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Why Should you use a Kobalt Air Compressor?

As pointed out by the Kobalt Compressor Reviews, there are many reasons to opt for these tools. First and foremost, these models are very flexible to use and are suitable for applications across a wide spectrum of usage.

Likewise, the Kobalt Air compressor offers you optimum safety and security. It deserves a special mention that these tools are suitable for use by users of all experience levels.

Last but not least, these tools require minimal effort and time in maintenance. So, opting for these models is worth doing.

Kobalt air compressors are designed to perform well in large-scale, heavy-duty jobs while being as compact as possible and easy to move around. These air compressors are great for use in wood workshops as well as in residential garages.

The best Kobalt air compressor will have a max tank pressure of 175 PSI, will have a 240 Volt 5 HP motor, and will be able to run a broad range of air tools.

Why You Should Use Kobalt air compressor for home garage

The Kobalt air compressor converts power to potential energy. However, It operates by using an electric motor, gasoline engine, or diesel engine.

And also, It is quite a handy equipment for providing power to air appliances. In other words, Kobalt is categorized as mid-use so that it can be used in the home garage.

  • Easy Maintenance: The Kobalt air compressors are powerful machines but very easy to maintain. And above all, they only require some routine upkeep and can assist with numerous projects.
  • It speeds up the work: It can help to speed up the various tasks happening at home, that is to say, Kobalt also helps with hanging crown molding and finishing basement walls.
  • Cleaning becomes easier: One can efficiently clean various items by using the Kobalt air compressor. Besides, It can even help to clean the furnace filters. This compressor emits high blasts of air,  and for this reason, it can effectively remove dust and particles.
  • Air will be free of cost: There is no need to worry about the bill or price because few gas stations along the roadside will provide free air. So, it is pretty economical to keep the Kobalt air compressor. However, little money is required to filling the tank on this compressor.

Steps to use the Kobalt Air Compressor

First, if your compressor is oil-free, you don’t have to check the pump oil level. If the pump type of the compressor is oil-lubricated, you have to check the pump oil level.

Second, you have to attach the hose to the regulator valve. The regulator valve is usually around, metal plug with a hole in the center.

To connect the hose, you have to push its narrow end into the valve.

Third, the hose should be attached to the power tool. When pumping a tire, the coupler has to be pushed onto the valve of the tire.

Fourth, after connecting the power tool, you have to plug in the compressor to the outlet. You should not use extension cords because this can cause the compressor to overheat.

Operating The Compressor

First, you must wear your safety gear, which includes close-toed shoes and safety goggles. This step is essential to run power tools safely and to avoid ear damage, use earmuffs because some devices can be very loud.

Second, pull on the safety valve to test it. The safety valve is usually near the hose line; after that, release the valve, tug at it, and this should release some air, which is a sign that the compressor works.

Third, you have to turn on the compressor, which starts the process of pressurizing the tank. Fourth, check for the pressure your tool needs.

Fifth, to match the PSI of your tool, you should adjust the pressure regulator knob, and finally, now you can run your device while the tank has air in it.

About The Brand

As the Kobalt Air Compressor Reviews suggest, this happens to be the house brand for Lowes. Developed exclusively to serve Lowes, the Kobalt  Air compressor comes with electric-powered motors and features an array of styles and designs.

As for the power of the motor, it can be anywhere in the range between 1.5 to 5 Horsepower.

As experts categorize these air compressors as a mid-use tool, it is perfectly suited to serve the needs in domestic workshops as well as in residential garages. The advanced models can even serve commercial needs.

Best Kobalt Air Compressors

Product nameMax PSICFM RatingsHPTank SizeApplication
Kobalt XC80200017515.6580-gallonBest for sanding, painting a car to repairing an engine
Kobalt XC60200017510.73.760-gallonIdeal for garage and workshop applications
Kobalt 33326441754.51.826-gallonQuiet operation suitable for urban locations
Kobalt LK201751754.01.320-gallonAutomotive maintenance & repairs
Kobalt 03008421503.81.88-gallonHome & Jobsite 
Kobalt 33204471502.41.04.3-GallonIdeal for use with brad/staple nailers, finish nailers and framing nailers
Kobalt 0120242A1250.50.52-GallonPerfect to be used around the house
Kobalt 120v & 12v Portable Air Compressor1200.40.3TanklessInflates sports balls, rubber rafts, and other such items

Head-to-Head Comparison

In the following sections, we are going to put Kobalt’s air compressors against the products of some of its greatest rivals against a certain number of criteria such as duty cycle, maximum pressure and air delivery, maintenance required, and ease of operation.   

Kobalt vs. Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors

The first challenger of Kobalt’s product line is a member of “The Holy Trinity” of air compressor manufacturers – Atlas Copco, Quincy, and Ingersoll Rand.

To make an accurate comparison between these two manufacturers, we picked up similar models by Ingersoll Rand and juxtaposed it by the models reviewed in the sections above.

To sum up, here is what we found out.

Kobalt is the underdog in this head-to-head showdown. What we mostly take into consideration is the general user satisfaction with the two product lines.

Still, on the whole, there are much less entirely negative reviews about the air compressors of Ingersoll Rand compared to those about Kobalt’s products.  Also, Kobalt lags behind Ingersoll Rand concerning the quality of customer support that they provide.

Best Kobalt Air Compressors

Kobalt vs. DeWalt Air Compressors

The second head-to-head comparison was very challenging to compile, as both product lines are American-made. Both companies Lowe’s and DeWalt have long-established traditions on the U.S. market, and their products’ feedback is more or less similar.

After a long and thorough examination of hundreds of user reviews and posts on specialized forums and website, our experts have decided to call it a draw.

Dewalt D55146 1.6 Hp Continuous 200 Psi, 4.5 Gallon Compressor, 17" x 33.75" x 24.5"

Kobalt vs. RIDGID Air Compressors

The brand RIDGID can be found on hand tools, air tools, and air compressors. These items are sold in several big-box stores around the U.S.

The Ridge Tool Company, the owner of the RIDGID product line, is owned by the Emerson Group. We took a good look at their compressors, and the first thing that struck us was their rough design.

True, some of Kobalt’s models reviewed above also appeared a bit bulkier for our taste, but compared with RIDGID’s, they look graceful!

There are very few real reviews about RIDGID’s compressors, and the level of general user satisfaction is below the accepted average. Here is our final judgment.

RIDGID 200 psi 4.5 Gal. Electric Quiet Compressor (Orange)

Kobalt vs. McGRAW Air Compressors

Here is another minor challenger to Kobalt’s line of air compressors. It appears that all the information about McGraw air compressors is on YouTube.

This means you’ve got to watch hours of videos to get some general idea of the products they make. From what we could endure watching, we found out they mostly make large vertical-tank air compressors for heavy-duty industrial applications.

By contrast, Kobalt’s compressors fit a much wider variety of applications, from industrial jobs to subtle sanding jobs and tire inflation.

Currently, they feature just two models of air compressors with vertical tanks – a 20-gal oil-lube compressor, and an 80-gal one. They both appear to have a maximum pressure of 175 PSI (Pound per Square Inch) and an output of 4.0 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) at 135 PSI (Pound per Square Inch).

Frequently Asked Questions 

In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to answer some of the hottest questions about Kobalt’s line of air compressors that have been circulating online.

1. Who Makes Kobalt Air Compressors?

Lowes make Kobalt air compressors.

2. Do Kobalt Tools Have A Lifetime Warranty?

If you look at the products reviewed above, you will see that the most extended warranty on Kobalt’s air compressors is three years.

3. Are Kobalt Air Compressors 100% American-made?

The Kobalt line of air compressors is being manufactured for the Lowes stores chain by many different air compressor companies, so we cannot guarantee that all kobalt parts are made in the USA.

4. Is Kobalt Being Discontinued?

Lowes is not planning to discontinue its in-house Kobalt brand. The evidence is in the eight different models of air compressors reviewed above.

5. Is Craftsman Replacing Kobalt?

We found out that the Craftsman product line is picking up popularity quickly, but we predict that both lines will continue to coexist together.

6. Is Kobalt Better Than Craftsman?

Craftsman is the older and more established of the two brands. Craftsman was launched in 1927, while Kobalt was started in 1998. Yet, when it comes to air compressors, we think that Kobalt’s products are more popular.

Large Line 

Kobalt’s line of air compressors impresses with its sheer broadness. If you look at the big table above, you will see that they make compressors with 80-gallon tanks, as well as ones with just two-gallon tanks, to cater to the different needs of their customers.

Also, Kobalt stands on a par with DeWalt, which means that they are reliable, easy to use, and generally require little maintenance.

The overall level of user satisfaction with Kobalt’s compressors is above average, although they can make some improvements regarding their customer service policy.

On the whole, Kobalt’s compressed air solutions provide good value for your money. However, please note that most of the models reviewed above have oil-lubed pumps, which require regular technical inspections.

True, there are models with oil-free pumps, but these are not so powerful and are therefore inappropriate for industrial use.

Finally, all of the eight models reviewed above are piston compressors, which means that they can maintain a 100% duty cycle over a shorter time compared to rotary screw air compressors.

However, for the variety of jobs that they can cope with, Kobalt’s models are worth every cent you pay for them. We strongly recommend that you test your product before finalizing the purchase. 

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