7 Best Pneumatic Grease Guns [By PSI & Capacity]

Did you know that there’s such thing as a pneumatic grease gun? Most traditional grease guns require you to press firmly on a handle that applies grease to specific areas of the item you’re working on. Sometimes the pressure we apply just isn’t enough to get the grease into tighter fittings. This is why there are pneumatic grease guns.

Pneumatic grease guns, or air pressure guns, are handy tools that are specifically designed to apply grease under pressure for improved lubrication efficiency. Having the right grease gun will allow you to apply grease at the exact spot, with the perfect pressure, and at the right saturation. 

To get the best unit possible, you have to consider things such as type, loading mechanism, and accessibility. Below are some of our favorite grease guns that we think you should take a look at. 

Air Grease Gun Comparison Chart

ProductGrease CapacityMax PSIWeightOz/Min
Lincoln 116216 oz6,0005.375 lbs12 
Azuno14 oz6,0003.32 lbs9
OTC14 oz4,8005 lbs6
Ampro14 oz6,0003.4 lbs11
LockNLube16 oz6,0005 lbs5
BestEquip5 Gallons5,80036.9 lbs25
DeWALT14 oz10,00014.8 lbs5

Choosing The Best Air Grease Gun

Since grease guns are available in a variety of types and sizes, it’s important for you to purchase one that is suited for the intended applications. If you’re working in an industrial setting, you’ll want a grease gun that’s larger and more powerful. You can get away with a smaller pistol cordless model for DIY applications. 

The best air-powered grease guns will prevent the wastefulness of grease and will save you time and money. Additionally, there are some other considerations that should be made before settling on an air grease gun. 

Grease Gun Type

There are a few different types of grease guns on the market. Although we’re talking about air grease guns, we also want to mention some of the other types. 


Pistol-grip grease guns have a handle that resembles a conventional pistol. The handle has an integrated trigger that you must press to push the grease from the gun. This type of gun allows for easy one-hand operation. 

Unfortunately, these grease guns have a mechanical disadvantage compared to air guns. They can only supply a limited amount of pressure and may not be the right choice f you’re looking for a close-tolerance, metal-to-metal fit. 

Additionally, they’re not suited for industrial applications. They’re more suited for DIY automobile maintenance. On average, it can only supply 500 PSI as opposed to the 6,000 PSI air guns can put out. 

Pistol Grip Grease Gun


Lever grease guns have more of a mechanical advantage over pistol-grip grease guns as they have a higher output pressure. Even though they have comparatively lower pressure output, they’re known for having a higher output per stroke. The amount of grease that comes out depends on how far you push the lever in. 

These are better suited for applications that involve larger clearances, such as greasing large bearings. If you plan to use it for industrial applications, we advise that you use a lever-operated grease gun with a higher output pressure but lower volume per stroke. 


These are what we are focusing on. Pneumatic grease guns are some of the market’s most powerful and efficient grease guns. They can supply you with large amounts of PSI and volume per stroke. They get the job done quicker and minimize fatigue that would generally be associated with other types of grease guns. 

These units are powered by air, making them more powerful and reliable, especially on industrial lubrication projects. The pressure in the guns is highly regulated, which will ultimately result in less wear and tear on its components. 

The only issue with pneumatic grease guns is that they’re noisy. You may need to wear noise protection gear while operating the gun. 


crease guns run on rechargeable batteries. They’re convenient, portable, and intuitive. Although they’re battery-powered, some of the top models can be rather powerful, like the DeWALT model we have listed. This model can produce upwards of 10,000 PSI of pressure. 

Since you don’t need to push any levers, these grease guns are easier to use. It allows you to complete lubrication projects quicker and more efficiently. The runtime of each model will depend on its battery performance, and it may not be suitable for applications that require you to grease for extended periods. 

Pneumatic Grease Gun

Grease Gun PSI Requirements 

There’s a certain amount of PSI that your grease gun needs in order to operate properly. If your air compressor doesn’t put out the proper amount of PSI, your grease gun won’t work the way it should. 

Here’s what each grease gun requires: 

ProductPSI Requirement
Lincoln 116230-150
LockNLube60-150 single shot 60-95 continuous

There are a few features that you should be aware of that could make a difference in the performance you’re looking for.

Type of Nozzle

First is the nozzle. The type of the nozzle is essential for proper grease delivery. Most grease guns come equipped with a straight, short, or flexible metal nozzle. The flexible nozzle is ideal for hard-to-reach places, and the accuracy will be improved. 

Barrel Size

Depending on the main purpose of the grease gun, the barrel size will certainly matter. If you’re looking to use a lot of grease in a short amount of time, you’ll want a bigger barrel size on your gun. On the other hand, if you’re looking for smaller specialty applications, a smaller barrel is ideal. 


Grease guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You’re going to want one that’s going to fit in your hand well and feel comfortable when you’re using it. You should look for a grease gun that has cushioned grips with divots to make holding the gun easier and more comfortable, especially if you’re going to use it for extended periods. 


Most grease guns are made from metal, a durable material that can withstand the pressure that’s built up during use. Lower-quality options may feature plastic components, which can break and wear easily. We highly recommend using a metal grease gun to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.

Here’s a comparison of grease guns based on these features: 

ProductNozzleLoad TypeBarrel SizeDimensionsMaterial
Lincoln 116230” Flex HoseCartridge/BulkMedium‎17.25 x 7.5 x 3 inchesStainless Steel
AzunoSharp & Flex HoseCartridge/suction/bulkMedium‎15.47 x 7.01 x 2.91 inchesCoated aluminum
OTCFlex HoseCartridgeMedium‎17 x 8 x 3 inchesDie Cast Aluminum
AmproRigid NozzleCartridge/pump/bulkMedium7.48 x 2.95 x 16.54 inchesStainless Steel
LockNLube30” Flex HoseBulk/cartridgeMedium‎17 x 9 x 3 inchesStainless Steel
BestEquip12.5 ft Wire PipeExtra Large39 x 21 x 17 inchesSteel & Cast Iron
DeWALT42” Flex HoseMedium23.5 x 4.31 x 13.38 inchesAluminum

Now that you’ve had a look at some of the main comparisons, let’s dig into the products themselves. 

Top Pneumatic Grease Guns

1. Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun

The Lincoln 1162 is our favorite grease gun by far. It provided us with excellent grease flow control and a variable speed trigger. The advanced pump design also eliminates any priming issue that may be common with certain pneumatic grease guns. 

Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun, Air-Operated, Variable Speed Trigger, 30 Inch High-Pressure Hose, Combination Filler Coupler/Air Bleeder Valve

$92.00  in stock
29 new from $90.65
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as of March 21, 2023 8:12 pm

In order to properly operate the grease gun, you need about 80 PSI of air, but it can range anywhere between 30-150. We found that grease gun output was 12oz of grease per minute at a maximum PSI of 6,000. We used it for the grease fittings on our tractor, which performed quite well. 

We liked that the grease cartridges could be easily swapped while the grease gun was being used. We thought it was also comfortable to use due to its enhanced comfort. Additionally, the 30” high-pressure flexible hose allowed us to reach those awkwardly placed grease fittings.


  • 30” flex hose
  • Variable speed trigger
  • 12oz of grease per minute
  • PSI of 6,000
  • Affordable


  • May need additional quick connect couplers

2. AZUNO Pneumatic Grease Gun

If you need a grease gun for heavy-duty applications, you may want to consider the Azuno. This particular model is perfectly suited for marine, automotive, excavator, and agricultural equipment greasing applications. 

AZUNO Pneumatic Grease Gun, Heavy Duty 6000 PSI Air Compressor Grease Guns with Flex Hose, Metal Extension, Normal Coupler and Sharp Nozzle (Pneumatic)

 in stock
as of March 21, 2023 8:12 pm

The PSI requirement for this grease gun is between 30-150, but we found it works best at around 80 PSI. It performed well when it came to the need for applying large volumes of grease.

Once it was up to pressure, it had an output of 6,000 PSI and 9oz of grease per minute. Depending on the intended application, the grease gun can deliver between 1,200 and 6,00 PSI of pressure. 

We were pleased to find that the grease gun came with several accessories, making the gun versatile in working conditions. It came with a metal extension pipe, sharp nozzle, normal grease coupler, quick connect coupler, and flex hose. We also enjoyed how comfortable it was to operate, thanks to the knurled thick wall barrel. 


  • Adaptable to different grease loading methods
  • Output pressure of 6,000 PSI 
  • Comes with a metal extension pipe
  • Unique knurled thick wall barrel for secure grip
  • Accessories included


  • Not suited for regular DIY applications

3. OTC 2310 Air Operated Grease Gun

This grease gun is one of the more heavy-duty options on the list. It’s made of die-cast aluminum with a large pumping chamber for rapid operation. The construction also incorporates an automatic bleeder valve, making it one of the better industrial-grade grease guns available. 

OTC 2310 Air Operated Grease Gun

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This model has quite a large pumping chamber designed for easy, rapid operation. It produces 4,800 PSI output and 6oz of grease per minute. We liked how fast it worked and how precise it was. We were able to refill it with a 14oz quickly. grease cartridge. 

It was ready to use right out of the package. It came with a 24-inch pressure grease hose, 6-inch bent steel extension, and 3-jaw slim coupler. Our only issue with the gun was that it seemed to be a little heavier than we would have liked. 

in stock
7 new from $64.57
as of March 21, 2023 8:12 pm


  • Puts out 4,800 PSI
  • 14oz of grease per minute
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Comes ready to use 
  • Decently affordable


  • It’s a little heavy

4. Ampro A3710 Air Grease Gun

The Ampro A3710 is one of the most versatile grease guns in the industry. Not only that, but it’s great for light-duty industrial applications. What makes it so versatile is its grease loading options. It’s compatible with standard 14oz cartridges and filler pumps but can also be refilled with bulk loading. 

We thought that the air vent was a great feature to have. It helps release air pockets from the tube. Once operational, it puts out a pressure of between 1,200-6,00 PSI, which allows the grease to penetrate those stubborn fittings. Once ready, it supplied us with 11oz per minute at 30-150 PSI coming from the compressor. 

Overall, we thought it performed well for even smaller DIY applications, and it’s lightweight, making it easier to hold. It weighs just 3.4 pounds, but it doesn’t feel like it. We did find that the quick connect nipple failed a couple of times. We’re not sure if this is a standard issue or if we had a faulty gun. 


  • Offers 1,200-6,000 PSI
  • 11oz per minute of grease
  • Lightweight
  • Can be filled in multiple ways


  • Quick connect nipple may malfunction

5. LockNLube Dual-Shot Air-Operated Grease Gun

The LockNLube dual-shot air-operated grease gun is one of the best high-end grease guns we were able to use. Our favorite feature was the dual shot capabilities.

We could choose between continuous delivery or single shot delivery. This enabled us to control how much grease went into a specific fitting. All we had to do without switching between modes was twist the delivery knob back and forth. 

Once operational, it delivered 2,50-6,000 PSI and supplied us with 5oz of grease per minute through the 30” high-quality flex hose. This is longer than most of the leading grease gun models are currently offering. It also has an in-line hose swivel to avoid awkward twisting. 

To load, there are T-pull locks to the side, allowing us to load and prime the grease gun easily. The grease gun also has a LockNLube grease coupler and loop and lock storage technology. Our main concern with it, however, was how heavy it was. It weighs 5 pounds but seems much heavier when holding. 


  • Delivers 2,500-6,000 PSI
  • 5 oz of grease per minute
  • Supports multiple loading methods
  • 30” flex hose
  • Wide variety of motor configurations
  • Dual shot 


  • It’s heavy and difficult to control

6. BestEquip Portable 20L

It may not be the most portable grease gun out there, but it’s certainly one of the most powerful. It’s best suited for equipment, machine tools, and ship lubrication. It’s definitely not handheld, it’s a large 20L unit that can be wheeled around.  

BestEquip Portable 20L Grease Pump Set Electric 5 Gallon Air Operated Grease Pump with 20FT High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

$213.99  in stock
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1 used from $150.03
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as of March 21, 2023 8:12 pm

The unit should be connected to a compressor with an 80-110 PSI rating. Once done, the grease gun can put out 3,300 and 5,800 PSI at the nozzle. It will then supply 25oz of grease per minute, which is outstanding to us. 

The grease gun comes as a kit. It comes with the grease pump, gas-pressure meter, 20ft high-pressure hydraulic hose, and a pneumatic gun. The pump is constructed with zinc allow and chrome for enhanced durability in the most demanding environments. 


  • 5-gallon grease capacity
  • Fitted with a gasket
  • High grease output & PSI


  • Since it’s so large, it requires a lot of floor space

7. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

We chose the DeWALT for this list because even though it’s not pneumatic, it’s one of the most portable grease guns on the market. It offers the power of a pneumatic machine with a battery as opposed to an air compressor. 

On just one battery, it can pump up to 16 cartridges worth of grease per charge. It has a high output of 10,000 PSI and offers precise control of the output amount. It supplied us with 5oz per minute of grease and was easy to operate with the 42” flex hose. Additionally, it’s fitted with an air bleeder valve to get the air out of the pump. 

Even though this is one of the most powerful handheld grease guns on the market, it’s super heavy. It weighs 14.8 pounds, making operating a little difficult for extended periods. We also found that it was nearly impossible to remove the factory-installed coupler.


  • Powerful output of 10,000 PSI
  • Integrated no-mar foot design
  • Fitted with an air bleeder valve
  • Comes with a 42” flex hose
  • Battery operated


  • Almost impossible to remove the factory-installed coupler
  • Heavy

Reloading Options 

You also need to consider how your preferred grease gun is refilled. Different guns support different grease reloading mechanisms, as elaborated below. 

Cartridge Loading 

A gun that uses this mechanism is refilled using packaged cartridges. Although this method is easier and more convenient, it is costlier as compared to the other loading options.

This method also has a negative impact on the environment when it comes to the disposal of empty cartridges.

Suction Loading

This type of loading mechanism requires that the gun be filled manually, often from a bulk drum.

To do this, you will need to open and insert the end of the gun into the grease in the bulk drum. You should then pull the lever to suck grease into the gun.

Such a gun is only suited for use with lighter-grade grease types. Heavy grease types are difficult to load into such guns. As you can imagine, suction loading is leading and strenuous. 

Bulk Load 

This is the cleanest, easiest, and most affordable grease loading mechanism of the three. To refill your grease gun using this method, you will need bulk loader fittings, a bleeder valve, bulk loader couplers, and a bulk filler pimp. 

The grease gun loader fitting should be pressed into the loader coupler on the pump. After loading, the bleeder valve should be used to relieve the gun of any air that may have entered the whole reloading.

Using a follower plate will minimize air pockets in your bulk grease.

Final Words

As you can see, there’s a lot to learn about grease guns. We were surprised by how well the Lincoln grease gun performed, and it was by far one of our favorites. It wasn’t too heavy, it produced a sufficient amount of grease per minute, and it’s durable.

Before purchasing any grease gun, ensure your compressor has enough PSI to operate it. We hope that our guide has helped you choose the best air grease gun for your needs.   

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