The Ingersoll Rand T30 product range comprises of some of the best precision-engineered, two-stage reciprocating air compressors in the industry.

Through the T30 product range, the manufacturer offers an assortment of premium and value range air compressors, ranging from 5 HP to 30 HP.

All T30 air compressor models are fitted with cast iron pumps for enhanced reliability and to allow for uninterrupted operation.

The ultra-rugged construction of the pump allows for 100% continuous operation. 

First introduced in 1929, T30 air compressors have continued to be some of the best for heavy-duty applications. This may be attributed to their exceptional durability, efficiency, and reliability.

Throughout this Ingersoll Rand T30 review, you will learn what makes these air compressors stand out. 

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Ingersoll T30 Variants Compared 

Ingersoll Rand T30 Benefits 

  • The air compressor is very reliable, offering 100% continuous operation in demanding business environments 
  • Features a centrifugal unloader to prevent no-load starts, making the model safer and extending its motor life 
  • Equipped with 100% copper finned intercooler, which lowers the operating temperature, and extends compressor life 
  • Features a two-stage design, which reduces heat generation on the unit and reduces power consumption 
  • Durable cast iron pump construction that delivers more than 15,000 hours of trouble-free operation
  • Individually cast cylinders allow for flexible and affordable maintenance on a single-cylinder at a time

Ingersoll Rand T30 Pricing (Packages) 

Ingersoll Rand Model T30 air compressors come in an array of packages to suit a diverse range of applications.

The new rationalized T30 range, for instance, comes in Premium and Value Range packages with various factory-fitted options to suit diverse customer needs.

Pricing for the various Ingersoll Rand Type 30 air compressors depends on their features and capabilities. On average, the pricing for these units starts at $1,499.

Each of these packages is backed by the renowned Ingersoll Rand Standard 2-year warranty. These are the two main Ingersoll Rand T30 packages you should consider:

Value Range

Type 30 Value package will offer you a dependable and economical air compressor solution that is suited for commercial, automotive, and light industrial applications.

The air compressors feature automatic start/stop pressure switch operation, 100% cast iron construction, and a manual tank drain. 

The unit comes with an 11 bar receiver mounted, a 4 pole IP55 TEFV Motor, CE Marked receivers to 87/404/EEC, and a 14 bar base mounted, and a 14 bar base mounted.

The unit is fitted with a flexible discharge tube, a dry type inlet filter, and a factory fill of lubricant. You will also like the fact that the T30 Value pack offers an intermitted duty cycle, and constant speed control capabilities.

Premium Range 

Model T30 premium package air compressors are costlier and have more features to offer. Premium package compressors offer all the features and capabilities offered by the T30 Value pack discussed above.

Such an air compressor is ideal for heavy-duty industrial and manufacturing applications. 

Some of the additional things you will get with this package include a mounted belt guard, and a low-oil level switch that reduces maintenance requirements.

The model is known to deliver high performance and produce lower noise levels. 

You will also get auto condensate on receiver mounted units. For the 3/4HP models, the automatic start/stop of the air compressor is regulated using a pressure switch.

In the 5.5/7.5HP units, this functionality is regulated by the starter. In both cases, you will also get duo control regulation 10HP to 30HP. 

All Ingersoll Rand T30 premium units also come with anti-vibration pads. Models rated 5.5HP and above are fitted with a Star-Delta starter. 

Ingersoll Rand T30 Features 

When used on the most demanding applications, the Type 30 air compressors have been proving exceptional performance.

As a matter of fact, they are considered to be the industry’s benchmark for power, quality, and reliability by many. 

The design and construction of the air compressor are truly spectacular. It features removable cylinders that make it relatively easy to repair. The overhung crankshaft is well balanced, allowing it to run quietly and smoothly. 

Units rated 10HP and above are equipped with a centrifugal unloader that boosts motor durability.


Each of the Ingersoll Rand T30 model variants boasts of unique features and capabilities, including:

High Pressure 

The Ingersoll Rand T30 high-pressure model is commonly used in such applications as beverage plants, refueling stations, engine start, and power stations.

The T30 high-pressure model is a base-mounted piston air compressor that has been specifically designed to deliver high air pressure. In this regard, the model can easily deliver a pressure of up to 345 bar g.

Just as is the case with other Ingersoll Rand two-stage lubricated models, the High-Pressure model offers unmatched durability, reliability, and ease of maintenance. 

Two-Stage Lubricated Model

This model has been developed for heavy-duty industrial and shop applications, including body shops, automotive service, and machine shops.

In the past, these units have also been used in manufacturing lines, car washes, and construction sites as well. The Ingersoll Rand T30 2-stage lubricated compressor features cast-iron cylinders. 

Not only does this make it a durable model, but it also allows the model to offer the level of performance required by such industries.

The T30 2-stage lubricated compressor comes in Value and Premium range options, making it easier for customers to choose one that meets their specific requirements. 

Both packages come in either an 11 bar g receiver mounted or 14 bar g base-mounted configuration. The Value pack of the model will offer you a dependable and economical air compressor.

It is suitable for users who are after a reliable compressed air solution for automotive and light industrial applications.

2-Stage Lubricated T30 Premium Package 

In addition to all the value package features, the premium package of the model offers several additional capabilities.

These allow for enhanced durability and performance in such air compressors. The package is meant to offer you improved reliability, quality performance, and reduced maintenance costs. 

The additional features include an air-cooled Aftercooler, low oil level switch, and an auto-condensate drain (only available in receiver-mounted units).

Such aspects make the Premium package ideally suited for manufacturing and more heavy-duty industrial applications.

Non-Lubricated Type 30 Model 

This is ideally a Non-Lubricated piston air compressor by the Ingersoll Rand brand.

The model is well suited for such applications as packaging, textiles, and chemical processing plants. The design of these air compressors does not use oil in the cylinders.

This makes them a great choice for applications where oil-free compressed air is required.

The non-lubricated Ingersoll Rand T30 units use Teflon rings and rider bands to achieve cooling in the compression compartment.

The Model T30 non-lubricated air compressor comes in both base-mounted and receiver mounted configuration options. 

T30 Oil-Less Model 

This model is specifically designed for use in industries that require oil-free compressed air, including electronics, pharmaceuticals food processing, and medical facilities.

The Ingersoll Rand T30 Oil-Less air compressors do not have any oil in the system. 

Cooling in such units is achieved using special materials to ensure that the user gets 100% oil-free air. Although this model is associated with high investment costs, you will be glad to learn that it has a lower running cost.

You will find the maintenance, and supervision of the unit in operation quite simple and affordable.

T30 Oil-less compressors are available in both receiver mounted and base-mounted configuration options.

Vacuum Compressor Model 

The Ingersoll Rand T30 Vacuum air compressor is meant for use in vacuum applications.

As such, the unit is often used in such industries as food packaging, vacuum cleaning, printing, and processing plants.

The model is designed to produce a maximum vacuum of more than 99 percent (754 mm Hg). The air compressors are only offered in a base-mounted configuration. 

Ingersoll Rand T30 Gas Air Compressor Replacement Parts 

Regardless of your preferred Ingersoll T30 model, there are several replacement parts you need to worry about. These include: 

Air Compressor Tanks 

Ingersoll Rand offers a wide range of compressed air storage tank capacities. You will also be able to choose from a vast array of tank options with or without base plates, in accordance with your system requirements. 

All-Season Select 

This is an all-season air compressor lubricant by Ingersoll Rand. It is an all-temperature synthetic blend that is specifically designed to boost efficiency, reduce wear, and prevent buildup.

The lubricant has been proven to last about four times more than petroleum-based lubricants. The lubricant is compatible and recommended for use in the entire range of aluminum piston compressors. 

Compressed Air Piping 

This is another Ingersoll Rand air compressor accessory you should consider having. It is made of marine-grade materials for leak-free performance.

The piping offers support for Ingersoll Rand T30 Vacuum compressors as well. It offers remarkable performance and only has minimal maintainable requirements.

When compared to its competitors, the Ingersoll Rand compressed air piping reduces the cost of maintenance significantly. 

Final Verdict 

Ingersoll Rand Type 30 air compressors feature a unique design that allows for improved performance, remarkable durability, and reliability.

The electrical air compressors are equipped with a small, yet powerful motor. The result is compact, and lightweight air compressors that can produce up to 125 psi with 100% duty cycle rating.

Ingersoll Rand T30 Air Compressor amazon

The various T30 air compressor models are suited for different applications, including refueling stations, medical, and food processing plants.

With such a diverse range of products and packages, the Ingersoll Rand T30 product line allows you to choose a compressor that best meets your requirements. You be interested in a Ingersoll Rand 2475n7.5-V Air Compressor Review.