Elgi Air Compressors are best known for its innovation, sensitivity, integrity, and more. They have been in business for over 60-years and continue to grow. They specialize in a variety of air compressors including, but not limited to diesel portable air compressors, reciprocating industrial compressors, oil-free screw compressors, and more. 

Choosing to support a company like Elgi is beneficial to you as a customer. They have a clear history of consumer satisfaction as well as the manufacturing of high-quality air compressors.

If you are considering an Elgi air compressor, then this article can help point you in the right direction as we will go over our top five picks for Elgi air compressors. 

Best Elgi Air Compressors

1. Elgi SS02 LD – Best Elgi Air Compressor for Painting

Painting a house or large buildings is a tough job to do with just a paintbrush and a roller. You may be highly dependent on a spray gun to do the job.

But in order to run the spray gun efficiently and quickly, you need a good air compressor to help you do the job. This is where the Elgi SS 02-L-D comes into play. 

Powerful Machine

The SS02 LD is one powerful machine for painting. The beefy 2HP motor can withstand voltage fluctuations from 180v to 240v. Additionally, the aluminum cylinder head and the deep fin cylinders can help keep the engine cool as opposed to other metals.

Keeping the engine cool is key to longevity and low-maintenance. The unique piston rings allow for better oil control. There are low oil consumption and carry-over.

 The Elgi SS02 LD has a maximum air pressure of 145 PSI with a CFM of 4.7. This is plenty of CFM to help achieve the pressure your paint sprayer needs. 


As far as durability goes, this machine has plenty of it. It’s constructed of durable aluminum for low wear and tear. This is a great feature to have, especially if you are going to use the machine as hard as possible. It’s resistant to the occasional bumps and scrapes. Aluminum is an extremely tough metal and can withstand being transported from jobsite to jobsite.

Portability & Stability

The Elgi SS02 is as portable as you need it to be. It has a handy rubber grip on the handle so you can easily transport the machine. You will also find a wheel on each side of it as well as rubber feet for stability.

Sometimes when these machines run a lot, they tend to walk. This means that the vibration makes them move on their own. The rubber feet on this machine will keep that from happening. 

2. Elgi TS10 – Two-Stage Air Compressor

If you’re looking for a little bit of a bigger two-stage air compressor, this is one that you may consider. The Elgi TS10 offers high

A Reliable Machine

reliability, it’s both cost and energy-efficient, and meets OSHA safety standards. Here is some more information about the product.

The Elgi TS10 is designed for optimum efficiency. There is very little maintenance required, giving you more time to use the machine and almost no downtime. The NEMA premium efficiency motor comes as a standard feature. 

All of the components of the motor are pre-piped, pre-wired, and have been tested before shipment. Additionally, the fan has been aerodynamically designed with larger blades for better airflow. 

Powerful Motor

The motor is constructed of cast iron and takes away most of the vibration you would have on cheaper motors. The deep fins ensure 360-degree cooling for all of the cylinders and the air filters prevent clogging and won’t compromise the airflow. It has a CFM output of 36.1 @ 175 PSI with the help of a powerful 10 hp motor. 

Within the motor, there are double supported industrial ball bearings that can handle thrust loads. There is also an effective splash lubrication system, and the forged crankshaft and connecting rod are designed to be more rigid, ensuring a longer life. 

3. EN07-125-120T-G2

The EN07-125-120T-G2 brings impeccable performance to the table. It has been constructed to bring more value to you and better reliability than other comparable products on the market today.

It uses world-class technology such as electronic controllers, air after coolers, and proprietary air ends. Here are some other notable features that come with this machine: 

High Efficient Motor

The EN07 features a premium belt-driven TEFC motor with 230 volts. It puts out 38.5 CFM @ 125 PSI and has twin cooling fans to ensure the motor stays cool. When paired with the 2-piece, oversized air-cooled oil cooler and aftercooler, the engine can keep up better with high ambient applications. 

This machine can withstand even the most severe conditions thanks to the UL/cUL certified electrical components. Additionally, there is class F insulation, tensioning adjustments, and reserve power settings. 

Durability & Reliability

Not only is the EN07 durable, but it’s also reliable. The company ensures there will be zero leaks due to the encapsulated design that includes internal ports and O-ring sealed flanges. 

All of the components are encased in a heavy-duty full enclosure. There are three service doors and all of the panels are powder-coated to ensure durability. Additionally, there is a 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty as well as a 5-year parts & labor warranty on the motor, coolers, and reservoir. 


4. EG 37 – High-Efficiency Elgi Compressors

Last on our list is the beefy and powerful EG 37. This isn’t your average air compressor either. The EG 37 is meant for use in auto garages, packaging warehouses, engineering, and more. It’s got unbeatable power and high-efficiency, robust features. Let’s take a closer look. 

Powerful & Robust

The EG 37 is run by a high-efficiency direct-drive TEFC motor. The default electrical voltage on it is 460 volts. It runs at a slower speed to ensure less stress is placed on the components. This helps reduce wear and tear.

Additionally, it’s more energy-efficient than the others to ensure maintenance costs stay at a minimum. Even though it runs at a higher speed, it still produces a high CFM of 212 @ 125 PSI. This is beyond what the others on the list put out. 

Maximum Cooling Power

When running such a large machine, it’s vital that the components stay cool to ensure maximum life. The EG 37 is equipped with a thermo-zone layout design. It has a 4 zone design so that the sensitive components within the machine can run cooler. 

Additionally, you will find twin cooling fans that contribute to the cooling capacity as well as a 2-piece, oversized, air cool oil cooler. 

Safe & Easy Maintenance

Lastly, the state of the art Neuron II controller helps diagnose all of the systems within the machine and serves as your own security system. It can provide you with a warning for areas that may be in trouble and tell you when routine maintenance is due.

More so, it helps regulate start delays between the dryer and compressor to provide you with lower energy costs and improved air quality. 

What Compressors Does Elgi Make?

Elgi makes a wide range of air compressors to fit the needs of everybody who needs an air compressor. As of right now, they manufacture the following types of air compressors: 

Screw Air Compressors

The Screw air compressors are part of an EG series. These are electric lubricated rotary screw compressors. Each one of the components within the compressor is designed for reliability and easy maintenance. They can come as oil-lubricated or oil-free. 

Portable Air Compressors

The portable air compressors run on diesel fuel. These are meant to be environmentally friendly and obviously portable. They have a hitch attached to each one so that you can easily attach it to your vehicle. These are mostly used for construction sites and in the agricultural industry where power may not be available. 

Reciprocating Air Compressors

The reciprocating air compressors are designed to supply you with optimum efficiency while requiring little maintenance on your end. They are suggested to be used for applications that require duty cycles of less than 70%. 

Skid Air Compressors

Skid mounted air compressors have some of the best-in-class reliability. They all come with an international warranty, have large access doors for easy maintenance, and there are forklift slots so the unit can be placed on utility trucks or oil rigs.

They are constructed of industrial-grade steel and have a powder-coated canopy that reduces corrosion and increases durability. 

Why Choose Elgi Air Compressors?

So why should you choose an Elgi air compressor over all others? There are quite a few reasons for this.

Full Range of Compressed Air Solutions

Some companies only offer one type of compressor that may not fit everybody’s needs. Elgi provides companies and individuals with an air compressor for just about every need. Run an auto shop? Need it for the farm? Want to use it on a construction site? No problem! Elgi makes a compressor for each. 

Can Design & Build Oil-Free Airends

Airends are constructed with eta-V profile rotors with ⅘ lobe combination. They are designed to run at amazing speeds while reducing pressure loss and increasing efficiencies.

They are best-in-class and comply with applicable safety standards. Oil-less airends are efficient and have a unique OSBIC process. 

Lowest Ownership Cost In The World

Since Elgi manufactures its products with energy-efficient features and unique technology to help decrease maintenance costs, they have become known for having the lowest ownership cost in the world. 

Where Are Elgi Air Compressors Made?

Elgi air compressors have multiple manufacturing units. They are currently in India and Italy. They also market their compressors in 70 countries and are directly available in 18 countries. Additionally, they have 200 distributors worldwide. 

Elgi Air Compressor Warranty

Elgi currently offers a lifetime warranty that covers 10-years for airend compressors, 5-years for cooler, separator tank, and main motor, and 3-years for VFD/VSD. They also offer a 1-year warranty for the entire package excluding electricals and consumables. 

Typical Elgi Air Compressor Error Codes

As with any machine or electrical product, there are error codes that may pop up. One of the most common error codes with the Elgi air compressors is the HS code. The HS code has to do with air or vacuum pumps, ventilating or recycling hoods incorporation fan, and air or other gas compressors and fans.