Milwaukee Air Compressors reviewsMilwaukee air compressors are reliable, and versatile units that may be used on an array of applications, ranging from powering pneumatic tools to inflating tires.

They are known to be superior in terms of power and torque and will last for a longer period, even when used in adverse conditions. However, you just have to choose one that is best suited to the intended application.

Over the years, the manufacturer has been offering some of the most reliable, and durable compact air compressors to meet various needs. You will find their models to be rather versatile, easy to operate, and usable in different conditions.

Reviewed below are the top four Milwaukee air compressor models you should consider.

Best Milwaukee Air Compressors

Air Compressor Model Air Flow (CFM)PSI RangeDuty Cycle
Milwaukee 2475-20 M12 Compact Inflator 88CFM @0PSI, and 63 CFM @ 35 PSI0 - 120 PSI50%
Milwaukee M12, 2475-21XC Compact Inflator Kit88CFM @0PSI, and 63 CFM @ 35 PSI0 - 120 PSI50%
Milwaukee M18 Fuel  2840-20 2-Gallon Quiet Compressor1.2 @ 90 PSI0 – 135 PSI70%

1. Milwaukee 2475-20 M12 Compact Inflator – The Best Milwaukee Air Compressor Model Overall

The Milwaukee 2475-20 inflator is designed to offer you an accurate, fast, easy, and portable inflation experience.

With regards to portability, the unit is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for an extended period. It features a compact, and lightweight design, weighing about 3.19 pounds.

With the ability to complete a number of demanding tasks, 2475-20 will offer you versatile, powerful, and efficient inflation.

The popularity of this air compressor may be attributed to its unique set of features and capabilities, including:

Intelligent Filling 

The 2475-20 inflator features Truefill, an innovative auto shut-off technological advancement by the manufacturer. In its functioning, the Truefill feature automatically senses the speed of fill to deliver precise shut-off at the desired PSI. 

This not only makes the model more precise but also prevents over-fill and overheating scenarios while refilling your tires. 

Efficient Motor/Pump 

Though compact in design, this model is equipped with high-efficiency motor and pump that can produce up to 120 PSI of air pressure. The high-efficiency motor and pump top-off car tires in under a minute. 

You will also find the compressor capable of filling LT truck, and compact equipment tires fast and more efficiently. 

Large Display 

This Milwaukee air compressor is fitted with a large backlit LCD display that is easy to read, even in dark conditions. The display displays rather large figures, keeping you updated on the current and Target pressure readings.

The display will also make it easy for you to program the compressor to a specific Target pressure, at which it will automatically shut down. 


  • Comes with the required accessories, including an all-brass Presta Chuck, inflatable nozzle, and a ball inflation needle
  • Features high-efficiency motor and pump that can deliver up to 120PSI of pressure
  • Equipped with an illuminated LCD display digital gauge, that features Target and current pressure reading fields
  • Fitted with a reinforced cage that makes it impact and weather-resistant 
  • Features anti-vibration feet that prevent it from moving around during inflation 
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty by the manufacturer

Possible Drawbacks 

This model does not have a battery status indicator to let you know the battery level at any given time.

M12 Compact Inflator Kit
  • Top off a car tire in under 1 minutes 28-35 PSI, fills a lt truck tire in under 4 minutes 30-45 PSI.
  • Inflates car, lt truck, and compact equipment tires.
  • Red link Intelligence: truefill auto shut-off technology increases accuracy, protects from over-temp and over-fill.

2. Milwaukee M12, 2475-21XC Compact Inflator Kit – The Best Value for Money

The Milwaukee M12, 2475-21XC Compact Inflator kit includes the M12™ Compact Inflator (2475-20), and M12™ REDLITHIUM™ XC 4.0 extended capacity battery pack, Presta Chuck, ball inflation needle, and an inflator nozzle. 

The compact Inflator delivers fast, accurate, easy inflation with the portability to take anywhere. It comes complete with a large backlit LCD display, and large buttons for easy calibration of target pressure settings.

The kit has a number of other interesting capabilities to offer, including: 

M12, 48-11-2440 REDLITHIUM™ XC 4.0 Battery Pack 

Get up to 2X more runtime, and 20% more power with the new Redlithium battery pack by Milwaukee. The battery requires fewer recharges, as compared to standard lithium-ion batteries.

The pack features superior pack construction, electronics, and performance to deliver more per charge and extended more life than any battery on the market.

The battery pack is designed to offer your compressor 4.0 amp-hours of runtime. Additionally, it runs cooler and performs in climates below 0°F/-18°C.

Each of these battery packs features overload protection, which prevents damage during heavy-duty applications. The temperature management system and individual cell monitoring help maximize battery life.

Superior Design 

The compressor itself weighs about three pounds and features an integrated handle. Such a design makes it more portable and easy to carry around.

The outer air compressor body features a reinforced cage, which protects the inner parts against damage by impact, and weather elements. 

The posterior side of the unit has convenient storage compartments for the various accessories. These allow for easy and neat storage of the 26-inch air hose, ball inflation needle, Presta Chuck, and inflatable nozzle that come with this model. 

Efficient Inflation 

The efficient motor and pump used on this model are rated 120 PSI, hence they are capable of inflating tires of all sizes.

The model comes with an all-brass chuck, which allows for an easy and reliable connection to the tire nozzles to prevent leaks. 

Again, the model is fitted with anti-vibration stands to prevent any movements that may dislodge Chuck during inflation. 


  • Highly efficient, capable of filling a car tire (28-35 PSI) in less than a minute, and compact equipment tires in about 4 minutes
  • Comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery pack for convenient cordless operation
  • Features Truefill auto shut-off technology for increased accuracy, and protection against overfills and overheating
  • Has a clear backlit LCD display, allowing you to preset target pressure, and take current pressure readings with ease
  • Compact, portable, and easy-to-store in any car or truck

Possible Drawbacks 

The model does not come with a 12V DC charger that can plug into the car cigarette lighter port like some of the leading electric inflator models in the market.

Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Compact Inflator...
  • Fastest cordless tire inflator: top-off a car tire in under 1 minutes (28 - 35 PSI)
  • Inflates car, LT truck, and compact equipment tires
  • REDLINK intelligence: true fill auto shut-off technology increases accuracy, protects from over-temp and over-fill

3. Milwaukee M18 Fuel  2840-20 2-Gallon Quiet Compressor – The Best Oil-Free Milwaukee Air Compressor 

The 2840-20 two-gallon Milwaukee compressor is best suited for remodeling and carpentry applications.

Despite being an industrial-grade air compressor, 2840-20 is very quiet in operation, at 68dB. This makes it suited for indoor applications and for use in areas with strict noise level regulations.

This Milwaukee air compressor features a low profile and stackable design for easy transportation and storage.

The model is compatible with MILWAUKEE® M18™ REDLITHIUM™ batteries for convenient cordless applications. 

Milwaukee M18 Fuel
Other aspects you will come to like about this air compressor include:

Quiet Performance 

Despite to Fuel name of the model, the Milwaukee 2840-20 is a cordless electric air compressor. It features a Brushless motor, that allows for enhanced performance, durability, and reduced noise levels.

As a matter of fact, the model only produces 68dB of noise in operation. This makes it possible for you to use the compressor closer to the project you are working on, without risking ear loss. 

Extended Use 

This compressor model is powered by the popular Milwaukee M18™ REDLITHIUM™ batteries, renowned for their extended battery life.

With such a battery, the M18 Fuel  2840-20 2-Gallon air compressor can drive up to 1600 Brad nails per charge, if used in such an application. 

Enhanced Portability 

The 2840-20 compact air compressor is actually lighter than a conventional corded air compressor.

Additionally, it features an ergonomic handle that allows it to be carried vertically. The design of this Compressor also allows for easy storage and transportation in vehicles.


  • Relatively quiet in operation, rated 68dB
  • Features a compact design and an ergonomic handle, hence easy to carry, and transport with minimal fatigue 
  • It is fitted with a single turn regulator 
  • Powered by M18 REDLITHIUM™ Battery Pack for extended cordless use per charge, can drive up to 1,600 nails per charge
  • Capable of integrating -circle communication between tool, batter, and charger

Things You Need to Know Before Buying 

Compressor Type

There are two main compressor types to choose from single-stage and two-stage air compressors.

The choice of either one of these will mainly depend on the intended application. Single-stage air compressors are comparatively small in size, and capacity. 

This makes single-stage compressors suited for simple, light-duty applications like airbrushing. Even with single-stage compressors, you still need to choose the size and capacity that you find appropriate, as discussed below.

Two-stage air compressors are suited for garages and manufacturing facilities.

Milwaukee’s two-stage compressors are powerful enough to run multiple pneumatic tools simultaneously. As compared to single-stage models, two-stage air compressors are larger and more expensive. 

Air Compressor Grade 

Compressor Pressure Range and Airflow Based on their capacity and power, air compressors can be classified into three different grades as follows:

  • Consumer Grade Compressors – These are small, often single-stage compressors that are suited for DIY home applications.
    They may also be used in small garages to power a single pneumatic tool at a time. 
  • Contractor Grade – These are comparatively larger, but still portable air compressors. Contractor Grade compressors that have larger tanks come with a set of wheels or are mounted on a cart-like vehicle.
    They may be used to power small tools at a construction site, including roadside repair tools and nail guns. 
  • Commercial Air Compressors – Milwaukee commercial air compressors are really powerful. The Milwaukee 2840-20 M18 FUEL 2-Gallon, for instance, is suited for heavy-duty compressed-air applications.
    Such compressors are powerful enough to power multiple pneumatic tools simultaneously and feature large storage tanks for uninterrupted operation. 

Compressor Pressure Range and Airflow 

To understand the capacity of your preferred Milwaukee air compressor model, you should consider its pressure range (PSI), and airflow rate (CFM).

The right PSI and CFM will depend on the type of tools you will be using the compressor to power. If you intend to be using several air-powered tools with your compressor, it is advisable to get one with a higher CFM value.

Consider the type of tools you are currently using and the ones you may need to use in the future. 

Your preferred air compressor must meet the PSI and CFM requirements of each pneumatic tool you will be using. Determine which of the tools requires the highest CFM at the highest PSI.

For marginal safety, you should get a compressor that delivers 50% more CFM than the CFM requirements of your tools. 

Power Source 

The leading air compressor models in the industry are powered by either electricity or run on fuel. While shopping for the right air compressor, these are the two power sources you should consider:

Electric Air Compressors 

Most Milwaukee air compressors run on electricity. Regardless of their size, electric air compressors are more efficient, quarter, and friendlier to the environment.

They are the perfect choice for places with a regular supply of electricity. Since they do not have large engines and gasoline tanks, electric compressors are lighter and easier to carry around.

However, electric compressors are less powerful as compared to models that run on fossil fuel. Again, larger industrial electric air compressors may also require you to buy a 400V or 3-phase supply transformer.

This will add to the buying cost and make the compressor bulky. 

Fuel-Powered Air Compressors

The more powerful industrial air compressors are powered by either gasoline or diesel. As compared to diesel-powered models, gasoline air compressors are lighter, more affordable, and quieter in operation.

Diesel-powered models, on the other hand, produce more horsepower and torque. Diesel-powered air compressors may be costlier to buy but are relatively cheaper to maintain in the long run.

All in all, Fuel-Powered compressors are best suited for heavy-duty, outdoor applications. 

Mode of Operation 

With regard to their operations, air compressors use two main mechanisms: rotary screw and piston methods. Most piston air compressors are often used in the automotive service industry.

Such models are known to deliver lower air quality and output flow rate. Piston air compressors are also noisier in operation and operate at a higher temperature.

As a result, they may be costlier to maintain per given duty cycle. Piston compressors will also consume more power per unit output.

For enhanced reliability, durability, energy efficiency and improved air quality, you should get a Milwaukee rotary screw air compressor. 

Final Verdict 

best milwaukee air compressorMilwaukee is a leading manufacturer is an assortment of electric and pneumatic tools. Their range of air compressors is just as efficient, reliable, and durable.

Their M12 compact inflators are suited for home applications and inflating tires of all sizes. The M18, 2840-20 model, on the other hand, is ideal for heavy-duty applications.

All their models feature a compact, lightweight, and portable design for easy transportation and storage. Regardless of the intended application, Milwaukee air compressors will offer you a reliable, and flexible cordless experience. 

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