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In the market for a Hyper Tough Air Compressor? Our team has had a close look at the three flagship models by this popular brand.

Now, we’re breaking it down by power, price, and performance to help you find the best Hyper Tough air compressor.

Looking to inflate a bike tire or keep your car tires at an ideal pressure? The .5-gallon Hyper Tough Inflator is a go-to maintenance tool that fits easily in the back of the car. 

Need an added power boost for fast inflation and small jobs around the house? Hyper Tough’s 3-gallon or 6-gallon models might be a better choice. 

Sourcing Hyper Tough Air Compressor Parts for Maintenance & Repair 

Be sure to fill out the product registration that comes with your air compressor. If anything breaks, you can use your warranty to seek replacement parts if they are available. 

Some parts, like hoses and nozzles specifically, can be purchased just about anywhere and are easy to source. This is also true for air pressure gauges that can be easily screwed in and out of the base unit. 

Top Hyper Tough Air Compressors

1. Hyper Tough HT031701C – A 0.5-Gallon Inflator 

This compact little air compressor is the perfect addition to any trunk or garage. It provides significantly more power than other portable tire pumps and still manages to remain comparably affordable.

It certainly cannot match the CFM output of the larger models, but it far outperforms budget models manufactured by brands like Motomaster or Briggs Stratton.

Anyone who has ever tried to inflate a car tire with a $20 air compressor knows that it is going to take all afternoon. The Hyper Tough half-gallon compressor is simply a lot faster.

Ideal For

  • Emergency tire inflationThe garage, RV, or back of the Jeep

2. Hyper Tough 0100311 3-Gallon Compressor 

The next size up offers more horsepower, more CFM, and is generally more versatile. Unlike the half-gallon inflator model, the 3 gallon is big enough to tackle small or medium construction projects. 

A 1/3 HP motor is capable of putting out a maximum of 100 PSI, which is enough to power most air hammers. This isn’t as much PSI as similarly sized models by premium brands like Dewalt or Porter-Cable.

But the Hyper Tough is more than fifty bucks less than those models and can handle most of the same tasks. 

What It Used For?

  • Small to medium-sized painting jobsFastening and nailing Fast tire inflation 

3. Hyper Tough 6-Gallon Pancake Compressor 150 PSI of Versatile Compression Power  

At the larger end of the spectrum is the 6-gallon “pancake” style compressor. This one utilizes a larger tank with a more spherical shape. This shape is one of the reasons why it can provide and additional 50 PSI over the 3-gal. 

Our favorite thing about the 6-gallon model, however, is the dual quick-connect outlets. These allow for more than one person to use the compressor at a time. For construction sites and big projects, this is absolutely essential.

It is important to note that the 6-gallon Compressor, unlike the smaller .5-gallon Inflator, does not come with an air hose. You’ll need to add a .25” compressor hose to your order if you are looking to use it out of the box.  

Perfect For

  • Larger construction jobs and home projectsSuper-fast inflationJobs that require multiple compressed airlines 

Surprising Performance

Over the last few years, the Hyper Tough brand has been proliferating across the country. Today it is not uncommon to find more than one Hyper Tough tool in a homeowner’s garage.

From impact drivers to reciprocating saws, Hyper Tough has developed a reputation for providing affordable tools that work. As Wal-Mart’s house brand of power tools, Hyper Tough can be considered to be a budget-level or entry-level tool company.

But as you’ll find over the course of this comparison guide, the performance offered by these machines far exceeds the value in most cases. 

Measuring Up To The Competition 

As Wal-Mart’s house brand of power tools, Hyper Tough can be considered to be a budget-level or entry-level tool company. But as you’ll find over the course of this comparison guide, the performance offered by these machines far exceeds the value in most cases. 

Hyper Tough is not going to be as durable or powerful as comparably sized products by Black and Decker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to change my air compressor oil on the Hyper Tough unit?

The Hyper Tough air compressors featured on this review are designed with oil-free motors. This means that there is no need to crack them open and change the oil.

The result is a lot less maintenance on your end, even after thousands of hours of operation. 

Can I use a Hyper Tough Air Compressor With a Gas Generator?

Most air compressors can operate off of gas generators, but it is not ideal. Most gas generators provide uneven amounts of power over time, which is the opposite of what an air compressor needs in order to provide a constant CFM. 

What’s The Difference Between 1/4” hose and 3/8” hose For Air Compressors?

Air compressor hoses are measured by their internal diameter, and can come in 1/4”, 3/8”, or 1/2”. 

As for the Hyper Tough compressors that we reviewed here, Both the 3-gallon and the 6-gallon models require a 1/4″ hose, which are not generally included in-box. The .5-gallon comes with its own attached air hose. Most of the above compressors are under budget compressors, under 200.

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