Air Hawk Pro Air Compressor Review Vs. Blue Hawk

The Air Hawk Pro is one of the best hand-held air compressors offering the perfect blend of portability, quality, durability, and superior performance. It features a built-in pressure gauge that automatically stops inflation the desired pressure.

The portable air compressor is very versatile, capable of filling tires, air mattresses, pool toys, sports balls, and many other items. If you are looking for a larger compressor model for your garage, the Blue Hawk Air Compressor will come in handy. 

The Blue Hawk is one of the best electric air compressors with an 8-gallon tank capacity. Its oil-free pump is powered by a 1.5 HP motor producing a pressure of up to 135 PSI with ease.

Throughout this Air Hawk review, you will learn what sets these two compressors apart from their competitors. 

Air Compressor Model Pressure Range Weight 
Air Hawk Pro 0 - 150 PSI2.93 Pounds
Ryobi P737 18-Volt ONE+ Portable Cordless Power Inflator0 - 150 PSI1.6 Pounds
Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor0 - 150 PSI3.97 Pounds
CKIECK Cordless Rechargeable Tire Inflator 0 - 150 PSI4.55 Pounds

Air Hawk Benefits 

  • Features a digital pressure gauge and automatic shut off feature at the desired pressure
  • Equipped with a built-in LED light 
  • Comes with a 5” flexible hose that has a threaded connector
  • Allows for pin attachments for balls and inflatable toys
  • Features a lightweight and portable design

Possible Drawbacks

With time, the battery on this inflate may start to fail and require multiple charges in order to sustain extended use. Again, the threaded nozzle may wear rather fast, especially if not used and stored properly. 

Air Hawk Air Pro Compressor Price 

If buying the unit from the buy air hawk website, you will be required to make two payments of $29.95, and $14.95 P&H, plus a $1 web service fee. If you are buying the Air Hawk Pro Inflator from Amazon, you should expect to spend about $63. 

For this amount, you will get the Air Hawk Pro air compressor unit, a rechargeable battery pack, a carry case, 6” flexible hose, corded adapter, nozzle tip, and up to 3 nozzles. Each Air Hawk Pro purchase is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Air Hawk Pro Inflator Key Features 

The Air Hawk Pro is a portable, easy-to-use air compressor that is packed with a myriad of convenience and performance features. It may be used to inflate such things as bike tires, balls, and toys.

A cording to the manufacturer, the unit can fill such items in less than 90 seconds. Some of the feature and capabilities you will come to like about the Air Hawk Pro air compressor include: 

Automated Shutdown 

The automated filling capability is one of the great things the Air Hawk Pro Inflator has to offer. With this capability, you only need to calibrate the gauge, connect the Inflator and start it.

It is equipped with an easy-to-read digital gauge that allows you to input the desired pressure for the item you are currently filling. Once the precise figured pressure level is achieved, the unit will stop automatically. This way, you will never overfill or even damage the items you will be inflating.

Again, the Inflator is designed to shut off if it has been sitting idle for more than 30 seconds. This feature helps conserve its battery power. 

Inflator Accessories and Attachments 

This air compressor comes with all the attachments and accessories you need to inflate a wide range of items. For instance, it comes with multiple nozzles for enhanced versatility.

Additionally, the unit comes with a mains charger, and a 12 V car adapter, a rechargeable battery pack as well as a threaded 6” air hose fitting. 

You will also get narrow pin fitting as well as wide pin fitting support with the Air Hawk Pro Inflator. The manufacturer will also offer you a free carry case and a user manual with each Inflator purchase.

The Air Hawk Max model of the unit comes with even more accessories, including a deluxe carry case, Presto adapter, and a threaded 50cm hose fitting.

Multiple Nozzle Attachments 

The Air Hawk Pro inflator comes with a total of three nozzle pins, and an assortment of adapter pin sizes to fit the commonest air-filled products.

For instance, you may use the tip pin for tires, the thin pin for balls, and the wide pin for such things as air mattresses. All the attachments that come with this air compressor may be extended with optional purchases.

This makes the device compatible with almost any air valve in existence. The digital pressure gauge is accurate for all the items listed so that you will not have to overfill.

Digital Pressure Gauge 

The Air Hawk Pro Inflator features an accurate and easy-to-read digital pressure gauge. The inbuilt digital readout on the unit has been proven to be accurate and very reliable.

Air Hawk Pro Air Compressor Review

For enhanced visibility and ease of operation, the gauge displays big clear numbers.

The gauge is also fitted with intuitive controls, making it easy for you to input stop-pressure readings into the unit. With such a feature, you will be able to set the pressure to a certain level and the inflator will stop at the correct pressure, preventing over inflation.

Visibility is further improved by its LED readout, making it easy to ready pressure levels in poor light conditions. The gauge also allows you to set your preferred pressure units to PSI, kPa, or bar.

Extended Battery Life 

The Air Hawk Pro air compressor allows for cordless operation. This may be attributed to the reliable Lithium-Ion battery pack used on the model. The rechargeable batteries charge relatively fast, using either of the two adapters provided by the manufacturer. 

The 12V Rapid Rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack used on this device can be fully charged in less than three hours. A fully charged battery can last for about 12 minutes and is capable of inflating two nearly-flat tires.

To make it even more portable, the until comes with two different adapters as explained below. This allows you to recharge it whether you are at home or in your car while traveling. 

Adapter Options 

Every purchase of the Air Hawk Inflator comes with two different adapters: an AC adapter, and a 12V DC adapter. You may use the AX adapter to recharge the unit using mains electricity in your home.

The 12V DC adapter, on the other hand, is designed to plug into the cigarette lighter port in your car. Both adapters are relatively long, allowing you to plug the Inflator as you use it to extend the battery range. 

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Quality, and Durable Construction 

Being one of the best portable air compressors in the industry, the Air Hawk Pro Inflator features a compact and lightweight design.

As a matter of fact, the unit is small enough to fit in the glove box in your car or in a conventional toolbox. Much of the Inflator body is made of aluminum, making it relatively lightweight and easy to carry around.

The entire unit weighs about 2.93 pounds. The sturdy construction of the air compressor is durable and makes it safe and secure to handle.

In addition to being robust and hard, the outer casing of the device does not heat up dusting operation. As proof of its quality construction, the device is backed by a one-year warranty by the manufacturer.

Should any of its parts or components fail within a year of purchasing the Air Hawk Pro, you will get a replacement free of charge.

A More Powerful Alternative: The Blue Hawk Electric Air Compressor

If you would rather get a more powerful air compressor and do not mind a bigger size, the Blue Hawk 8-gallon electric air compressor will come in handy.

Just as is the case with other Blue Hawk tools, this compressor will offer you great value for money. Despite being a powerful and quality tool, it comes at an affordable price. 

Blue Hawk 2 gallon Portable Electric Air Compressor

The air compressor is part of the entry-level line of tools, and equipment marketed by Lowe’s. It is a tool of choice for DIY builders looking for functionality, quality, and affordability in an air compressor. 

The unit actually comparable in durability, and quality to some of the costlier and more popular air compressors. Throughout this Blue Hawk Air Compressor review, you will learn what makes it an interesting choice. 

Blue Hawk Air Compressor Benefits 

  • Equipped with a modern oil-free pump, hence requires minimal maintenance to run efficiently
  • Feature a Chrome-plated air filter for enhanced durability
  • The motor and pump components of the unit are entirely shrouded to minimize noise level
  • Comes with a removable handle, and 6-inch rubber wheels for easy moving
  • Has one port that features a quick metal coupler 

Possible Drawbacks  

Although the Blue Hawk air compressor supports a wide range of air accessories, you may have a hard time fitting the tire valve connector. 

Blue Hawk Air Compressor Price 

The Blue Hawk air compressor comes in two main models: the Blue Hawk 2-gallon, 125 PSI electric air compressor, and the 8-gallon, 135 PSI electric unit.

You can buy the 2-gallon air compressor at Lowe’s for $49.99 + $1 filler. While at it, you may also sign up for email alerts to get a $10 discount on the purchase.

If you would like to have the unit delivered to your location, you will incur additional shipping costs. You may buy the Blue Hawk 8.0-gallon 1.5 HP electric air compressor from Amazon for about $204. 

As you can see, Blue Hawk air compressors are comparatively cheaper than competitor units of similar quality and functionality.

Blue Hawk Air Compressor Key Features 

Despite being an affordable air compressor option, the Blue Hawk air compressor presents you with industry-specific quality and satisfactory performance.

The air compressor is packed with a range of desirable features and capabilities, including: 

Reliable Performance

Having been designed to offer great value for money, the Blue Hawk air compressor is loaded with an assortment of performance features.

The model is powered by a 1.5 HP motor that plugs to any 120V, 12.0 amp mains socket. This motor coupled to an oil-free pump, which requires minimal maintenance to deliver optimal performance.

Being one of the best portable air compressors, the Blue Hawk 8-gallon air compressor builds up to shut-off pressure in two stages with stops at 90 PSI and 120 PSI.

It has been proven to deliver a steady air supply of about 4.8 SCFM @ 40PSI, and about 3.7 SCFM @ 90PSI. The unit can produce up to 135 PSI of pressure, hence it is capable of powering a myriad of pneumatic tools and inflating large tires. 

Durable Construction 

The air compressor parts and components, including the outer cover and tan, are made of quality materials for enhanced durability. For instance, the 8-gallon tank is made of steel, while the air filter is Chrome played.

The tires used in this unit are made of high-quality rubber. The product has been proven to meet ETL standards for safety. As such, it is backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty. 


Although the Blue Hawk Inflator is suited for most garage applications, it is comparatively easy to move around and even store. The entire unit weighs about 60 pounds but is fitted with handles and two 6-inch rubber wheels on its front. 

The handles used on the air compressor are removable, making it easy to store the unit when not in use. With the handles are removed, the air compressor will require less storage space. 

Easy Operation

As compared to air compressors within the same category, the Blue Hawk Inflator is relatively easy to use. It is fitted with a metal quick coupler on its port, making it faster and safer for you to add and remove attachments. In this regard, the model comes with a 1/4″ nozzle fitting. 

Final Verdict 

Featuring a lightweight, yet sturdy construction, the Air Hawk Pro Inflator is safe and secure to handle and operate.

It comes with a rechargeable battery pack, and a choice of two adaptors, AC and DC adapters, for charging. 

Air Hawk Pro Air Compressor Review Vs. Blue Hawk

Having been designed for portability, the Air Hawk is not powerful enough for the more demanding applications. If you need to power a range of pneumatic tools, you should go for the Blue Hawk air compressor instead. 

Both air compressors offer great quality and superior performance. The choice of either model should be influenced by the intended use. 

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