Can You Fill a Compressed Air Tank at a Gas Station

Portable Air Tanks can be filled at almost every gas station that has an air pump. However, paintball air tanks would need to be filled at paintball refill stations.

Before you go ahead and start filling, you must understand how to do it safely and what you need to perform the task(Source). 

Compressed air tanks are a handy tool to keep around. They are lightweight and large enough to be used in the automotive field.

filling an air tank at gas station

However, what happens when they need to be filled and all you have around you is a gas station?

What Is Needed to Fill an Air Tank?

Your tank shouldn’t need any special accessories. Most air tanks come with the proper equipment for you to refill it as needed.

However, you should make sure you have everything you need before proceeding 

Fill Station

You’re going to need to find some kind of fill station to get the air from. An air pump that is generally supplied by most gas stations is enough to get some air into your tank.

You may need a few quarters if the air isn’t free.

Additionally, you can get air from truck stops, scuba shops, paintball stores, and even select sporting goods stores. You can use this website to find a refill station. 

Air Fill Valve

Your air tank needs to have the air fill valve on it to fill it. This is the valve that connects to the compressor to transfer the air. 

Air Pressure Gauge

The air pressure gauge indicates how much air pressure exists in the tank and how full it is. This is important! Air tanks have certain air pressure capacities that depend on how large the tank is. 

Some of the most common ratings are 125 psi to over 150 psi. You should never fill the tank above the recommended level as pressure increases with heat exposure.

If your tank is sitting in the sun, the pressure will rise and potentially explode.

How to Properly Fill an Air Tank

Before you fill your tank, it’s important to know how to do it.

Step 1: Inspect Tank & Fittings 

You should always inspect your tank and fittings beforehand. Check for damage. If you see any, it’s time to buy a new one. 

Step 2: Attach Air Hose

Attach the air hose to the fitting on your tank. It’s generally next to the pressure gauge and made of brass.

Place the tank on the ground and attach the hose on the spout. There shouldn’t be a space between the two. 

Step 3

Start the air machine to get the air into the tank. Simply follow the instructions on the machine.

You may only need a few minutes to fill the air tank, depending on the size. However, it could take up to 20-minutes. Keep the valve on the tank closed. 

Step 4: Don’t Overfill 

Fill the tank until the psi reaches the recommended level. Do not overfill the tank

Step 5: Detach

Detach the air hose and you’re done! 

Where to Fill a Paintball Air Tank

Unfortunately, there are a very limited number of stores that will fill paintball air tanks. High-pressure tanks can’t be shipped, with the exception of single-use cartridges.

So if you need to get your paintball air tank filled right away, you have a few options. 

Paintball Stores 

The paintball stores are the first places you should check. They will generally carry the proper equipment needed to refill the cartridge.

They may even fill them for free. If it’s not free, it may cost a few bucks per 1,000 psi. 

Scuba Stores

Since scuba tanks and paintball air tanks hold around the same amount of pressure, some scuba stores may fill the tanks. It should only cost a few bucks to do so. 

At Home

No, you can’t use a compressor to fill your paintball air tank. You can, however, use a scuba tank if you own one.

One scuba tank can refill a paintball air tank 15-20 times. It may cost a few hundred dollars for the tank, but it pays for itself over time.

Additionally, you could invest in your own HPA compressor. It runs upwards of $2,000, but you will be able to fill up your air tank and your friends’ air tanks. 

Don’t ever try to use a standard air compressor. They only reach 180 psi at most. A paintball tank requires 3,000 psi to fill. 

There you have it! That’s how you go about filling both a standard air tank and a paintball air tank. If you live in an area with a paintball refill station or scuba shops, you’re in luck!

Remember, there are alternative methods you can use for both types of tanks. Call around first if you aren’t sure where you can and can’t fill your tank

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