Chicago Pneumatic Air CompressorsChicago Pneumatic is one of the prominent manufacturers and distributors of compressed air products in the market. Their products range from common screw or piston compressors to complete air treatment solutions.

If you need a professional air compressor, CP can undoubtedly provide you the best solution.   

In this buyer’s guide, I will cover who makes the CP air compressors, are they any good, dealers warranty, and more.  Let’s dive into the best Chicago Pneumatic air compressors and how they compare to other brands. 

Best Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressors

Chicago Pneumatic ModelTypeCFMHP
RCP-226VP 115-230V/1Single-stage Reciprocating7.1 cfm  at 100 psi2 HP
RCP3561VReciprocating12.3 cfm  at 90 psi3.5 HP
QRS10HPD-150Rotary Screw35.2 cfm at 150 psi10 HP
RCP581VNSTwo-stage Reciprocating15.3 cfm at 100 psi5 HP
QRS3.0HP-1Rotary Screw8.5 cfm at 150 psi3 HP
RCP-3561VSingle-stage Reciprocating12.4 cfm at 100 psi3.5 HP
RCP-7583VSTwo-stage Reciprocating25.25 cfm at 100 psi7.5 HP
RCP220PReciprocating7.1 cfm  at 100 psi2 HP
RCP-15121DTwo-stage Reciprocating50.5 cfm at 100 psi15 HP
RCP381VSReciprocating15.3 cfm at 100 psi5 HP

1.Chicago Pneumatic RCP-226VP 

This compressor offers you incredible durability because of its cast iron construction. It has a high-quality motor with a horsepower of 2 HP, whereas the voltage is 115/230 V. The CFM of this compressor is 7.1 at 100 psi, while the maximum psi can be 130. It has a vertical tank with an air tank capacity of 26 gallons.  

The compressor features start/stop pressure switch control making it easy to operate. There are ASME safety valves on the tank and pump. The drive of the compressor is belt type and it has a fully enclosed belt guard The electric motor is thermally protected. It also has an oil sight glass, that is easy to view. Thus maintenance and operation become super easy. The drain system is, however, manual. 

Because of its cast iron construction and durable polyester powder-coat finish, the RCP-226VP compressor provides you incredible durability and sturdiness! They are terrific for high-flow tools such as grinders. Any compressed air need for your small business or residence can be met by this compressor.

This air compressor is a single-stage, reciprocating electric simplex type compressor. So, you can just hook it up to electricity and it is ready to run! Moreover, it is very convenient to use due to portability and compact size. 

Pressure Switch 

The compressor features start/stop pressure switch control making it easy to operate. To ensure absolute safety, the safety valves on the tank and pump are made by the ASME standard. As the drive of the compressor is belt type, it has a fully enclosed belt guard for protection. The electric motor is also thermally protected

Lower Maintenance 

Enhanced safety features make the compressor very reliable while minimizing the need for maintenance. It also has an easy-to-view oil sight glass, hence condition monitoring and early detection become super easy.

Before being shipped to you, the compressor goes through rigorous testing at full pressure. Nonetheless,  Chicago Pneumatic provides you a 1-year warranty so that you can have peace of mind.

2.Chicago Pneumatic RCP3561V

This is another portable reciprocating compressor driven by a corded electric power source. This is pretty compact with dimensions of 30  (L) x 22 (W) x 68 (H) inches and very suitable for hobbyists. Let’s have a look at what this compressor has to offer:

Durability and Reliability: This includes a solid cast iron cylinder that is extremely sturdy. Moreover, it has a durable polyester powder-coat finish that ensures superior durability. Besides, the enclosed belt guard, thermal protection of the motor, and ASME standard safety valves make this compressor exceptionally reliable. 

Powerful Motor and Great Capacity: It includes a powerful, high-quality single phase motor with 3.5 horsepower. The motor RPM is 3450. The compressor unit can run on either 208 volts or 230 volts.

The cfm of this air compressor is 12.3 at 90 psi, while at 40 psi the cfm is 14.6. The maximum psi can be 130. The compressor has a 50% duty cycle based on 30 minute time period. The tank has a great capacity of 60 gallons that is enough for a hobbyist’s tasks!

Besides, this compressor features deep cooling fins as well as an aluminum head that is great for heat dissipation. The price point is also very affordable!

- Chicago Pneumatic Reciprocating Air Compressor - 2 HP, 26...
  • Cast iron construction
  • Start/stop pressure control
  • Fully enclosed belt guard

3.Chicago Pneumatic QRS10HPD-150

Chicago Pneumatic QRS10HPD-150 is an amazing rotary screw air compressor that comes with an air dryer. The compressor is very much versatile and reliable. This is designed for a continuous operation that will let you run it all day!

Hobbyists and small shop enthusiasts love the RCP-3561V air compressor because of its versatility and budget-friendly price line. This compressor can easily handle hard use such as model or craft building, painting and airbrushing, restoring or repairing automobiles, powering pneumatic tools for carpentry, etc. 

This is a portable reciprocating compressor driven by a corded electric power source. This is pretty compact with dimensions of 30(L) x 22(W) x 68(H) inches and thus saves space!

Let’s have a look at what this compressor has to offer:

  • Powerful Motor: It includes a high-quality, single-phase motor with 3.5 horsepower and 3450 RPM. This powerful motor helps you get the work done with ease. The compressor unit can run on either 208 volts or 230 volts. 
  • Great Capacity: The compressor offers quite high output, i.e., 12.3 cfm at 90 psi, whereas 14.6 cfm at 40 psi. You can get a maximum psi of 130. The compressor has a 50% duty cycle based on a 30 minute time period. The tank has a great capacity of 60 gallons that is sufficient for a hobbyist’s tasks! 
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: This compressor features deep cooling fins as well as an aluminum head that is great for heat dissipation. 
  • Excellent Durability: As an RCP compressor, this compressor also boasts a solid cast iron cylinder and a long-lasting powder-coat finish. Besides, a durable pump with a balanced reciprocating assembly makes this compressor exceptionally reliable. 

4.Chicago Pneumatic RCP581VNS 

This RCP compressor two-stage reciprocating compressor is capable of delivering 15.3 cfm at 100 psi. The compressors come in a complete package with everything you need, enabling you to optimize your operation with minimized downtime. 

There is no magnetic starter required. It runs on 208-230 V/single phase and has a motor power of 5 HP. The vertical tank can hold up to 80 gallons. 

As all of the units are 100% tested at full pressure, you can be certain of the quality of the compressor. Plus, CP offers a full 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty for this RCP two-stage compressor!

Outstanding Features

  • Superior durability:  With its solid cast iron cylinder, crankshaft, and valve plates, this RCP compressor can provide you the strength needed for daily performance. 
  • Unmatched heat dissipation: RCP offers excellent heat dissipation because of aluminum head and coolers with deep fins/
  • Quiet Operation: Balanced pistons and crankshaft allow these RCP compressors for a  smoother and quieter operation.
  • Durable compressor pump: RCP is equipped with a heavy-duty compressor pump with oversized main bearings as well as automotive-style replaceable insert bearings. 
Chicago Pneumatic RCP-581VNS 5 HP 80 Gallon Two Stage...
  • Solid Cast Iron Cylinder
  • Start- Stop Pressure Control
  • Fully Enclosed Belt Guard

5.Chicago Pneumatic QRS3.0HP-1

This rotary screw compressor is whisper quiet (61dBA only!). Thus it is well-suited for light industrial applications where noise is a concern. For instance, it can effortlessly meet the demands of automotive/body shops, repair bays, etc. 

This versatile compressor has 230 V, single-phase power with a 3 HP TEFC Baldor motor. It runs on a 100% duty cycle and has the continuous operating capability. It can deliver 8.5 cfm at 150 psi. The horizontal tank capacity is 60 gallons.

Unique Characteristics of QRS3.0HP-1

  • Compact Design: The design of the compressor is great for saving space as it takes up less than 12 square feet of your area. 
  • Prolonged Life Span: It boasts special features such as an air discharge pressure gauge, reset button for high temperature or motor overload, on/off switch with lockout feature, etc. 

    While it comes with factory-filled lubricant, it also facilitates shutdown at a low oil level. Thus high-quality parts with these distinct features extend the life of the compressor. 

  • Minimum Maintenance: It does not have many wearing parts, for example, no valves, bushings, piston rings, or rod inserts. Hence it would require little to no maintenance, minimizing the cost for service.  Furthermore, you can enjoy 5 years of warranty with no worries!

6.Chicago Pneumatic CRCP-3561V

This is another single-stage, electric RCP compressor with 208-230/1 Phase. Like any RCP compressor from Chicago Pneumatic, it has a time-proven, sturdy design with a solid cast iron cylinder.

In addition, it is equipped with an extraordinary heat dissipation system and it provides smooth, noise-free operation. Its unique features include:

  • Operate at low amperage: It boasts a dual-voltage, 3.5 horsepower electric motor. It can operate on a low amperage 208-230V or 115V, single-phase power.
  • Consistent airflow: This compressor consists of 60-gallon vertical tank. As it is mounted on a rugged receiver tank, it can ensure consistent airflow. It offers16.8 cfm displacement, while it can deliver 12.4 cfm at 100 psi.
  • Reliable design: The motor of the compressor is thermally protected. Besides, it has an easy-to-view sight glass as well as ASME/CRN certified tank and safety valves. Thus you can enjoy reliable operation with minimum maintenance.
Chicago Pneumatic RCP-3561V 3.5 HP 60 Gallon Single Stage...
  • Solid Cast Iron Cylinder
  • Start- Stop Pressure Control
  • Fully Enclosed Belt Guard

7. Chicago Pneumatic RCP-7583VS

This RCP two-stage compressor offers a great value with terrific performance. You can expect a prolonged life of the compressor because of its durable design and professional specifications. This also has an integrated aftercooler as well as a magnetic starter. 

  • The compressor features an 80 Gallon vertical tank, which can easily fit in your shop or garage. 
  • This operates on 208-230 V/3 Phase whereas the motor horsepower is  7.5 HP 
  • The unit has 32.5 cfm displacement while the cfm capacity is 25.25 at 100 psi or 22.28 at 175 psi.

The compressor also has all the RCP standard features as well as convenient features such as a low oil level switch, automatic tank drain, safety valves, etc. Moreover, you can have peace of mind because of their 2-year factory warranty.  

Chicago Pneumatic RCP-7583VS 7.5 HP 80 Gallon Two Stage...
  • Solid Cast Iron Cylinder
  • Start- Stop Pressure Control
  • Fully Enclosed Belt Guard

8.Chicago Pneumatic RCP220P

This RCP single-stage compressor offers you a high volume of air while operating at a low amperage of 115/230/1 single-phase power. This features a single-stage portable unit with a motor of 2HP power. 

The horizontal tank size is 20 gallons whereas the capacity is 7.1 cfm of air at 100 psi. In addition to other standard RCP features, this compressor has a durable powder-coated tank, user-friendly start/stop pressure control, and a ¼″ regulator. 

This compressor is great for small business or resident applications. Chicago Pneumatics not only ensures extensive testing of the compressors but also will provide you a 1-year warranty for these compressors. 

9.Chicago Pneumatic RCP-15121D

This is a unique two-stage duplex reciprocating compressor with 2 pumps as well as 2 powerful motors of 7.5 HP each. It operates on 208-230/ single-phase power. It comes with an alternator to ensure optimum performance. 

This is a reliable compressor that is built-in redundancy to provide you the best performance. Along with standard RCP features, rt consists of a 120-gallon horizontal tank, dual pressure-switch controls, and magnetic starters. 

It has a capacity of 50.5 cfm at 100 psi and a cfm displacement of 65. The tank and safety valves are ASME/CRN certified. Nonetheless, Chicago Pneumatic provides you 2-year warranty for this compressor!

Chicago Pneumatic RCP-15121D 15 HP 120 Gallon Two Stage...
  • Solid Cast Iron Cylinder
  • Dual Pressure Switch Control
  • Fully Enclosed Belt Guard

10.Chicago Pneumatic RCP381VS

If you have a shop that demands a bigger tank and more air, Chicago Pneumatics’ RCP381VS is your compressor of choice. It features an 80-gallon vertical tank while it takes up the same space as a 60-gallon compressor tank. The tank outlet is ¾ inch.

It has a thermally protected motor of 5 HP and it operates at 208/230 volts. 

It has a 75% duty cycle and 15.3 cfm at 100 psi. The cfm at a maximum of 175 PSI is 16.6. This compressor requires oil and the drain system is manual. 

About The Brand 

Chicago Pneumatic, also known as “CP”, is renowned for manufacturing industrial-grade air compressors, power tools, generators, light towers, and hydraulic equipment. The company was founded by John W. Duntley and  has been serving the industries in the United States since 1901. Now their products are sold in more than 150 countries around the world. 

Pioneering design, high-impact technology, and superior durability—these are the qualities you can expect from Chicago Pneumatic compressors. They not only engineer their products for high-class performance but also value uncompromised customer satisfaction.

Where Are Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressors Made?

Most Small and medium-sized stationary compressors from CP are manufactured in Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Brazil, Russia, China, India, and the United States.

For the piston range or reciprocating compressors, Brazil, Italy, Russia, India, China, and the U.S. are quite specialized. Likewise, their portable compressors are produced in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, and the United States. 

In addition to strong local support with distributors, Chicago Pneumatic ensures fast and easy delivery through its global production and distribution networks. 

Is Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressor Any Good?

Yes they are. Due to their years of experience to design compressors, CP is a very much professional and reliable supplier in the field. Their products are carefully tailored to suit specific needs or particular applications. 

“People – Passion – Performance”- this is the unique promise that Chicago Pneumatic pledges to exercise as a brand.

They signify reliability and brilliant customer service through their passion for research, development, manufacturing, and innovation. They recruit a highly-skilled workforce to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of high-quality products. 

Who Makes Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressors?

The parent company of Chicago Pneumatic is Atlas Copco AB. Their first plant to begin manufacturing products, particularly for Chicago Pneumatic, was the Boyer Machine Shop in St. Louis, Missouri. Now they have production units all over the world for different kinds of products, including air compressors.

Chicago Pneumatic always focuses on delivering the best global service along with the local support their customers need. Wherever you are, they are ready to serve you with their strong network of authorized, committed distributors. 

Measuring CP  Compressors against the Competition 

Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressor Vs McGraw

McGraw compressors are a relatively new line of compressors from Harbor Freight. So, how do they compare with the Chicago Pneumatic (CP) air compressors? Well, CP compressors certainly beat them in terms of the noise level.

Even if the McGraw compressors claims to be quiet, the sound level is about 85 dB(A). This is still pretty loud and causes hearing problems upon prolonged exposure. On the contrary, the QRS compressors from CP can provide you a noise-free operation at only 65 dB (A). 

Moreover, the options in McGraw compressors are very limited. From that aspect, Chicago Pneumatic offers you a variety of options to choose from according to your need and application. 

Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressor Vs Porter Cable

Porter-Cable is owned by Stanley Black & Decker and currently, they focus most on their woodworking line. The quality of the compressor is in between consumer-level and professional level.

Therefore, you cannot expect the same quality and efficiency as you can expect from professional-level Chicago Pneumatic air compressors.

Besides, the porter cable compressors are also quite loud, with an 82 dB (A) sound level. Hence, Chicago Pneumatic quiet compressors are certainly your best friend from this perspective. 

Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressor Vs Kobalt

Kobalt air compressors are marketed by Lowes and mostly suited for households and small workshop applications. Even though sometimes big enterprises also use their compressors, Chicago Pneumatic is definitely much for efficient because of their premium quality.

Although Kobalt compressors may do the job for a short duration, they lack durability and reliability. Moreover, their maintenance and service aspect is also deficient compared to Chicago Pneumatic.

The company does not guarantee replacement. Contrarily, Chicago Pneumatic is always on top of their game to ensure top-notch service, original spare parts, and warranty coverage

CP Compressor Authorized Dealers

Chicago Pneumatics has always aimed for superior local service in order to extend its global reach. In today’s time, you will find authorized dealers and distributors anywhere you would like to operate. Check here to find your closest authorized dealer. You can also find information about their distributors here.

Based on the model, features, and versions, the price of CP air compressors will vary. You can request a quote if you are looking for a product model or need suggestions. You just need to provide basic information about yourself, your company, and the product you are interested in.

I hope this article helped you to have an insight into Chicago Pneumatic air compressors and what they have to offer. If you have already decided on your favorite CP compressor, request a quote!

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