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10 Best Emglo Air Compressors Reviews [Electric & Gas]

Emglo air compressors are imported into North America by a division of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. called Emglo Compressors and sold at a number of national retail chains. In this article, we are going to review the different types of Emglo air compressors. For example, hand carry, wheeled portable, stationary air compressors, service vehicle compressors, industrial-standard, base plated mounted air compressors and more. 

Best Emglo Air Compressors

1.Emglo J11HGA Service Vehicle Compressor 

J11HGA-30TThis vehicle compressor is at the top of our list thanks to its myriad of features, which include: 

  • Large canister intake filter with replaceable filter elements
  • Bucket high manual and bottom-mounted tank drain
  • High-quality special unloading valves to assist in engine starting
  • Tank gauge
  • Stainless steel braided discharge hose
  • Pressure relief safety valve
  • Constant run control

The single-stage is at set 105 – 125 PSI, and the two-stage is set at 145 – 175 PSI. There are pneumatic throttle idle control and a heavy-duty two-stage cast iron compressor pump. The product has undergone rigorous design and testing to meet the demands of the construction and rental industry. It is belt-driven with a large flywheel for extra cooling and easier start-up. You can check out the J11HGA at our shop.


2.Emglo GT11HGB Stationary Air Compressor

This compressors features a two-stage finned intercooler, two-stage centrifugal unloader, and an oil sight glass. Emglo Ultimate Blue Synthetic Compressor Pump Oil fills each unit. Below are some more features:

  • Totally enclosed heavy-duty beltguard
  • Directional air shroud for reduced pump temperatures
  • Powder coated ASME certified receivers
  • Protectively mounted fittings
  • Throttle Idle Control

It is possible to order the product equipped with an air line filter, lubricator, electric start, and a series of pressures and engine options depending on your needs. Upon request, other tank sizes are available. 

3.GT5B-80-1 Best 80 Gallon Stationary Compressor 

This is one of the company’s most popular products and offers outstanding performance with the best HP – 5 horsepower. It’s excellent in terms of performance as well with 230V current. It is mainly used in car shops and other buildings where compressed air is a requirement. It comes with a limited 2-year warranty and Emglo Synthetic Blue compressor pump oil. The Emglo GT5B-80-3 is similar to our first choice, with the exception that it is a 3 phase unit. 

4.Emglo K15A-30-1 Best 30 Gallon Stationary Compressor  

This 30 Gallon Air Compressor – K15A-30-1 is a great stationary compressor for beginners, similar to the Emglo K15A-8P wheelbarrow machine. It is perfect for any hard DIY work and small machine and repair shops which need a professional, but affordable product. This unit will be able to handle any air tool that you can throw its way.

Wheeled Version – The Portable Air Compressor  

The Emglo K15A-8P air compressor is one of the company’s most popular wheelbarrow machines. It is our top choice because it is excellent value for money and it is perfect for small contractors who need a professional unit at an affordable price. Its powder-coated tank is low profile. It is equipped with anti-vibration feet and a pneumatic tire that makes it easy to move around.


5.Emglo W5B-BS Base Plate Mounted Air Compressor

This is the safest unit in the base plate mounted category with a fully enclosed heavy-duty belt guard and an extra heavy steel base plate. Below are some more features:

  • The magnetic starter is included on all 5HP and larger units
  • Large canister intake filter with replaceable filter elements
  • Industrial/Commercial grade UL Listed electric motor

The unit features thermal overload motor protection, making it ideal for novices and pros alike. This is the most reliable unit in this category you can buy.

6.Emglo Gc5S – 30UMS  Single Stage Cast Iron Compressor 

This heavy-duty single stage cast iron compressor pump is splash lubricated and belt-propelled with a big flywheel for easier startup and extra cooling. There is directional air shroud for reduced pump temperatures. Other features include: 

  • Tank Mounted 
  • Thermal overload motor protection
  • Tanks are powder coated and ASME certified
  • Manual tank drain(s)
  • Protectively mounted fittings
  • Large canister intake filter with replaceable filter elements
  • Special unloading valves to assist in motor starting
  • Pressure relief safety valve
  • Tank gauge
  • Auto Start/Stop control with pressure unloader set at 25-40 PSI

7. EM810-4V Compact 4-Gallon Oiled Air Compressor 

emglo E810-4VRThis unit features a cast-iron cylinder, twin tanks, and a central handle that makes it a breeze to carry around. With a 1.1 HP motor and lots of air delivery and capacity, this compressor can drive up to two framings, roofing or flooring nailers or up to four brad or finish nailers at one time without slowing down. The unit weighs 56 pounds and meet the requirements of most trim carpenters, remodelers, light-duty framers, roofers or flooring professionals.

Emglo EM810-4V Features

The motor can produce 4.0 SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) at 90 PSI. The product is equipped with an oil-lubricated pump with cast iron cylinder. This cylinder helps extend the durability and life cycle. You can see the oil level with a quick glance at the pump crank case thanks to the sight glass. For fast oil change, there is easy access to the crankcase drain. 

The dual soft-start valves inside make it faster for cold weather or extension cord starts. The control knob of the high flow regulator is easy to adjust.

The single standard ¼ inch push connects style coupler on the top of the tank. The angled handle on top ensures well-balanced portability. The compressor operates at the very tolerable sound of 83dBA.

8.Emglo AM780-HC4V Two Horse Power 4 Gallon Electric Hand Carry 

This is Emglo’s second most popular hand-carry electric air compressor. It comes with aluminum head and cast iron cylinders, single-stage, direct-coupled compressor, and an oil-lubricated pump filled with Emglo Ultimate Blue Synthetic Compressor Pump Oil. The unit is compact, lightweight, and highly portable.

The Gas Version 

This is also a very good air compressor, featuring a reliable recoil start Honda GX Series OHV engine. The 840 has constant run control set at 105-125 PSI and a pneumatic throttle idle control. This Emglo also has a cast-iron cylinder for extended pump life and anti-vibration feet.

9.Emglo AM780-HC2 2-HP 1.5-Gallon Tank 115-Volt, Electric Hand Carry Compressor

This is a single-phase, 115-volt unit with 4.3 CFM at 100 PSI and 3.8 CFM at 125 PSI. Each unit comes with a manual tank drain. The product is lightweight and compact. It has a single-stage, direct-coupled, oil-lubricated pump, and a cast-iron cylinder for extended pump life.

This compressor features an aluminum head for better heat dissipation, a powder-coated heavy-duty steel tank and frame assembly, a forced ventilation cooling system, and a pressure relief safety valve. It is also equipped with protectively mounted fittings, a canister inlet filter with replaceable filter elements, an airline regulator, anti-vibration feet, and two gauges for line and tank pressure. Special unloading valves help the motor start. 

10.Emglo G3A-8P Three Horse Power 8 Gallon Electric Compressor 

The Emglo G3A-8P compressor is an extremely durable, high powered electric wheelbarrow compressor. It will survive the roughest environment with features such as forced ventilation cooling system to keep the unit cool during usage, a cast iron head for better heat dissipation, a powder-coated heavy-duty steel tank, and frame assembly, and a cast-iron cylinder for an extended pump life.

Wheeled Gas Portable Version

EmgloG3A-8PThis unit features Honda GX gasoline engine recoil start, 16.2 CFM at 100 PSI and 15.6 CFM at 125 PSI. It is belt-driven with a large flywheel for extra cooling and fully enclosed heavy-duty belt guard. This compressor is equipped with a directional air shroud for reduced pump temperatures, a tank gauge, an oil sight glass, a stainless steel braided discharge hose, and special unloading valves to assist in engine starting.

Here are some more features:

  • Convenient lifting handles
  • pneumatic tires
  • anti-vibration feet
  • protectively mounted fittings
  • large canister intake filter with replaceable filter elements
  • pressure safety valve
  • regulator and outlet pressure gauge

This product is rigorously tested and well-designed. It has a low profile and powder coated twin tank receivers.

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Other Emglo Gas Air Compressor

Emglo 5.5 Horse Power 8 Gallon Gas Compressor- K5HGA-8P

This 5 horsepower Emglo compressor is lighter than the G8HGA-8P, easy to move around, and easy to load in and out of trucks. One advantage to almost all Emglo gas compressors is that they are equipped with industry-proven, quality-assured Honda engines. This wheelbarrow compressor boasts great performance with 8.9 CFM at 100PSI, which delivers sufficient air to get your job done fast and efficiently.

Emglo Compressors G9HGA-8P Single Stage Wheeled Portable Gasoline Engine Air Compressor

This compressor has a G pump, 8-gallon tank, and 9 HP. It’s great to use at a Jobsite and on the go, especially if you don’t have a power supply. 8-gallon tanks are low profile with comfortable lifting handles, pneumatic tires, anti-vibration feet, and protectively mounted fittings.

The filter elements of the large canister intake filter are replaceable. There is a braided discharge hose made of stainless steel and a tank gauge as well as a regulator and outlet pressure gauge. It’s a favorite in the construction and rental industry. Constant run control is fixed at 105-125 PSI. Superb quality pilot valve and idle pneumatic throttle control.

Emglo 8 Horse Power 8 Gallon Gas Compressor- G8HGA-8P

The Emglo G8HGA-8P is a good choice for heavy-duty contractors, giving you air when you need it most.  It features a bigger flywheel for an easy start and extra cooling, while its pneumatic tires make it easy to move around. The G style pump in combination with the Honda GX engine ensures quality and a long life cycle. 

This unit has 8.9 CFM at 100 PSI and 8.6 CFM at 125 PSI. Each unit is filled with Emglo Ultimate Blue compressor pump oil. The single-stage cast iron compressor pump is top quality. The compressor has a top-end pilot valve, is splash lubricated, has constant run control set at 105-125 PSI and pneumatic throttle idle control. There are special unloading valves to help the engine start, a tank gauge and a stainless steel hose. This compressor has a low profile and powder coated twin tank receivers.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose an Air Compressor

Before you decide to buy a compressor, you need to be aware of the compressor’s uses. If you aren’t, it might not do what you need it to. Buying a compressor that is too big will waste precious funds, and one that’s too small will waste valuable time.  It is worth taking into account that the price of a compressor cannot be determined solely on the upfront purchase price of the unit. The price of any item should be based on the total cost over the unit’s life cycle or at least an extended period of time. Cheap units do not have a long life cycle. 

Here are some other aspects to take into account:

Maximum Required CFM Usage

This is something you should know. To get this number, add up all of the air tools that you’re going to use at the same time. Now, add around a third to this number when looking at the compressor. This will give you a reasonable buffer against uncommon or unknown or compressor usage. Just adding all the tools that will be used throughout the workday will produce an excessive CFM number. You risk buying a compressor that’s too big.

Maximum Operating Pressure

This will determine if you’ll need a single-stage or two-stage compressor. 

Type of Drive System 

Will you need a gas or electric motor? You need to know what environment you’ll use the compressor in. If electrical power won’t always be available, then the drive system should be gas to ensure convenience. Gas engines are the most portable and flexible. If it will, go with an electric motor because they are always cheaper and easier to run and require less overall maintenance. 

Should I Get Stationary or Portable Air Compressor?

Decide whether or not the air compressor will need to be moved around your facility or work site regularly or if it will be a stationary unit. This will help you determine other factors such as size and weight. Higher volumes and pressures will require the unit to be larger in size and heavier in weight since horsepower requirements, chassis construction, pumping systems, electrical components, and other things will have to be larger to accommodate these increases.

Size of The Receiver tank 

The overall type of use determines the size of the compressor tank. If the usage is to be long and sustained, such as an impact wrench or board sander, you’ll need a bigger tank. If the unit will be used in short, quick, concentrated bursts, then you can use a small tank size. 

Emglo Air Compressor Troubleshooting 

Our last section deals with common Emglo air compressor issues and how to resolve them. 

Emglo Air Compressor Oil 

Some people find that when they try to use portable air compressors after a long period of inactivity (it’s been stored away for a while), the motor reset fuse pops. If it had oil in it when it was stored, the reason this is happening could be because that oil has dried out on moving parts. Also, check the capacitor to see if it’s working fine if all the parts are moving OK. 

Increasing Tank Pressure on an Emglo Compressor

Compressor users often wonder how they can turn up the tank pressure on their Emglo compressor. For example, the compressor doesn’t start until the tank pressure reaches 100 psi. This means something might be failing on the Emglo air compressor to impact the settings of the pressure switch.

The cut in and cut out pressure levels are set by the manufacturer. Experts believe if this is the case, the settings are optimal, set by the maker, and the air compressor will run best at those settings. Leave it as is. You run the risk of overloading and damaging the compressor by increasing the cut-out pressure. The compressor also might sustain damaged if you increase the cut-in pressure at the lower level where the compressor restarts. This is because you are not giving it time to cool between cycles.

Emglo is Now Jenny Air Compressors 

Thank you for reading our article ranking the top Emglo air compressors. This brand has been renamed to Jenny, but most of its old fans (and many new ones) still know it as Emglo. This is why we refer to it mainly by its old name here. Anyway, it doesn’t matter – a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.

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