Kaeser Air Compressors For Sale

Kaeser air compressors offer a variety of products, ranging from portable and stationary compressors to complete air systems. For instance, rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, rotary lobe/screw blowers,  controllers, air distribution systems, storage and treatment solutions, etc. 

In this buyer’s guide, we will review the Kaeser air compressors brand, why choose them, their purchase, and their maintenance costs. Also, we will identify the best Kaeser air compressors in each category. 

Commercial Kaeser Compressor Models

1. Kaeser CSD 75 Air Compressor –  Up to 700 HP

Kaeser CSD compressors can serve you with superior efficiency. Their direct drive screw compressors range from 25 hp – 650 hp, whereas the performance is outstanding. 

Here oversized air-ends are specifically selected and used to produce the required flow and pressure output. Compared to compressors with high speed, small, gear-driven air-ends, the one-to-one drive in Kaeser offers significant savings.

Extraordinary efficiency: High-performing  IE3 and IE4 motors with superior efficiency can provide additional energy savings.

Extended service life: Electronic thermal management dynamically controls the fluid temperature leading to increased energy efficiency. Besides, the internal condensation build-up is also prevented, which eliminates a common cause of lubricant degradation.

Low life cycle costs: Keiser’s holistic approach to life cycle cost management ensures exceptional efficiency, smooth operation, fast service, and consultation.

As the air-end is directly connected to the motor via coupling, it eliminates the problem of transmission losses. There are other models to choose from:

T-models: Features an integrated refrigerated dryer for high-quality compressed air, for example, ASD, BSD, and DSD series. In addition, they come with a synchronous reluctance motor, that provides greater energy saving and efficiency – particularly in the partial load range.

2. SFC 15 – A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD/VSD) Compressor

For excellent part-load performance, you can choose a variable speed (VSD) compressor. Check out the SFC series from Kaeser that offers various models with different capacities. 


  • Kaeser offers many rotary screw compressors that are available with variable speed drive through the Siemens drive technology.
  • The air-end design is optimized by engineers to accommodate a wide flow range with unparalleled efficiency. 
  • As the drive motor, as well as Sigma Profile air-end, operate at low speeds, the compressor can provide exceptional reliability and durability.


Varying loads: These compressors can speed up and down to match their air output demand by varying the frequency of the input electricity to the motor.

Precise pressure control: Highly accurate sensors can maintain stable pressure without wasting air by over-pressurizing the system. 

Superior part-load performance:  Kaeser’s SFC units provide superior part-load performance that makes them great trim machines.

Reduced electricity costs: Because of the electrical consumption varying directly with air production.

Soft start: Using the lowest start-up current, Kaeser offers frequency drives that are the ultimate soft starter for your motor.

Minimum wear: As there are less frequent loading and unloading, there is less wear and tear on vital mechanical parts.

3.New Mobilair™ M118 Portable Compressor 

Kaeser Compressor’s new Mobilair™ M118 portable compressor is getting popular because of reliable, fuel-efficient performance. This compressor capable of delivering up to 405 cfm at 100 PSI.

This comes with the power-saving Sigma Profile™ rotary screw air-end as well as a heavy-duty Tier 4 Final 4-cylinder Deutz diesel engine.

Features and Benefits

The onboard Sigma Control Mobil™ controller equips the compressor with variable pressure, ranging between 87 and 145 PSIG. 

DPF Filters

The Selective Catalytic Reduction system along with the Diesel Particulate Filter helps to protect air quality. Thus it can ace even the most stringent emission requirements. 

The optional clean air treatment packages make the M118 a terrific choice for sandblasting and back-up plant air applications.

Because of incorporating a durable metal canopy, the internal components are protected. Besides, the wide-opening gullwing doors allow easy access to all components that helps in quick servicing and also reduces the noise level.

The steel chassis, torsion bar suspension, oversized tires, and instrument and light package ensure easy portability and handling during transportation.

Cold Start & High Capacity 

Because of the high capacity, cold start battery, you can be assured of year-round reliability at the 14° -113°F temperature range.

They also provide quality compressed air services that facilitates smooth supply for production and work processes. If you are solely interested in the compressed air itself, you can take advantage of their diverse air contracting models. In this way, you can avoid the investment cost related to compressed air system ownership.   

4. Kaeser Portable Diesel Air Compressors – Flow Rates up to 295 CFM

From general construction to specialized applications, Kaeser’s portable diesel air compressors serve equally well without compromising its performance. These portable compressors can be used for a wide range of applications. 


  • Maximum pressure up to 205 PSIG.
  • The optional compressed air treatment package
  • Towable and skid mount options.
  • M58 Utility is designed for cross-mounting on service vehicles.


Easy maintenance:  Large, wide-opening enclosure doors enables quick and easy access to all components.

Environment-friendly:  “Low Emission Zone MOBILAIR” facilitates minimal pollutant emissions following US EPA emission standards.

Why Buy A Kaeser Compressor?

Outstanding Quality and Reliability

In terms of design and manufacture, Kaeser is one of the highest quality manufacturers in the industry. The quality of Kaeser’s air compressors is undoubtedly remarkable, including the heavy-duty ones. 

They put honest effort to make compressors efficient and trouble-free. No matter you have a small workshop or an industrial plant, you can rely on the built quality of the Kaeser air compressors. 

Superior Energy Efficiency

One of the topmost priorities of the Kaeser is to make their air compressor systems energy-efficient. Their industrial-grade air compressors are certainly among the most energy-efficient compressors in the market. 

They express their philosophy as “more compressed air for less energy”. They continuously optimize their products to provide maximum energy efficiency and uninterrupted air supply. While you get the most out of the compressor, you are, of course, saving more energy!

Low Maintenance Cost

If you install an energy-efficient compressor, you can maximize your productivity and minimize cost. If the compressor is more efficient, you will face less downtime. Thus the operation becomes more economical with easy maintenance.

Moreover, Kaeser’s air compressor with the latest technology and unique design ensures the lowest possible life-cycle cost. 

In a nutshell, you can enjoy-

  • Energy-efficient operation with  more air and more savings
  • Premium design with minimum maintenance and the wearing of parts
  • High-class materials are engineered to ensure superior reliability. 

Excellent Service

In the current market, you can avail of some of the best pre-sale services from Kaeser. Their staffs are highly skilled, while some of them have engineering backgrounds. Thus you can trust them to get the best advice on the choice and installation of compressor systems in your facility.

By managing a worldwide service network and state-of-the-art logistics support, Kaeser is always keen to serve their customers and dealers. They would put the utmost effort to keep their equipment on-duty and maintaining operational reliability.

Superb Customer Service

Kaeser’s customer service philosophy is amongst the most appreciated in the industry. Once they sell to a customer, they see this as a lifetime service to that customer. In their philosophy, they consider themselves as a partner to the customers. 

Kaeser aims to provide tailor-made, efficient, and reliable air compressors to consumers. They also believe in innovation and sophistication. They take their customer feedback seriously and work hard to improve continuously.

Industries They Serve

If you look at your daily life, you will find that numerous products are manufactured using compressed air. Kaeser air compressors serve all kinds of manufacturing industries such as food and beverage manufacturing, metal products manufacturing, plastic product manufacturing, and wood products manufacturing.      

Kaeser’s Mobilair™ portable compressors are excellent for construction sites. Many wastewater treatment plants use Kaeser’s blower packages for aeration processes. Their rotary screw compressors serve multiple industries, such as:

  • pharmaceuticals,
  • woodworking
  • plastics
  • packaging
  • dry-cleaning

There are applications of Kaeser air compressor in non-industrial facilities, too. For instance- hospitals, laboratories, and automotive service shops. Kaeser’s AIRCENTER screw compressor packages are quite reliable for the air supply needed for impact wrenches, paint booths, etc.

Other applications include aquaculture, collision repair, mining, semiconductor, chemical, craft brew, and wine industry. 

Types of Kaeser Air Compressors 

Rotary Screw Compressors

Kaeser rotary screw compressors are great for powering production processes with compressed air supply. They perform efficiently for many industrial, trade, and workshop applications. If you need constant pressure for an extended period, rotary compressors should be your preferred choice. 

Here are several types of rotary screw compressors, such as:

Kaeser has developed its own special rotor profile to ensure maximum efficiency Their  SIGMA profile rotors can save energy up to 15% compared to other conventional rotor profile designs. 

Their precision-machined and generously sized roller bearings help the SIGMA profile air-ends to last exceptionally longer.  All these unique features, combined with Kaeser’s state-of-the-art, in-house manufacturing processes and strict manufacturing tolerances ensure unmatched reliability.

Reciprocating Compressors

Kaeser reciprocating compressors are ideal for fluctuating air demand. The optimal duty cycle for these reciprocating compressors is between 60 and 70 %. Therefore, they should be your top choice if you need a high-fluctuation operation with load peaks.

These are particularly great for trades, workshops, and small industries. You have the option to choose from portable compressors or stationary air compressors:

Kaeser’s portable reciprocating compressors are geared towards construction sites and small trades businesses. On the other hand, stationary reciprocating compressors are great for workshop or industrial applications. 

These can be either oil-lubricated or oil-free (dry-running) and comes in a wide range of versions and performance capacities.

Kaeser reciprocating compressors

Portable Compressors

When portability is your priority, Kaeser’s MOBILAIR portable air compressors can serve you wherever you need it. Kaeser makes powerful compressors in a wide range of models, which have advanced, fuel-saving motors with heavy-duty chassis. They are constructed in the main Kaeser plant in Coburg to ensure superior build quality.

According to your need and preference, you can choose from the smallest portable units to large compressors. Many models feature a rotational, molded PE enclosure that is tension-free, enabling extreme dent resistance. They offer simple and intuitive operation. 

As maintenance points are optimized, it prevents unnecessary downtime leading to exceptional operational reliability.

Kaeser Air Compressors Cost

The price of Kaeser air compressors varies, based on the specification, model, features, and versions. You can request a quote for the specific product you are looking for. You would need to provide some basic information about yourself, your business or company, and the product you want. 

Kaeser Compressor Authorized Dealers

Kaeser Compressors, Inc. has a nationwide network of branches and distributors with factory-trained sales and service people.  You can contact your local distributor for almost any inquiry, such as-

  • Equipment pricing and sales (air compressors or air treatment products) 
  • Parts
  • Preventive maintenance and repair services
  • Installation
  • Air system assessments
  • Product manuals
  • Technical and applications questions

Check here to find your local distributor through your zip code. 

The Kaeser Brand 

Kaeser Kompressoren,  a German-based, family-owned company has become one of the leading air compressor manufacturers in the world. They are renowned for their quality products and services, which led them to compete in the global market and create jobs worldwide. They have branches and distributors throughout the United States to serve the US market

Kaeser Compressors, Inc. has been serving their customers since 1919, whereas its US headquarters opened in 1982. Over time, they have established themselves as a hallmark of reliability, performance, and excellence. As the manufacturing of Kaeser compressors is based in  Germany, they can deliver high-precision machinery with top-notch quality.

Outstanding reliability, energy efficiency, cost efficiency, and ease of maintenance—these are the key objectives of Kaeser Compressors Inc. Nonetheless, their top priority is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by providing service before and after the sale of their product. 


I hope this article has helped you to have an idea about Kaeser air compressors and their extraordinary features. So, what to wait for? Choose your favorite Kaeser air compressor and click to request a quote!

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