Paintballing has always been relatively popular but just a decade or so ago, PCP (Precharged Pneumatic) airguns were considered a niche. All of a sudden, PCP rifles are gaining in popularity.

I’ve been shooting BB guns, pellet guns, and paintball guns my entire life. I’ve worked at paintball fields and I have watched the PCP gun trend grow firsthand.

When it comes to finding the best PCP air compressor, it’s important to consider your individual needs. There is no one-compressor-fits-all model that I can recommend. It really comes down to what’s most important to you.

The Yong Heng 4500PSI Adjustable Auto-Stop Air Compressor works well with rifles and tanks and is able to fill them relatively quickly. For that reason, it’s my top pick. If you only want to fill rifles, then the Air Venturi Nomad II would be perfect for you. If you live in an apartment complex or other noise-sensitive environments, then you may want to check out the AirForce E-Pump Compressor.

All the PCP air compressors on this list can run on DC,  but the TUXING PCP Air Compressor has a removable power supply that makes it more portable. If you are serious about paintballing and PCP rifles or you run a paintball field or shooting range, then the GX E-5K2 PCP Air Compressor is the best PCP air compressor for you.

Most of the paintball air compressors we included are for DIY applications and for small shops. If you own a large shop and are looking for a commercial paintball compressor scroll to the bottom and feel out the form for a FREE quote.

Lastly, If you are unsure whether to fill your gun with CO2 or compressed air, check out this post here.


Top Paintball Air Compressors

Brand/NamePriceMaximum PSIMaximum RuntimeNoise Level
Yong Heng 4500PSI
Adjustable Auto-Stop Air Compressor
$275.9045001 Hour*78dB
Air Venturi Nomad II$849.99450015 minutes91dB
AirForce E-Pump Compressor$854.954500Unlimited74dB
TUXING Pcp Air Compressor$248.00450045 Minutes84dB
GX E-5K2 PCP Air Compressor$2,199.99450010 Hours70dB

Top Paintball Air Compressors

1.Yong Heng 4500PSI Adjustable Compressor – Best PCP Air Compressor Overall

At just $275.90, the Yong Heng 4500PSI compressor is one of the most affordable PCP air compressors on the market.

Despite its price, this air PCP air compressor is surprisingly reliable. It’s got an innovative water cooling system that works by connecting the ports with tubes to a bucket of cool water. Like other compressors on this list, this Yong Heng model features an adjustable auto-stop, which allows you to fill your gun to its specific limit.

The PCP Air compressor can be made a lot better with a few simple upgrades. Personally, I found that the built-in 3 amp water pump simply doesn’t provide enough circulation power to properly cool the compressor motor. So, to increase running times, I replaced the stock water pump with a 7 amp water pump from Home Depot.

Also, I learned the hard way to not run regular tap water through this PCP compressor! If you don’t use distilled water, you will get all sorts of build up inside the pump. So, don’t be like me and make sure to only use distilled water with ice to run this compressor.

When I first started using this PCP compressor, I was not putting ice in the cooling water. This made it run at 58°c to 62°c nearly all the time. This made me have to shut the machine down around every 15 minutes, which was a bummer for everyone out on the field. Once I added a little ice to the coolant, however, I was able to get this machine to run for over an hour with no issues.

And while it may seem annoying that the temperature gauge runs on its own batteries, I would like to let you know that I bought a pack of batteries thinking I would have to replace them often. Well, 7 months later and I still have not had to change the batteries even once.

Overall, I like this air compressor the most because it works well with both rifles and guns. Sure there are some issues with this PCP air compressor out of the box, but after some low-cost upgrades, it’s a reliable, high-performance solution considering the total investment.

YONG HENG High Pressure Air Compressor Pump,Adjustable Control with Auto-Stop 110V 30Mpa Electric Air Pump Air Rifle PCP 4500PSI Paintball Fill Station for Fire Fighting and Diving

$349.99  in stock
as of September 29, 2023 7:07 pm


  • Adjustable auto-Stop PCP electric air pump power: 110V 60HZ;Motor power: 1.8KW. Air pump inflating speed: 2800r/min; Work flow: 50L/min; Oil standard: IS0 VG 46 & AW 46. Notice: The temperature sensor is only compatible with AG13, 357A, CX157 and LR44W 1.5V batteries; batteries are NOT included and needs to be installed.
  • Please prepare enough cooling water, it is recommended to be a vat of water to achieve better cooling effects. WORKING WITHOUT WATER IS FORBIDDEN!
  • Designed with two-stage compression and two water-oil separators for performance stability. It takes only 30 minutes to fill full 6.8L tank to 300BAR
  • PCP electric pump can be used for for fire fighting, paintball, leakage detecting, pressure-tight test, automobiles, air impermeability test, pressure proof test, etc.

2. Air Venturi Nomad IIBest PCP Air Compressor For Rifles

At $849.99, the Air Venturi Nomad II represents an excellent value for the money. This compressor is capable of filling a gun at up to 4500 PSI with a configurable shut off. The Air Venturi will do everything a PCP rifle needs.

In most cases, I was able to get this air compressor to fill up my PCP rifles in about 5 to 8 minutes, depending on the rifle I was filling. So, keep in mind that your actual fill time will vary.

As long as this compressor is taken care of properly, it will never disappoint you. The Air Venturi Nomad II’s low cost, performance, and reliability make it an excellent entry level compressor.

With that being said, this air compressor is a high maintenance product. There is a load meter on this device and if it starts running higher than 25, that means you have to run oil through the system. When using this PCP compressor to fill my rifles, I noticed that I had to oil the system around every 25 refills.

Also, this compressor is rather loud. There are plenty of videos showing the Nomad II running inside, and while those videos aren’t necessarily unrealistic, they are also not very practical. This air compressor should be operated outdoors. 

I used the Air Venturi Nomad II for a few months, and I have to say it’s quite a nice compact HPA compressor. It’s certainly one of the best looking PCP air compressors you can get, as it comes in a sleek, compact package with all the compressy bits hidden behind a nice, faux carbon fiber casing. I

It’s small, at just 11 Inches by 8 Inches wide, by 8 Inches, which brings me to a big gripe that I have with this air compressor. The Nomad II simply doesn’t have the capacity to be able to fill tanks, but it works great for filling guns. I don’t like the underbody lighting, so I just turned it off.

Another annoying problem is Nomad II’s moisture drain. For example, even with the stock feet installed, I was not able to get my fingers into the area to be able to operate the drain valve. What I have to do is run the Nomad on the edge of a countertop or similar to be able to get in there and actuate the valve.

I added a low cost desiccant filter to my output line to keep moisture out of my guns. And that’s been working pretty well so far. It does slow the fill times down a little bit, but personally, I think it’s worth it.

I was curious to see how this PCP air compressor ran directly from DC, and I have to report the results are great! As long as the battery can supply the 28 amps that the Nomad II requires, it runs just like it’s plugged into the wall!

I did some quick testing and with the Nomad II, I was able to fill my rifle from 1000 PSI to 2000 PSI in just under 3 minutes. Even though this PCP air compressor is not made for tanks, I had some small 13 cubic inch tanks that I wanted to test. I was able to take them from 2000 PSI to 3000 PSI in just over 3 minutes.Taking the same small tank to 3000 PSI  didn’t take all that much longer, just over 5 and half minutes.

3.TUXING PCP Air Compressor – Best Portable Air Compressor

This is another DC PCP air compressor that runs on 12 to 22 volts. Like other models on this list, it can also run on 120 and 220 volts AC. Unlike other models on this list, this Tuxing PCP air compressor has a detachable AC to DC power supply.

So, if you are wanting to run this as a dedicated battery-operated device, you don’t have to lug around a useless, heavy AC to DC power supply.

Without the power supply, this PCP compressor is just 22 lbs. That’s why I use this one when we go out to the field, where we do a lot of battery-operated refilling. Sure it’s not the fastest PCP compressor in the world as it takes about 15 minutes to fill most rifles, but the fact that it doesn’t require any oil or water to run is a big plus for me.

Like most other portable 4500 PSI air compressors, this Tuxing model uses around 30 amps when it’s running. So, make sure to have the engine running when you are running this PCP compressor from your car.

Portable Filling Station

For the extreme PCP enthusiast, this 12V 100Ah lithium ion battery has 1200W of energy, which is enough to run the Tuxing PCP compressor for about 3 and a half hours continuously. That’s enough to refill most PCP rifles 15 to 20 times!

Pairing the Tuxing PCP air compressor with one or more lithium ion batteries can easily serve as a remote filling station out on a large paintball field or campground.

4.GX E-5K2 PCP Air CompressorBest Commercial Paintball Air Compressor

If you are running a commercial operation you might be asking yourself, ‘What air compressor do paintball fields use?’ Well, I can tell you first hand that paintball fields use the GX E-5K2 because it’s the best commercial PCP air compressor you can get for the money.

This air compressor features 2 pistons and 4 stages for powerful compression. It’s a 1200W commercial PCP compressor that can refill a typical air rifle in just 2 to 3 minutes. Sure it’s nice to have smaller compressors out in the field,but before everyone goes out to play, they all charge their guns and tanks using this main compressor.

GX CS1-I PCP Air Compressor with Built-in Power Adapter, Auto-shutoff, Oil &Water-Free, 4500Psi/30Mpa, Power by 110V /220V AC or 12V DC, Air Gun and Paintball/Scuba Tank Compressor Pump

$339.99  in stock
1 used from $184.85
Free shipping
as of September 29, 2023 7:07 pm


  • 【Built-in Power Transformer】GX-E-CS1-I pcp air compressor can be powered by 12V car battery,easy to carry when you go out and you can also use 110v and 220v wall sockets to power the compressor at home. The power adapter is built into the air compressor for easy portability and usage,so there is no need to carry an extra power adapter with you when you go out.NOTE:The temperature should not exceed 75°,and turn off in time to cool down.
  • 【Auto-stop at Set Pressure Level】Our electric pcp air pump will turn off automatically when it reaches the pressure that you preset. After 30 minutes of continuous operation, the automatic shutdown function will also be triggered, which is a good safety feature that you will like. No distraction when inflating,totally free your hand.NOTE:If you have any questions, please CONTACT US first, we will try our best to help you.
  • 【Fan Cooling & Real-time temperature Display】Oil-free operation and no need cooling water circulation.This pcp air compressor built-in 12500rpm cooling fan start running when power on the paintball air compressor, no need to turn it on manually. Real-time temperature display makes your air pumping safer and easier. No water hassles and no oil hassles! No more bottle fill charges and driving to dive shop!
  • 【Quick Connector & Replaceable Filter Element】Comes with an 8mm quick female connector, just hook up and start pumping.This pcp air rifle compressor also packed with extras like spare o-rings and some moisture filter elements. The activated carbon moisture filter on the hose not only can be used multiple times, but also replaceable to keep the compressed air clean and dry all the time.
  • 【Fast Inflating Speed & Wide Application】Powered by 250W brushless motor,our electric air compressor pump is capable of delivering pressure up to 4500Psi/30Mpa.Suitable for PCP air rifles,air pistols,paintball guns,and HPA tanks.It takes about 20 minutes for the compressor to fill a 0.5L tank from 0 to 300bars and 8 minutes from 200bars to 300bars. one year warranty against manufacture defects!

The GX E-5K2 has enough power to charge just about any PCP, paintball, or scuba tank. In fact, it can even fill a full-size 20 liter scuba tank.

This commercial PCP air compressor features a hybrid water and air cooling system, which lets it run for up to 10 hours continuously. This air compressor features an extremely fast filling speed. It takes just 45 minutes to fill a 6.8L PCP to 4500psi. This compressor is able to lift a 1 liter talk from 1000psi to 4500psi in just 5 minutes.

While it’s true that just about any PCP compressor has some form of auto-shutoff, this air is much more sensitive, so there really is never any risk of overfill.

That’s why one of my favorite things about this air compressor is how consistent and reliable its auto shut-off works. When the exact set pressure is reached, the compressor shuts itself off immediately. After that filling is complete, the compressor bleeds off the excess moisture automatically.

Even though this compressor cannot run continuously, its 10 hour runtime was never a problem when I was working at the paintball park. It is , however, important to note that we had 2 of these machines running at the same time. I suppose if we only had one, it could have become an issue. So, it’s important to keep the runtime in mind.

5. HPDAVV 100L/Min 5.5-HP Air Compressor – Best Overall Paintball Air Compressor

The HPDAVV compressor is a scuba tank air compressor. Scuba tanks are rated for the same kinds of pressures as compressed air tanks for paintball guns making this a perfect air compressor for your paintball tank refill station.

The features it offers are unparalleled.

  • The HPDAVV is powered by a Honda GX gasoline engine delivering 5.5 horsepower.
  • This unit is equipped with a Yong Heng air compressor that can deliver up to 3.5cfm flow.
  • Four stage compressor for high efficiency 
  • Intake Air Filter
  • Oil separator and filter
  • Pressure gauge
  • Safety valve
  • Pressure switch
  • Air cooler


  • Honda engine can’t be beaten for reliability and performance
  • High-performance air-cooled compressor generates a good airflow
  • Includes a pressure switch, oil separator, and safety valves
  • If equipped with the proper filters and air dryers can be used for scuba tanks as well


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Requires more maintenance to keep both the engine and the compressor running properly

HPDAVV High Pressure Air Compressor - 5.5-HP - With Gas Engine - 3.5cfm @ 4500 Psi - Scuba Tank/PCP Rife/Paintball Air Gun Filling Station

$2,599.00  in stock
as of September 29, 2023 7:07 pm


  • 【Power Supply】With the Gas Engine, 5.5HP / 4Kw, Flow Rate: 100L/min / 3.5cfm.HPDAVV guarantees the best quality of our products. If your scuba air compressors doesn’t meet your expectations please feel free to contact us and we will arrange you a replacement or a refund.
  • 【 Stationary Air Compressors】Air Compressor is equipped with four high pressure cylinder and can be compressed air maximum up to 20-30mpa/200-300bar/3000-4500psi, gauge pressure indicate, safe valve will be automatic leaking after full filling.
  • 【Petrol Driven】Air compressor consists of pump, motor, intake filter,belt,cool fan,oil separator & filter,safety valve, pressure switch, starter, frame, isolator etc,the Lubricate Oil we recommend that ISO grade 100/150.
  • 【4500psi Air Compressor 】High quality air compressor is much more lighter and performances more stable, Air cooling system, easy operation and strong security and reliability.
  • 【Paintball Air Tank Compressor】Widely used in diving, fire fighting,outdoor construction,pipeline welding,container welding,scientific research and pressure testing,and laboratory,can also be used at PCP rifle paintball tanks.

6. HPDMC 110V 4500 PSI High-Pressure PCP Air Compressor – Best Electric Paintball Air Compressor

Gasoline engines are noisy and produce some nasty exhaust products that you might not want sucked into your compressor and into your paintball gun tanks. 

Electrically driven compressors are typically smaller and less expensive than gasoline-powered compressors. The HPDMC is a great option for a home paintball compressor and refill station. 

It has almost everything you need to plug it in and start refilling your paintball gun tanks.

  • Works on standard 110v 60Hz power
  • 2.5 horsepower electric motor
  • Delivers 4500psi at 2.0cfm
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Adjustable pressure


  • Small and compact
  • Not too expensive for a high-pressure compressor
  • Works on 110 volts


  • Requires a cooling system that must be purchased separately

7. HPDAVV Portable Air Compressor 4500Psi – Runner up Best Electric Paintball Air Compressor

If you want to fill your paintball tanks on the go, then the HPDACC Portable Air Compressor may be just the thing for you.

Small enough to be easily transported, the HPDAVV compressor delivers enough airflow to keep your tanks filled for all-day paintball game play anywhere that you can find an electrical plug, or even combined with a portable generator.  This compressor doesn’t lack in features either.

  • Uses standard 100v 60Hz electrical power
  • Produces 1cfm of air at 4500psi
  • Intake air filter
  • Low vibration design
  • Less than 65db noise level
  • Built-in water-cooling pump


  • Portable for on the go tank filling
  • Quiet operation and very low vibration make it easy to use
  • Complete unit.  Nothing else needed to fill a tank
  • An economical alternative to big compressors


  • Requires a water source for the cooling
  • Not suitable for any tank larger than a paintball gun tank

HPDAVV Protable Air Compressor 4500Psi - 1.5KW - 110V/60Hz - Auto Stop for Paintball Scuba Tank Filling Pump

$278.00  in stock
as of September 29, 2023 7:07 pm


  • 【Packing Accessories】Filter,Pressure Relief Screw,Water pump,Breath Nozzle,Water Pipe,Explosion-Proof Disc,Filter Element,O-Rings,Operational Video.
  • 【Application】Directly to personal PCP air gun、paintball or paintball co2 tanks for filling, not for greater volume scuba diving tanks.Diving bottle, life-saving bottle, paintball bottle.
  • 【Parameters】Voltage:110v, Frequency:60Hz, Flow Rate:30L/min; 1cfm, Power:1500w. Working Pressure Service: Normally rated pressure 20Mpa/200bar/3000psi to Max 30Mpa/300bar/4500psi.
  • 【PCP Air Compressor】Motor Type: Single phase motor. Max Filling Volume: Less than 1 liter / 68 ci, Filling time: 0.5L container 0-30MPa about 5-10 minutes, 1L container 0-30Mpa about 15-20 minutes.
  • 【Portable Compressor】Compacted confined space design strong security and reliability, easy operation Low vibration, speed, and noise. (Weight: 19kg, Noise Level dB(A): Less than 65 )

8. Orion Motor Tech High-Pressure Electric Air Compressor Pump – Best Budget Electric Paintball Air Compressor

This small portable electric high-pressure air compressor from Orion Motor Tech gets the nod as our choice for the budget-conscious paintball player who wants to fill their own paintball tanks.

The small footprint and lightweight of this machine make it possible to have high-pressure compressed air with you all the time. You won’t find the Orion HP air compressor lacking in features for its budget price.

  • 110v 60Hz electrically operation
  • Delivers 4500psi air 50L per minute
  • Two-stage compressor design
  • 30 minutes to fill a 6.8L tank
  • Water-cooled


  • Portable lightweight design
  • Great price for a high-pressure compressor
  • Runs on 11v power
  • Two Water/oil separator built-in


  • Requires a constant source of water for cooling

9. 12V portable PCP Air Compressor with Transformer – Best 12-volt Paintball Air Compressor

That’s right.  You read it correctly. This little portable air compressor will run on anything from 22v to 12v. 

The transformer is built right into the compressor housing and allows you to switch from 220 volts, 100 volts, and even has the connections to run directly on 12 volts.

  • Runs on 220v, 110v. or 12 volts power sources
  • 4500psi
  • Oil and water-free operation


  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • No water or oil required 
  • Built-in gauge
  • Small, lightweight, and easily transported


  • Recommended for tanks less than .6L
  • Slow airflow means long tank fill times

TUXING Pcp Air Compressor,4500Psi 30Mpa,Oil/Water-Free,Powered by Car 12V DC or Home 110V AC with Adapter (Included),Pump for PCP Air Rifles and Airguns (TXES061)

$184.90  in stock
5 new from $184.90
Free shipping
as of September 29, 2023 7:07 pm


  • 【Portable design and light weight 】( 15.43 pounds) makes it easy to transport to the range or field; Features a sturdy carry handle and rubber feet;
  • 【 Drain system】 drain valve system,remove deposit auto-matically,below with drain valve screw to avoid and reduce maintenance;
  • 【Fast charging speed】The maximum pressure of this product is 4500PSI, which makes it only takes 15min for the pressure of a 0.5L diving bottle to rise from 0MPa to 30MPa;
  • 【Over-temperature protection】Smart overheat auto-shut off prevention technology prevents permanent damge;
  • 【Power Adapter】Can be operated using an electrical outlet or vehicle battery with flexible AC/DC (110V/12V) operation.

10. AirForce E-Pump CompressorBest Quiet PCP Air Compressor

The AirForce E-Pump is basically just a manual hand pump that is operated by a motor. At first, this may sound ridiculous, but hear me out. The AireForce E-pump is much quieter than even the quietest traditional PCP compressors.

I use this PCP compressor at home because I live in an apartment complex with thin walls. This thing is so quiet, I get no complaints. Unlike other PCP compressors, the AirForce E-Pump doesn’t sound like a loud piece of machinery running.

This pump runs much slower than other PCP compressors, but that means it performs its duty while producing much less heat. This means that this air compressor can run continuously without fail.

The AirForce E-Pump is a rather innovative take on PCP compressors, but when it comes down to it, this PCP air compressor should really only be used if you plan on operating it in a noise-sensitive environment and no other options are available.

Why Are Paintball Air Compressors Different?

It all has to do with the pressures involved.  Compressing air to 4500psi is a lot different than the 180psi that most home workshops deliver.

Most high-pressure air compressors use a two-stage or four-stage compressor array to get the necessary pressures.  These are more expensive to build. The materials from which these compressors are built are also more expensive.  

Can You Fill Paintball Tank With A Regular Air Compressor?

Unfortunately not. Most residential and commercial air compressors max out at 180 PSI. Paintball tanks and PCP rifles, on the other hand, require 3,000 to 4,000 PSI to fill.

For a while, there was a company that made an ‘inline’ compressor that took in compressed air from a standard air compressor and further compressed it to 4500 PS

Paintball Air Compressors

What Kind Of Compressor Do do You Need For A PCP Air Rifle?

For a PCP air rifle. You are going to need an air compressor that can support at least 3000 PSI. It’s best, however, to choose a PCP air compressor that can run at 4500 PSI.

That means you are going to need a specialized air compressor, as conventional air compressors do not support pressures that high.

What Air Compressors Do Paintball Fields Use?

Paintball fields and other commercial installations use large, stationary, PCP air compressors. These larger compressors can run many times longer than smaller models. In fact, there are some commercial PCP air compressors that can run continuously without stopping at all.

Another important factor for a commercial PCP air compressor is speed. You can’t very well have lines of people waiting around to get their tanks and guns filled, so you can expect a commercial PCP air compressor to fill a gun or even a small tank in less than 5 minutes.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose Paintball Air Compressor

When shopping for an air compressor suitable for filling your paintball tanks, there are some basic components that you need to consider.  Most of the compressors that are advertised as paintball air compressors are really the same compressors that dive shops use to refill scuba tanks.  

The major difference in filling scuba tanks and paintball gun tanks is the quality of the air on the output end.  Scuba tanks must have breathing quality air.

There are all kinds of regulations that cover what kind of filtration must be in the system, regular testing of the air, and maintenance requirements on the equipment.

The major items to consider when purchasing a high-pressure compressor for paintball guns are:

  • Pressure – Any compressor that will be used to refill paintball gun tanks should be rated at no less than 4500psi.
  • Flow Rate – Flow rates are important because the flow rate determines how fast your compressor will refill your bottle. The higher the flow rate, the less time you wait.
    The downside is that higher flow rates require bigger and more expensive compressors.  Finding the right mix of flow rate and price for your needs is the challenge.
  • Power Source – Do you want an electrically powered compressor or a gasoline-powered compressor.  For most of us, an electrically powered compressor makes more sense.
    Electrically operated compressors tend to be smaller and make less noise than their comparable gasoline-powered brothers. On the other hand, if you need higher flow rates and a bigger compressor, a gasoline-powered compressor may make more sense.
  • Water Cooled or Air Cooled – If possible, we recommend opting for an air-cooled compressor.  Air-cooled compressors are less complicated. You will spend less time on maintenance with an air-cooled compressor as well.

Is It Worth Buying A PCP Compressor?

Yes. I used to think that using a hand pump made more sense. After all, it’s free and doesn’t require any electricity.

Using a PCP air compressor is not entirely about convenience. In fact, using the right PCP air compressor can make you a better shooter.

I find that pumping my rifle for several minutes raises my heart rate and makes it harder for me to steady my aim.When I started using a compressor, my shooting ability increased dramatically.

I didn’t realize how much pumping my gun was wearing me out. Not having to struggle with forcing air into my rifle made it so that I could more easily steady my aim and focus on my targets.

PCP Air Compressors Are High Maintenance Machines

With that being said, it’s also fair to mention that the added convenience of a high pressure compressor comes with its own downsides.

The problem is that material sciences just hasn’t quite gotten to the point where the average person can have access to 4500 PSI compressors with the same quality, reliability, and ease of maintenance as standard shop and residential air compressors.

So, high-pressure air compressors are either going to be extremely expensive or extremely high maintenance. The components used to make most consumer-grade PCP compressors are unable to withstand the amount of work it takes to compress that much air for very long.

Because of this, you have to constantly maintain your PCP compressor to keep it running. Filters and oil need to be changed a lot more often than with a regular air compressor. The best PCP air compressor will find the perfect balance between performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

Homemade Paintball Compressor

When it comes to making a homemade paintball compressor, it’s pretty much not happening. It’s one thing to cobble together some parts to make a decent 180+ shop air compressor, but PCP and paintball guns require pressures on the order of several thousand PSI.

Paintball Air Compressor

Paintball Air Compressor Adapter

This paintball air compressor adapter allows a standard home air compressor to fill your paintball gun to a low PSI, but don’t get your hopes up just yet!

While this adapter will allow you to make repairs and perform various tests, which will save you money in trips to the store and refills when you are working on your gun, it won’t fill your PCP rifle with enough air pressure to use it normally.

This adapter has a 1/8″ female NPT fitting and includes a male threaded ASA aluminum adapter fitting.

We hope this article helped you find the best PCP air compressor, thanks for reading!