Ingersoll Rand 2475n7.5-V Air Compressor Review [Two Stage Reciprocating]

Having been designed for heavy-duty shop and industrial applications, Ingersoll Rand 2475n7.5-V two-stage electric reciprocating air compressor is powerful, efficient, and reliable. The unit is specifically designed to offer optimal power and flexibility, with a 100% duty cycle.

Throughout this Ingersoll Rand 2475n7.5-V review, you will learn why it is a preferred heavy-duty air compressor choice for many professionals today. 

It features a solid cast iron construction and is fitted with only high-quality parts and components for extended durability.

Such aspects make the air compressor suited for the more demanding applications, including automotive service and body shops, machine shops, and fleet maintenance. 

Each 2475n7.5-V is fitted with a two-stage, cast iron pump, automatic start/stop control, and an ODP electric motor.

Air Compressor Model HorsepowerCFM @ 175 PSIGMax PressureNet Weight
Ingersoll Rand 2475n7.5-V7.5 HP24 CFM175 PSI611 pounds
Ingersoll Rand 2475n5-V 5 HP16.8 CFM 175 PSI505 pounds
Ingersoll Rand 2340n5-V 5 HP14 CFM 175 PSI505 pounds

Why Should You Opt for the Ingersoll Rand 2475n7.5-V Compressor? 

Extended durability, improved efficiency, and easy serviceability are some of the things that make the 2475n7.5-V stand out from other compressors within its range.

Built to offer exceptional reliability and durability, these reciprocating compressed air systems are a great choice for busy automotive repair and body shops.

Basically, the unit will come in handy for any application that requires a reliable supply of compressed air. Regardless of the intended application, you will find the 2475n7.5-V to be a cost-effective way of boosting productivity at the workplace.

Legendary Performance & Enhanced Productivity 

For more than 100 years, Ingersoll Rand reciprocating compressors have been delivering delivered rock-solid performance, especially in the most demanding applications.

The unit features a proven design and Steller track record for boosting productivity at the workplace. The design of this air compressor has also been proven to lower lifecycle costs, even when used in more demanding environments.

For extended durability, cast iron construction and long-lasting components are used for trouble-free use.

Again, system components on this compressor are rather easy to access, allowing for easy serviceability, and replacement of parts. You will also find the 2475n7.5-V electric-powered air compressor to be comparatively more portable. 

It Offers Different Packages 

Each of the two-stage Rotary air compressor models by Ingersoll Rand, including the 2475n7.5-V, comes in two main packages: value and premium packages.

This has been helping different professionals save money on air compressor purchase and get the best value for their money. Here are the two main Ingersoll Rand 2475n7.5-V Air compressor packages you should consider: 

Standard Package

The two-stage reciprocation air compressor Standard package is an economical, yet powerful solution that is suited for heavy-duty applications.

The Ingersoll Rand 2475n7.5-V Standard package offers a dependable supply of compressed air, extended duty cycles, and increased airflow. 

With this package, you will get a heavy-duty cast iron pump, built-in single-phase thermal relay, and an efficient electric motor.

The package also includes a Direct-on-line 7.5 HP reliable magnetic starter, Class F insulation TEFC IP54 protection, and an enclosed wired belt guard. 

All the parts and components offered by this package are time-proven. Additionally, the package also includes an ASME Coded Air Receiver with 3rd Party Certification.

Premium Package 

This is the Ingersoll Rand’s high performance two-stage fully-packages version of the 2475n7.5-V air compressor. The option was engineered with the increasing demands of the industrial market in mind.

The fully-packages air compressors offer optimal performance in a high-quality, durable package for the most demanding compressed air applications. 

Each 2475n7.5-V premium package air compressor comes complete with a pre-installed magnetic motor starter, air-cooled after-cooler, low oil level shutdown switch, and a fully enclosed sheet metal belt guard.

Such a package is ideal for automotive, commercial, or industrial applications. This package offers all the features and capabilities of the Standard package compressors.

Additionally, Premium compressors feature a full-time Low Oil Level protection switch and an efficient electric motor. They also have a highly reliable magnetic starter and feature time-proven parts and components. 

Features and Capabilities 

Being one of the best Industrial air compressors, the Ingersoll Rand 2475n7.5-V Air Compressor uses a three-phase electricity supply that is common in industrial facilities.

The model boasts of time and money-saving capabilities as far as the air compressor maintenance is concerned. 

Featuring a 100 percent duty cycle, this 230V three-phase vertical air compressor is perfectly suited for an assortment of continuous-use applications.

The compressor delivers a flow rate of 24 CFM at 175 PSI.

With every Ingersoll Rand 2475n7.5-V purchase, you will get an All-Season Select startup kit, comprising four quarts of T30 Select synthetic lubricant and two air filter elements.

The current popularity of this air compressor model may be attributed to the superior features and capabilities it has to offer, including: 

Electronic Drain Valves 

Ingersoll Rand Electronic Drain Valve (EDV) is essentially a full-featured electronic solenoid drain valve.

The valve is specifically designed to remove the condensate from your compressor, Aftercooler, receivers, drip legs, and filters in a cost-efficient manner. 

Each of the EDVs used on this compressor serves as an electric drain, strainer/ball valve, and a manual blowdown valve. As such, it comes in handy in preventing debris from clogging the drain valve in your reciprocating air compressor. 

You will find the electronic drain valves to be a user-friendly, cost-effective, and automated drain valve that features a compact footprint.

To make them more effective at removing the condensate, each EDV is equipped with a Y-filter with mesh screen and ball valve to help prevent clogging. 

Simplified Design 

The EDVs feature a simplified design to allow for intuitive usability. In their functioning, the condensate follows a serpentine path through a small orifice that is actuated by an electric timer.

The period this drain remains open as well as the frequency at which it opens and closes can be adjusted manually. 

This is achieved using a set of easy-to-use dials. In this regard, you should consider the humidity and duty cycle requirements of the condensate discharge while calibrating these settings.

The reliable and compact drain valves come in different orifice sizes to meet different system requirements. 

Low Oil Level Switch 

This is a switch that ties into the magnetic motor starter of the 2475n7.5-V air compressor.

The switch is meant to automatically shut the air compressor down in the event that the oil level falls below the critical point. This helps prevent your air compressor from seizing up as a result of the low oil level. 

In most cases, a float-activated low Oil level switch is used in these air compressors. If the oil level falls below the minimum level, the switch contacts will be promoted to open.

This, in turn, triggers the electric air compressor to shut down automatically. 

Additionally, the switch will not allow the unit to come back on until you too up the oil to the required level.  

Proper Adjustments of the Switch 

Proper protection against air compressor damage caused by low Oil levels mainly depends on proper adjustment of the low oil level switch.

During the initial run, you should stop the compressor and drain about a quarter of the oil from the compressor crankcase into a clean container. 

You should then listen for the switch to click. Alternatively, you may also check the switch with a continuity tester.

If the float is stuck or cocked, which occasionally happens during shipping, open the disconnect switch, and drain the remaining oil. 

Proper Adjustments of the Switch 

Now you need to remove the crankcase cover in order to access and free the float. Once you are done, you should reassemble the unit and reuse the same oil you just removed.

If the float is cocked in the low position, your air compressor will not start, even after topping up the oil to the right level. 

Compressor Controls 

You will like the fact that the 2475n7.5-V air features innovative Ingersoll Rand controls and automation. These are meant to help you manage the compressed air systems with ease for enhanced efficiency and reliability if the entire system. 

2475N7.5-V 7.5hp 80 gal Two-Stage Compressor (230/1)

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Some of the important controls found on this two-stage reciprocating air compressor include: 

Automatic Start/Stop Control 

This control is used in all Ingersoll Rand reciprocating air compressor models rated below 10 horsepower. The automatic start/stop control is intended for use in cases where the motor does not start more than 6 times an hour.

Whenever the receiver tank pressure reaches the factory pre-set maximum pressure level of 175 PSIG, this switch will automatically stop the compressor.

If the air pressure in the receiver tank falls below the factory pre-set level for the model, the pressure switch will reset, hence restart the compressor. 

Air Compressor Pressure Switch 

This control feature is used in an Ingersoll Rand reciprocating air compressors, including the 2475n7.5-V two-stage vertical compressor.

Both the three-phase and the single-phase electronic reciprocating air compressors. 

Pressure Switch Adjustments

If you need to adjust the pressure switch on your air compressor, you first need to disconnect and tag the main power supply to avoid getting electrocuted in the process.

Again, you need to be careful not to set the switch to a value higher than the maximum discharge pressure of the compressor. 

There are two types of adjustment setting that may be carried out on this switch  including: 

Adjustment Controls 

All pressure switches have a range adjustment control, and some have a differential adjustment control as well.

On switches without a differential adjustment control, the span between cut-in and cut-out pressure levels switches is factory set for 40 ± 4 PSIG and cannot be adjusted.

Cut-in/Cut-out Adjustments 

The cut-out also referred to as the compressor shut-down, is the air compressors pressure switch contacts open.

The cut-in also referred to as the compressor restart, is the pressure at which the switch contacts close. Both these settings are adjustable, but should only be re-calibrated when necessary.  

Starting Unloading System

Ingersoll Rand 2475n7.5-V Premium package air compressors also have the innovative Starting Unloading System capability by the manufacturer.

This system is designed to relieve cylinder pressure whenever the air compressor stops. 

By so doing, the system allows your compressor to start against a light load. This, in turn, prevents the possibility of tripping the overload relay while starting the compressor.

Again, this feature ensures that the unit starts with ease, and using fewer Amps. 

Final Verdict 

Ingersoll Rand two-stage air compressors allow for easy maintenance. This may be attributed to the One-piece connecting rod, individually cast cylinder, and overhung crankshaft. The unit uses Splash oil lubrication for simplicity and reliability. 

In addition to the oil-level sight glass, the model is fitted with a low oil level switch to prevent damage that may be caused by low oil levels.

With an automatic Start/Stop pressure switch, the compressor is capable of maintaining pressure differential with utmost accuracy. 

The 7.5 HP nominal power of the unit is ideal for most applications, delivering up to 175 psi air pressure at a 24 CFM flow rate.

These, in addition to a large 80-gallon weather-resistant tank, make the Ingersoll Rand 2475n7.5-V one of the best heavy-duty air compressors in the industry. 

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