Emglo Air Compressors For Sale [Electric & Gas]

Emglo air compressors are made for both novices and professional projects. These air compressors are used in domestic, small machine shops, auto repair shops, and high-end DIY projects.

These air compressors are imported into North America by a division of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. called Emglo Compressors and sold at several national retail chains. For example, hand carry, wheeled portable, stationary air compressors, service vehicle compressors, industrial-standard, base plated mounted air compressors, and more.

This brand has been renamed Jenny Air Compressors, but most of its old fans (and many new ones) still know it as Emglo.

How To Choose Emglo Air Compressor?

Max CFM Usage

To get this number, add up all of the air tools that you’re going to use at the same time. Now, add around a third to this number when looking at the compressor.

Also, it will give you a reasonable buffer against uncommon or unknown or compressor usage. Just adding all the tools throughout for the workday will produce an excessive CFM number. You risk buying a compressor that’s too big.

Maximum Operating Pressure

This will determine if you’ll need a single-stage or two-stage compressor. 

Type of Drive System 

Will you need a gas or electric motor? You need to know what environment you’ll use the compressor in. If electrical power isn’t always available, then the drive system should be gas to ensure convenience.

Gas engines are the most portable and flexible. If it will, go with an electric motor because they are always cheaper and easier to run and require less overall maintenance. 

Size of The Receiver tank 

The overall type of use determines the size of the compressor tank. If the usage is extended and sustained, such as an impact wrench or board sander, you’ll need a bigger tank. If the unit is used in short, quick, concentrated bursts, then you can use a small tank size. 

Stationary vs Portable Air Compressor

Decide whether or not the air compressor will need to be moved around your facility or work site regularly or if it will be a stationary unit. Furthermore, it will help you determine other factors, such as size and weight.

Higher volumes and pressures will require the unit to be larger in format and more substantial in weight since horsepower requirements, chassis construction, pumping systems, electrical components, and other things will have to be more significant to accommodate these increases.

Common Emglo Air Compressor Problems 

Our last section deals with common Emglo air compressor issues and how to resolve them. 

Emglo Air Compressor Oil 

Some people find that when they try to use portable air compressors after a long period of inactivity (stored away for a while), the motor reset fuse pops.

If it had oil in it when it was stored, the reason this is happening could be because that oil has dried out on moving parts. Also, check the capacitor to see if it’s working fine if all the pieces are moving OK. 

Increasing Tank Pressure on an Emglo Compressor

Compressor users often wonder how they can turn up the tank pressure on their Emglo compressor.

For example, the compressor doesn’t start until the tank pressure reaches 100 psi, and this means something might be failing on the Emglo air compressor to impact the settings of the pressure switch.

The cut in and cut out the manufacturer sets pressure levels. Experts believe if this is the case, the settings are optimal, established by the maker, and the air compressor will run best at those settings.

Leave it as is. You run the risk of overloading and damaging the compressor by increasing the cut-out pressure.

The compressor also might sustain damage if you improve the cut-in pressure at the lower level where the compressor restarts. Thisecause you are not giving it time to cool between cycles.

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