours of action for users.

Portability is Ensured 

The machine is portable as well. It is propelled by the pair of wheels attached to it. Just push it a bit and you can take it wherever you need.

The wheels move well on any kind of terrain. Don’t worry about the machine overheating.

The design keeps heat buildup to a minimal level. Also, users work with a thermal overload protector. This technology allows for the machine to shut down when the temperature reaches a certain point during uninterrupted operation.

Our 3rd Choice: Eagle EA 6500 

Eagle EA 6500 This is the start of Eagle’s so-called “20-gallon” series. Amazon users are amazed by the Eagle EA 6500. Indeed, the feedback on the EA 6500’s Amazon page is almost entirely 5-stars with plenty of satisfied customers.

Buyers claim the compressor has been fantastic so far. It is very quiet, making it a great choice for those who don’t want to disturb their neighbors during a garage session. 

The Eagle Air Compressor EA-6500 is professionally packaged and shipped in a crate inside a box. Have no fear – the box is easy to disassemble. There are several screws at the bottom.

Unscrew them and lift the cage off the compressor. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to get it out of the crate.

Then, all you need to do is attach the two wheels and you can move the compressor anywhere you want. You get an LED flashlight with it for free.  

Our 4th Choice: Eagle C5160V1 Electric Stationary Air Compressor

Eagle C5160V1 Electric Stationary Air CompressorThis is one of the best Eagle 60 gallon air compressors with 18.5 cfm. Here’s a quick roundup of its features: 

  • “V” design minimizes vibration, improves cooling and extends compressor life
  • No magnetic starter required
  • Individual and removable cylinders for smoother and cooler operation
  • Heavy duty pressure switch has on/off control
  • Thermally protected 5 HP 208/230 volt electric motor
  • Metal air filters with “Auto Drop” feature
  • Easy view oil sight gauge
  • Convenient oil drain on front of unit
  • 60 gallon ASME registered tank, 150 PSIG rating
  • High efficiency reed valves for maximum performance
  • Efficient heat removal from fly wheel for cooler running and longer life
  • Sturdy metal belt guard
  • Outlet valve included

This product can be used for big and small projects. It is user-friendly and well-priced. It has a long life cycle and you’ll find it is excellent value for money.  

60-gallon air compressors are one of the best investments in a big project you can make. This is because air compressors with big tanks serve hobbyists and small commercial businesses equally well.

A bigger tank makes sure that the compressor cycles less, which not only limits the amortization of the machine but also reduces its energy consumption. 

What is more, bigger compressors provide better, more consistent airflow, as well as more power.

If you want to buy a machine like this, look for a tank that has at least 2 gallons of storage for every CFM needed by the manual tools you’re going to utilize. Let’s say you’ll need at least a 15-gallon storage tank. Then, you need an impact wrench that requires about 7.5 CFM.

Operate More than One Air Tool 

Big storage tanks like these with 60 gallons also make it possible to operate multiple air tools at the same time, which makes you more efficiently on-site.

A big tank is indispensable for tasks such as sandblasting or spray painting to guarantee that the compressor can guarantee consistent airflow throughout the project.

Our 5th Choice: Master Airbrush Quiet Tank Compressor 

Master Airbrush Quiet Tank Compressor The Master Airbrush quiet tank compressor comes with a free air hose and a free “How to Airbrush” Training Book to get you started according to Amazon.

It has 4 out of 5 stars based on 235 customer reviews. It’s also quite affordably priced. Below are some of its main features: 

  • Powerful Twin Piston Compressor W/ Air Tank & Hose
  • High-Performance Airbrush Compressor with Tank * Our Most Popular Airbrush Compressor
  • Provides “Air-On-Demand” with Constant Pressure and Zero Pulsation
  • Genuine Master Airbrush Tank Compressor with a (FREE) 6 foot Air Hose
  • 1/5 Horsepower this unit delivers more Air Volume (CFM) and Air Pressure (PSI) 


This machine is very powerful with its 1/5 hp, delivering more air pressure and air volume than any airbrush demands. It is easy to carry around because it’s lightweight and compact. It also has a built-in handle.

Precise air adjustment is ensured by the diaphragm pressure regulator with water trap filter and gauge that provides precise adjustment of airflow and guarantees air is dry and clean at all times. 

Automatic On/Off Shutoff

The machine is preset for automatic turn off when the air tank reaches 60 PSI. When the pressure drops under 35 PSI, it is also preset for automatic turn on.

This enables a longer compressor life from less heat-related moisture and motor wear. 


The machine will work only when you do. It produces air on-demand at the pressure regulated by you. Advanced thermal protection feature ensures the unit will turn itself off automatically if it overheats.  

Constant Pressure and Zero Pulsation

You have constant regulated pressure because air is drawn from the large air storage tank. This fact also accounts for the zero pulsation, eliminating any pulsation effect from the pistons.

No Maintenance 

This compressor is oil-free like many of the others we’ve reviewed here. It is almost completely silent, operating at just 59 db. It comes with a full 2-year warranty, so you can be assured of reliability and quality.  

Our 6th Choice: EAGLE Silent Series EA-4000

EAGLE Silent Series EA-4000With only 47 decibels at 25′, this Eagle 20-gallon air compressor is perfect for indoor operation. Extra protection is offered by the sleek, steel face, positioned at 65 degrees for easy reading. The compressor also draws only 6.5 amps.


  • 2 Hp Running And 2.5 Hp (Peak) Motor
  • Silent Series Rated at 53 DBA From 25 Feet Away
  • Life Expectancy More Than 4 Times Longer than Most Oil Free Air Compressors
  • Oil Free system Requires No Pump Maintenance
  • Draws Only 14 Amps Works On Most Household 115 V Outlets
  • Oil Free Double Piston Pump System Produces 6 CFM at 90 PSI; 7.9 CFM at 40 Psi With A 50 % Duty Cycle To Power Air Tools
  • Dual Gauges To Monitor Tool And Tank Pressure At A Glance
  • Oversized Regulator Knob Is Easy To Use, Even Wearing Work Gloves

There is a control panel mounted at the top and two 1/4″ air hose fast connectors for quick tool changes. The 20-gallon tank is easy to transport and store. Maximum pressure is 125 PSI.

The lever type tank drain valve makes maintenance a breeze and extends the product’s life cycle. The roll cage design features anti-vibration feet.

Eagle EA-2000Our 7th Choice: Eagle EA-2000

The best quiet air compressor for a shop is the Eagle EA-2000 Silent Series. It comes with an oil-free double piston pump, 1-gallon capacity, and a low amp draw.

The low amp draw increases the life cycle fourfold compared to the average compressor. It has a user-friendly dashboard with two pressure gauges, a quick connector and pressure control knob.

It is almost soundless, producing only 44 dB. The angle of the dashboard makes it very easy to see the gauges and everything is easily accessible.

Our 8th Choice: Eagle EA- 3000

The 3 000 model produces just 46 dB. It is small, affordable, and portable. Like 2000, it has a 1-gallon tank. The Eagle EA-3000 produces 2CFM at 100PSI from 1 peak HP motor and a maximum pressure of 125 PSI.

Our 9th Choice: Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 8 Gallon 

Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 8 Gallon According to experts, the Campbell Hausfeld company simply outdoes itself with its air compressors. Their Quiet compressor series is on the top of everyone’s list and has been there for many years.

The best small and quiet air compressor is the 8-gallon unit. Designed like a suitcase, this compressor is perfectly built to protect the motor and the tank inside the frame.

Its size is 11 x 23 x 26 inches. It’s very easy to be picked up by the handle and taken anywhere. 

Moreover, the metal frame of the compressor comes equipped with rubberized padding that will protect the motor when you store it in an upright position and absorb the vibrations of the motor.

Despite the compressor’s size, the tank fills up pretty fast thanks to the dual-piston pump system.

Additionally, the makers claim that the components of the compressor are even more durable than their previous compressors. 

Main Features:

  • 8-gallon tank
  • Oil-free compressor 
  • 125 PSI maximum
  • 2.4 CFM at 90 PSI
  • 68 dbA

The Quiet series is only half as loud as regular compressors. Most of the quiet units produce about 68 dbA of noise. Don’t expect to be able to use a sander with this product as with most other small units we have reviewed. If you want to do some fastening, stapling, or painting or inflate a basketball, it’ll perform just fine. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We will answer some FAQs in this section. 

Are air compressors loud?

As mentioned, they are normally twice as loud as silent ones, or around 130 db.  

Why is my compressor so loud?

If you got a silent compressor that is not silent, that might mean it needs repair. For example, rattling sounds normally mean that an element in your air conditioner has come loose. If the sound is getting louder, that means the problem’s getting worse. 

Why is my compressor humming? 

If you hear humming, your starting capacitor could be starting to fail. It’s either that or your motor needs repairing. 

Why is my air compressor making a loud noise?

Loud noises may indicate your air compressor needs replacing. Hissing or bubbling sounds usually mean the refrigerant is leaking. A screaming sound is often caused by excessive internal pressure. This can be very dangerous.


We hope this article has been helpful. Thank you for reading! 

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