Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressors For Sale

Are you considering Campbel Hausfeld Air compressors? Do you want an air compressor that suits your needs, exceptionally well?

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, a well-chosen Campbell Hausfeld air compressor will get the job done. These air compressors are exceptional for use in workshops and residential garages.

Campbell Hausfeld Horizontal Air Compressors For Sale

Campbell Hausfeld Vertical Air Compressors For Sale

The best Campbell Hausfeld air compressor will have a max tank pressure of 175 PSI, will feature a compact design and will be built with a cast-iron oil-lubricated pump.

As you can see, the assortment of Campbell Hausfeld air compressors is very diverse. Let us learn more about these top models in our Campbell Hausfeld air compressor review.

Top Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressors

Product nameTank SizePortableCast-Iron SeriesCordlessVertical
XC60210060 gal.NoYesNoYes
VT6195 and VT639560 gal.NoYesNoYes
GR2200 30 gal.NoYesNoYes
XC302100 30 gal.YesYesNoYes
CE7002 and CE700330 gal.NoYesYesNo
VT6104 and VT627130 gal.YesYesNoNo
VT6358 and VT636730 gal.YesYesNoYes
DC260000 26 gal.YesNo NoYes
VT6183 and VT629020 gal.YesYesNoNo
VT6171 and VT6171X20 gal.YesYesYesNo
VT6182 20 gal.YesYesNoNo
DC20010020 gal.YesNoNoYes
VX4002 and VX401115 gal.YesYesNoNo
DC130000 13 gal.Yes YesNoNo
DC080500 8 gal.YesNoNoNo
HL540100AV8 gal.YesNoNoNo
DC040500 4.6 gal.YesNoNoNo
FP209499AV and DC0300003 gal.YesNoNoNo
FP209000AV 2 gal.YesNoNoNo
FP2028 and DC010000 1 gal.YesNoNoNo

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Campbell Hausfeld a Good Brand?

Campbell Hausfeld is a brand with more than 180 years of history. The company has been manufacturing air compressors and pneumatic tools since 1940.

Having specialized in the field for decades, Campbell Hausfeld has developed a diverse range of air compressors with:

  • Tank sizes from 1 to 120 gallons.
  • Max PSI capacities of 100 and 175 alike.
  • CFM ratings as low as 0.36 CFM @ 90 PSI and as high as 87 CFM @ 90 PSI.
  • Induction motors as well as gas engines with HP ratings from 0.33 HP to 25 HP.
  • Both long-lasting oil-lubed and low-maintenance oil-free designs.
  • Stationary cast-iron and portable, lightweight models likewise.
  • Multiple tank styles available, from vertical and horizontal to twin-stack and pancake.

As you can tell, the brand makes air compressors for a wide spectrum of pneumatic jobs. Be it occasional DIY projects or daily professional-grade use, and a Campbell Hausfeld air compressor will fit the bill.

Dependable and user-friendly, Campbell Hausfeld air compressors are bliss to own and use.

FAQ: What Kind of Oil Goes in a Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor?

An oil-lubed air compressor would typically use either a synthetic or a standard blend of oil without detergents. Standard 20-weight or 30-weight oils work for the majority of air compressors.

With ISO 100 hydraulic oil being the most common choice. Some oil-lubed air compressor models, however, require very specific oils for operation. And Campbell Hausfeld air compressors are not an exception either.

You will be wise to check the particular oil guidelines for a given oil-lubed Campbell Hausfeld air compressor.

Campbell Hausfeld

FAQ: How to Use Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressors?

Using an air compressor to run a pneumatic tool isn’t rocket science:

  • If the model isn’t oil-free, check the oil level.
  • Connect the hose with the regulator valve.
  • Plug the air tool into the hose.
  • If the model isn’t gas-powered, plug the air compressor into either 120V or 230V outlet.
  • Put on protective gear.
  • Test the safety valve.
  • Start the air compressor and wait until the tank pressurizes.
  • Adjust the pressure to the PSI your air tool needs.
  • After following these steps, you can run your pneumatic tool for as long as the tank has air.
  • Once you finish, shut down the air compressor properly:
  • Let out condensation using the tank drain valve.
  • Drain the pressure by switching off the device.
  • Detach the hose.
  • Store and maintain the air compressor with care.

Despite how user-friendly Campbell Hausfeld air compressors are, each model is unique. This is especially so with Campbell Hausfeld’s professional air compressors. Going by the specific guidelines for a given Campbell Hausfeld air compressor model is the safest way to operate it.

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