Makita Mac2400 Review | Top Features & User Ratings

The Makita Mac2400 Big Bore 2.5 hp air compressor is perfect for DIY homeowners. If you need a professional grade compressor that is powerful enough for home tools, this might be a good option.

In this review, we will discuss the features, engine, weight, noise level, and potential issues.

Overall, this is a very good, professional-grade compressor that can handle most jobs around the house or garage. This review will focus on the various features and will help you decide if the Mac2400 is right for you.

This Big Bore air compressor comes with 2.5 horsepower making it one of the most powerful portable units.

Some consumer-grade compressor engines have as much as 6.5 horsepower but they are much heavier and louder. The horsepower determines the amount of pressure that the compressor is able to build up within the tank.

The higher the pressure, the more powerful the air stream. This makes high power an essential feature for jobs like roofing and trimming. 

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This compressor produces 4.2 CFM @ 90 PSI. PSI is the measurement of the pressure, and CFM is the amount of air the compressor stores at that pressure. This means that a significant amount of power can be used for quite a long time.

As discussed above, the motor puts out 2.5 horsepower. An interesting thing about the Makita Mac2400 is that it runs at 1720 RPM.

This is very low for that amount of horsepower and means that the compressor is incredibly quiet. 

It has a duty cycle of 50% which should be more than enough for anyone using this compressor moderately. The duty cycle refers to the amount of time the compressor can be on, divided by the amount of time it should be off.

In this case, as long as it is not on more often than it is off, it will not be damaged from overuse.


It is designed to be portable but is still fairly heavy. At 77 pounds, it is light enough to be carried around but might require two people or a hand truck.

This compressor might be a good choice for someone who does fairly heavy home improvement work. Tools like pneumatic air wrenches, nail guns and staple guns will have more than enough power. 


Compared to other high power air compressors, the Makita Mac2400 is quite small.

Measuring just 19.375in X 18.375in X 18in it is small enough for most garages or home workshop applications.

Most people don’t have nice enough neighbors or enough space to keep a high horsepower compressor in their house.

On the other hand, you don’t want to spend money on a compressor that can’t handle a job. If you need a good mix of power and low noise, this could be the best choice.

Ideal Use

The Makita Mac2400 Big Bore Air Compressor might be an ideal tool for a wide variety of people. Since it has both power and portability, pretty much anyone who needs a compressor would do well buying this one.

Because it runs at a low RPM and is fairly quiet, it would be suitable for a home or garage. Some applications could include pumping up flat bicycle tires, blowing up balloons, and many different cleaning applications. 


The Big Bore system pumps more air into the tank with every cycle of the cylinders. This feature makes for more power efficiency and fast recovery time if you need to use the compressor continuously.

This is good for powering things like airbrushes and other tools that run continuously for long periods of time. 

Unlike some home use compressors, the Makita Mac2400 is oil lubricated. Because of this, it will require a little bit of maintenance such as checking and changing the oil.

It is important to know whether or not this job will be doable for you before purchasing. Because of the higher power output, this would also be a good choice for someone who takes on heavier workloads.

It powers things like nail guns and pneumatic wrenches with no problems. 

Noise Level

The most prominent and surprising feature of this compressor is the fact that it is so quiet. Most compressors have to run at a high RPM to generate the power they need in a small area. Because of this, they can be very loud.

This is not true with the Makita Mac2400. Even though it is relatively small, it’s the engine is able to run at only 1,730 RPM. This low RPM means the engine isn’t producing as much noise but is still able to produce power.

This brings the noise level down to just 79db while some can be as loud as 90db.

Potential Issues

One of the issues with high power compressors is that they can be extremely loud. This makes them impractical for use around the house or in an apartment complex.

The Makita Mac2400 is surprisingly quiet for how much horsepower the engine is pumping out. Another issue with high powered compressors is their weight.

Some consumer-level compressors can tip the scales at upwards of 500 pounds. The Makita Mac2400 is only 77 pounds, but for one person that is still quite heavy.

Other Benefits of Low RPM

The low RPM also improves the durability and longevity of the compressor. Because the engine isn’t working as fast as it would at a higher RPM, it doesn’t wear out as easily.

High RPMs can shake the engine more, making it loosen and come apart. Another benefit of low RPM is power usage. The motorcycles slower and takes less energy per minute.

This could save energy in the long run if the compressor sees regular use. If a compressor is something that is going to be running quite often, you want it to be energy efficient.

The low RPM on the Mac2400 could make it a good choice. 


Perhaps the biggest selling point of this compressor is its power. Some consumer-level compressors only put out about 1 horsepower which might be okay for cleaning or blowing up balloons.

That isn’t going to get any heavy work done, though. The Makita Mac2400 puts out 2.5 horsepower, blowing others out of the water when it comes to the engine.

With that added horsepower, you could power heavier machinery and more heavy-duty tools. This brings it up a level from consumer-grade to a more professional tier tool for a serious user. 


The Big Bore pump on this compressor is twice as wide as most others. This means that it is able to take twice the amount of air into the tank at a time.

Because of that, there is less of a chance of overheating and damaging the engine by overworking it through the narrow bore. Because of the wide bore, the pump is also more efficient. The engine does not have to work as hard to fill the tank with air. 

Alternatives/Competing Models

There are a few alternatives to the Makita Mac2400 that are similar in both portability and air capacity. 

California Air Tools Cat-1p1060SP

This compressor is quite a bit cheaper than the Makita and the sacrifice comes from power.

The California Air Tools compressor only puts out 1 horsepower compared to the Makita’s 2.5. If you are looking to do any of the heavier work or construction, this might not be the best choice.

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Rolair JC10 Plus 1 HP Oil-Less Compressor

This Rolair compressor has the same smaller amount of horsepower as the above California Air Tools model. However, it runs at the quieter RPM of just 1725.

The low RPM and lower power mean this might be a good choice for someone who needs a quiet compressor. It also has the added bonus of not needing oil changes.

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Stealth 20 Gallon Ultra Quiet Air Compressor 

This Stealth air compressor is an industrial model that will be well suited to someone on a more professional level.Holding 20 gallons of compressed air and weighing 121 pounds, it is almost twice as big as the Makita Mac2400.

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This means that it will not be portable and would not be a good choice for a weekend handyman

Final Thoughts 

With so many different types of air compressors available, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best. Because of this, doing some thinking beforehand about what you need a compressor to do will go a long way.

Not everyone is going to need a big, industrial compressor with a lot of horsepowers. Most people wouldn’t have space or a good enough relationship with their neighbors to be able to have one.

By knowing what your needs are, you can find the compressor that will work well for you. You may be interested in another review of the Makita MAC 700

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