Ingersoll Rand 2340 Review – Best Stationary Air Compressor?

If you were to judge Ingersoll Rand 2340 based on sales, you may say it is the best stationary air compressor in the medium-duty league.

In this article we take a much closer look at the product, analyzing 2340 based on the CFM, power, reliability, and of course price. So, with that being the case, let’s get right to it, shall we? Read on for an Ingersoll Rand 2340 review!

Ingersoll Rand 2340 Review: The Specs

The Ingersoll Rand 2340 is a 60-gallon air compressor with 175 psig maximum operating pressure and a 60 ASME tank. As an electric-powered compressor, the unit operates at 230 volts and benefits significantly from a powerful 5 horsepower pump.

The Ingersoll Rand 2340 oil capacity is 28 ounces. According to the manufacturer, the oil is supposed to last for at least 2000 hours of direct use before needing a change.

These features, combined with the extremely sturdy cast-iron design ensure that the pump will do well in the industrial service realm. This includes, but is not limited to automotive shops, manufacturing lines, etc. 

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Why Choose Ingersoll Rand 2340?

Customers flock to 2340 at least in some small way on the strength of the company’s reputation. But how well does the product itself perform?

After careful analysis, we have concluded that the Ingersoll Rand 2340, is reliable for pros and hobbyists alike. This is thanks to its cast-iron build, large capacity, and 5 hp motor. z

Comparable to competitors like the Industrial Air IV5076055, this unit comes in at a slightly higher price. However, it more than compensates with its extreme durability, as well as the various and quite impressive performance guarantees.

Ingersoll Rand 2340 Price Relative to Performance

This product is expensive relative to personal use air compressors. However, the Ingersoll Rand actually averages somewhere in the middle of the pack in terms of industrial unit pricing.

Buyers may want to factor that you can spend 1.5 to 2 times more for products with similar specs. 


The Ingersoll Rand 2340 benefits from a design that is made with long term use in mind. Thanks to a series of internal cooling features, the unit can be used for long periods.

This will remain the case even during very strenuous conditions. This is ultimately thanks to the 360 degrees cooling of cylinders, as well as the integral flywheel and finned high-efficiency copper intercooler.

Though these features won’t be needed by the layperson, for the professional, high capacity shop, they make all the difference. It is likely largely due to these features that the Ingersoll Rand 2340 has been rated to work almost indefinitely.

Indeed, it can be used without issue for up to 15,000 hours (or 625 consecutive days).

Ingersoll Rand 2340 Parts

In terms of sheer durability, it would be very difficult to outdo the Ingersoll Rand 2340. Thanks to the cast iron build alone, the unit can dependably be counted on to survive even the perilous conditions of a busy workshop indefinitely. 

As with any air compressor, however, the exterior casing is significantly more durable than the hardware. Consequently, it will quite likely outlive some of the nobs, pump components, etc.

In that happenstance, replacement parts will, of course, be necessary. Naturally, the cost of replacement parts will vary significantly based on what needs to be fixed.

You may be able to find a replacement pressure valve for under $100.  Unfortunately, though, you should expect to pay $600 or more for a replacement pump.

Though pricey to be sure, these figures more or less keep in line with what one expects to pay for parts. This is especially true when dealing with a unit of this quality and caliber.

In general, when dealing with high-end tools, one should expect a slightly to significantly higher maintenance cost.

Ingersoll Rand 2340 Problems to Be Aware of 

Fortunately, the Ingersoll Rand 2340 does a good job of avoiding any major performance issues. The problems that we observed, were mostly minor in the scheme of things. However, they may prove irritating, especially if they catch a new user unaware. 

For example, we were surprised to find that the unit does not come equipped with vibration dampening pads for the feet. This tends to be standard inclusion for products of this nature.

And, though very affordable and straightforward to use, is infinitely easier to apply these before the product setup has begun. Consequently, users may wish to acquire a set (three will ultimately be needed) before purchase.

We also observed that the pressure valve can be very difficult to properly install. The probably should be fixable by skilled hands, but may nevertheless be irritating come the time of your installation.  


As you can see from our review, the Ingersoll Rand 2340 succeeds at most of what it tries to accomplish.

It’s extreme durability and high-performance pump that can be counted on for years of uninterrupted results. That makes this a highly enticing air compressor for professionals that need a product that can go the distance. 

Though the price may ultimately discourage some buyers, those with the means can expect to enjoy the fruits of their purchase for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can the Ingersoll Rand be installed outside?

Though an outdoor installation may technically be possible, the product build ultimately favors indoor use. If an outdoor installation is necessary, the user will be well advised to provide adequate coverage. Weather exposure is not ideal for this product.

Does this product need to be installed by a professional?

Though layperson installation is likely technically possible, professional assistance is recommended. Some of the wiring elements are complex and will benefit from a professional touch. 

Can this be converted to a 1-stage pump?

No. While Ingersoll Rand does make 1-stage pumps, this is a 3-stage unit. Efforts to convert it may damage the product, and simultaneously void the warranty. 

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