5 Best Air Compressor For Automotive Shop [Small & Large]

Your automotive shop needs an air compressor to power the pneumatic tools necessary to complete specific jobs like sanding, painting and inflating vehicle tires. While there isn’t a shortage of air compressors on the market, choosing the right one can be confusing.

You have to consider specifications like PSI (pounds per square inch) and SCFM (standardized cubic feet per minute) to ensure the air compressor is capable of delivering the power you need.

So, what is the best air compressor for an automotive shop? The EMAX Industrial Two-Stage Vertical Stationary Air compressor is our pick for automotive shops. It boasts plenty of PSI, has a large tank, and is priced to fit most shop budgets.

Ready to learn more about the best air compressor for an automotive shop? Keep reading to find out more.

In this detailed buyer’s guide, we will look into the best air compressors for Automotive Applications based on air type and size. The Ultimate Question is how large of an air compressor to buy?


Top Air Compressors For Automotive Shop

Air CompressorPSICFMPRICE *
EMAX Industrial Two-Stage Vertical    175 PSI34 CMF$3,059.00
Industrial Air 30-Gallon Two-Stage175 PSI7 CFM$949.00
Ingersoll Rand SS5 Single-Stage135 PSI18.1 CFM$1,299.99
Quincy QT-54 Splash Lubricating  145 – 175 PSI½ CFM  $2,175.00
DeWalt Two-Stage Industrial 80-Gallon175 PSI17 CFM$2,589.00
* Price is approximate

1.EMAX Industrial Two-Stage Vertical Stationary Air Compressor

The Emax Industrial Two-Stage Vertical Stationary Air Compressor is our featured pick for the best air compressor for an automotive shop. It is priced a little higher than some models, but it also comes with everything a busy shop needs to complete projects on time.+

The 7.5 horsepower air compressor comes with a large 80-gallon tank. A top PSI of 175 is more than enough to power most commercial pneumatic tools, including paint sprayers and grinders. An electric motor ensures a smooth and quiet operation, making the air compressor ideal for indoor use.

Durability isn’t a problem with the industrial air compressor. It comes with a cast iron pump and the tank is powder-coated to prevent rust and extend the air compressor’s life.

EMAX Industrial Two-Stage air compressor

With regular maintenance, the air compressor can provide up to 70,000 hours of use. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The only downside comes when it’s time to drain the oil. It’s a manual process that can get a little messy. You may also buy it at Pittsburgh spray.


  • 7.5 HP electric motor
  • 80-gallon powder-coated tank
  • 34 SCFM at 100 PSI, with a maximum capacity of 175 PSI

2. Industrial Air 30-Gallon Two-Stage Air Compressor

Automotive shops don’t need to sacrifice quality or power to find a budget-friendly air compressor. The Industrial Air 30-Gallon Air Compressor has a price that fits the budget for small and large auto shops.

It comes with a large 30-gallon tank and has a maximum CFM of 175 PSI. You can power more than one pneumatic tool at a time, so your team can finish projects quickly and on time. The electric 5 HP engine gives you quiet and powerful performance, while the low pump RPM reduces daily wear and tear.

Starting the air compressor is a breeze, even during the winter. You don’t need to use a magnetic starter, the machine easily kicks on regardless of the temperature. Its robust construction includes thermal overload protection.

It helps prevent the engine from overheating during prolonged use. When it’s time to drain the oil, don’t worry. A four-inch extension on the oil drain makes the task a breeze.


  • 5 HP electric motor
  • 30-gallon tank
  • Maximum 175 PSI

3. Ingersoll Rand SS5 60 Gallon Single-Stage Air Compressor

The Ingersoll Rand SS5 Single-Stage Air Compressor is a great option for home and commercial garages. The single-stage air compressor comes with a 60-gallon tank, ideal for handling larger projects like sandblasting and painting automobiles. The machine can run for up to 5,000 hours without any problems.

A 230V motor provides the power you need to operate large and small pneumatic tools. It also boasts a maximum of 135 PSI, allowing you to operate more than one tool at a time. You can use the air compressor to power a grinder and sander simultaneously, allowing you to quickly finish projects at home or in the shop.

The vertical tank is designed with durability in mind. It’s also a breeze to operate and maintain. An oil control ring keeps the engine lubricated. The compressor also comes with a Taper compression and three piston rings to ensure a smooth performance every time you turn the machine on.

Manual thermal overload protection, along with an enclosed belt guard, keep the air compressor from overheating on big projects. You also aren’t going to have a problem changing the oil or filter, thanks to the tank’s vertical design.


  • 230V single-stage electric motor
  • 60-gallon vertical tank
  • Maximum 135 PSI

4.Quincy QT-54 Splash Lubricating Reciprocating Air Compressor

Powerful and efficient perfectly sum up the QT-54 by Quincy. It does come at a slightly higher price than some comparable air compressors, making it better suited for an automotive shop’s larger budget.

Boasting a 5 HP industrial-grade motor, capable of 1310 RPM, the air compressor is powerful and quiet when running. You get a maximum of 145-175 PSI, which is more than enough power to run multiple pneumatic tools at the same time. It also has the power you need to operate larger air tools like sanders, grinders, and spray paint guns.

To ensure long-lasting durability, the air compressor comes with an aluminum head. It works to reduce heat, along with wear and tear on the motor.

The steel-constructed tank is resistant to rust and can handle accidental bumps from other shop equipment without dents or cracks. The motor also comes with a built-in thermal overload for added protection.


  • Working PSI of 145 – 175
  • 5 HP electric motor capable of 1310 rotations per minute
  • 60-gallon tank

5.DeWalt Two-Stage Industrial 80-Gallon Air Compressor

DeWalt is a well-known name in the automotive industry where the manufacturer produces everything from batteries and tools to air compressors.

The DeWalt Two-Stage Industrial 80-Gallon Air Compressor comes with a large tank, high maximum PSI, and a powerful gas engine. It is at a higher price point than some other air compressors, making it better suited for use in automotive shops.

The air compressor comes with a patented pump that runs cooler than most other machines, extending its life.

A low RPM, combined with a robust build, adds to the air compressor’s durability. Thermal overload protection keeps the 5 HP motor from overheating. An automatic switch controls the tank pressure so you can concentrate on finishing your project.

An 80-gallon tank keeps the air compressor running throughout the day. With a maximum 175 PSI at 17.0 SCFM, you can easily power large and small pneumatic tools.

It also comes with a two-year warranty on the pump for your peace of mind. All of the other parts are under a one-year warranty.


  • Large 80-gallon tank
  • 5 HP motor
  • 17.0 SCFM at 175 PSI maximum capacity

Which Air Compressor Is Best For An Auto Repair Shop?

The EMAX Industrial Two-Stage Vertical Stationary Air Compressor is best for use in auto repair shops. Its higher price tag is better suited for commercial shops over home garages. The air compressor also comes with an 80-gallon tank.

It’s large enough to power your pneumatic tools throughout long, labor-intensive projects. The air compressor’s size and weight also make it difficult to fit in most home garages.

With a maximum PSI of 175, you can power sanders, grinders, paint sprayers, and powder-coating tools without problems. The air compressor is also ASME, CSA, and ULC certified. It’s something you want to look for in an air compressor for your auto repair shop.

Which Air Compressor Is Best For An Auto Body Shop?

The Industrial Air 30-Gallon Two-Stage Air Compressor boasts a 5 HP motor, and it also comes at a budget-friendly price. With a maximum of 175 PSI, you get a powerful and efficient air compressor.

Auto body shops spend a lot of time painting and sanding vehicles, so you need an air compressor capable of powering your pneumatic tools. For paint sprayers, you need an air compressor with a 20 to 25 PSI capacity.

Since most industrial air compressors have a minimum PSI of around 90 to 100, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a machine for your auto body shop.

Efficiency is something else to consider in an air compressor. A higher horsepower rating means you can finish a project faster. It also ensures you have the necessary power to use the air compressor for other tasks like sanding and painting.

Which Air Compressor Is Best For Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing takes precision, whether it’s the vehicle’s interior or exterior. You want the air compressor to be powerful enough to clean the vehicle without doing any damage. The last thing you want is to accidentally remove any paint. It also helps if the air compressor is easily portable. This way, you can move around the vehicle without dragging a heavy tank.

The Makita 5.2 Gallon Air Compressor is a great option for auto detailing. It has an affordable price point and is easily portable. It comes with a folding handle and large rear wheels.

When you need to move the air compressor, unfold the handle, and push it where it needs to go. The 6-gallon tank is a little on the small side, but it’s enough for most auto detail jobs. A CFM rating of 6.5 at 90 PSI provides the power you need to operate a cleaning gun and other auto detailing tools.

What Kind Of Air Compressor Do Tire Shops Use?

The best air compressor for a tire shop depends on where it’s going to be used. If the compressor is for a service truck, look for a smaller machine that comes with a gas-powered motor. You don’t want an electric air compressor on a service vehicle.

Your personnel won’t be able to plug the air compressor in when they are working in the field.

Air compressors in tire shops are often larger than models used in the field. You do want an air compressor that comes with at least a 60-gallon tank.

The Quincy QT-54 Splash Lubricating Reciprocating Air Compressor is a good option for use in a tire shop. It has a 60-gallon tank, an impressively high RPM at 1310, and a maximum 175 PSI rating.

What Kind Of Air Compressor Is Best For Paint Sprayers?

The Ingersoll Rand SS5 60 Gallon Single-Stage Air Compressor offers a 135 PSI rating, which is plenty of power for a pneumatic paint sprayer. Another option is the Industrial Air 30-Gallon Two-Stage Air Compressor. It has a higher PSI rating of 175 and comes at a noticeably lower price.

Paint sprayers and automotive paint spraying booths take most of the hard work out of painting a vehicle. A paint sprayer virtually eliminates splotches and streaks that can ruin the look of a vehicle. You also finish the job faster using a pneumatic paint sprayer versus a manual brush.

Handheld paint sprayers are powered by compressed air, and you need the right machine to ensure the job turns out to your customer’s expectations. You don’t need the most powerful air compressor for a paint gun, but you do need one capable of producing around 90 PSI.

Air Compressor For Paint Sprayers


If you plan on spraying paint or using air tools to do for bodywork, the demands on your air compressor multiply.  In this article, we will look at:

  • How much-compressed air common air tools need
  • The best way to size your compressor
  • The specialized air compressor needs of a paint shop.
  • The best air compressors for each automotive repair application.

Choosing the best air compressor for an automotive shop can be confusing. You need to pay attention to the CFM and PSI ratings. Then you also need to compare prices, and don’t forget about the tank size.

Whether it is an auto repair or tire shop, you want an air compressor that comes with a 60-gallon tank or larger. Auto detailers can go a little smaller, but the PSI rating still makes a difference. To power most pneumatic tools, you need a PSI of around 100 or higher. If you plan on powering two tools simultaneously, look for a maximum PSI capacity of around 175.

With the right air compressor, your staff can work quickly and efficiently to get all of your auto shop projects finished on time.

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