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Best DeWalt Air Compressors

Product name Application MAX PSITank Size
DXCMV5076055 Industrial use17560 Gallon
DXCM271Paint shops, workshops and home use27 Gallon200
DWFP55126Universal: all home/workshop jobs6 Gallon165
D55146In workshops for powering nail guns 4.5 Gallon225
DCC020IBUse in the car as tire inflatorNo tankN/A
DXCMLA1983054Workshop & DIY 30 Gallon155
DXCMH1393075Engine-driven for use on construction sites in remote areas30 Gallon175
DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLTCordless model for use with nail guns2.5 Gallon135
D55168Use with most power tools in the workshop15 Gallon225
DXCMLA1983012Use in workshops, garages with most power tools30 Gallon155
DXCMLA3706056Industrial application60 Gallon155

Dewalt’s History

It all started back in 1922, when Raymond DeWalt, then superintendent of Seabrook Farms, designed his first woodworking machine. Two years later, the company started making its emblematic DeWalt Wonder-Worker – a woodworking machine that could be configured in nine different ways.

During the years of WW II, DeWalt expanded its power tools production to meet the soaring demands of the U.S. Defense Industry.

I tried hard to find out when exactly the mighty power tool manufacturer produced its first-ever air compressors, but I could not lock on any conclusive results.

However, it is known for a fact that in the year 2000, DEWALT purchases Momentum Laser Inc. and the Emglo Compressor Company.

Frequently Asked Questions 

In this section, I am going to answer in great detail some of the most common questions regarding the air compressors by DeWalt.

Who Makes DeWalt air compressors?

To begin with, let me mention here that DeWalt is part of the Black & Decker family, which speaks loads about their manufacturing potential. The Dewalt company manufactures all of its air compressors in the United States. 

Does DeWalt make a cordless air compressor?

Yes! DCC2560T1 FLEXVOLT (reviewed above) is one such model. Other options include the DCC020IB 20V Max Inflator, powered by three sources – 20v max battery, 12V D.C., or 110V A.C. 

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Air Compressor Kit, Cordless, 2.5 Gallon (DCC2560T1)

Final Words on DeWalt Air Compressors

We do hope that this article has provided you with in-depth information on the wide variety of air compressors manufactured by DeWalt. Now, you can pick the model that meets your specific compressed air demands.

Reviewed above are two industry-class vertical units, which are not very common in general. Yet, their design saves a lot of space in the workshop.

Also, the models suitable for nail guns do a great job of powering paint spraying pistol and vice versa. However, we would not recommend using portable cordless models for painting. 

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