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The Advantages of Buying Porter Cable Air Compressors

Unlike other brands that manufacture air compressors, the entire history of Porter-Cable has been dedicated to helping professional tradespeople, woodworkers, and DIY homeowners. They know what you’re going to need to get your project completed the right way on your first attempt.

It is this attitude that has gone into the design and development of their air compressors, allowing you to have confidence in the performance you’ll receive.

Porter-Cable air compressors are generally designed to meet specific needs you may have. This is a tremendous advantage because you receive a compressor that will quickly and efficiently help you get your project done.

There’s enough versatility built into these models as well that you’ll be able to do some coordinating work with your main tasks and still feel satisfied by your final result.

There’s a reason why many people review Porter Cable by calling them the brand standard when it comes to the tools and compressors they produce. It’s because you know what you’re getting, so you don’t feel like you have to gamble with your money.

How to Find the Best Porter Cable Air Compressor

In a word: information. It is up to each of us to perform our due diligence when shopping for a new air compressor.

When you read through the best Porter Cable air compressor reviews on independent websites, you’ll see that several negative reviews get posted simply because the compressor couldn’t meet a consumer need that it was never intended to achieve. That’s not fair to the brand, to the air compressor, or to the project that needs to be completed.

About your project, the information helps you to determine what type of air compressor from Porter-Cable you’re going to need. Information about the air compressors allows you to choose a model that has the features and advantages that you need.

Information about its durability and reliability will let you see if you’ll be able to use your preferred compressor for half-dozen years or half-dozen weeks. This is where we aim to give you a helping hand.


Our experience in the contracting industry has allowed us to do more than just try an air compressor out for a couple of days or pretend to be an expert because we sat through an in-store demo one day.

We’ve used Porter Cable products for landscaping needs, home renovation needs, foreclosure clean-outs, and other general labor needs. You’ll find the long-term pros and cons to provide you with a realistic outcome instead of false hope.

Real information instead of a sales pitch: that’s how you find the best Porter Cable air compressor to meet your needs.

Tips To Purchase the Best Porter Cable Air Compressor

Porter-Cable air compressors can generally be classified into three generic categories: portable compressors, home-use compressors, and commercial-grade compressors.

The portable air compressors from this brand are generally useful as an inflator. You may find that some of the upper-end compact models can run some necessary air tools, but you’ll want to reserve most of the portable units for filling tires, sports equipment, and other inflatables.

Home-use compressors are generally stationary, but some of them do have some limited portability. If you need air tools to work on your vehicle, have a lot of DIY projects to get done, or just want a high-powered compressor for your home that comes at a reasonable price, then this is the option for you.

If you plan on using your new Porter Cable air compressor daily, then you may wish to consider an investment in a commercial-grade option instead. These compressors can run virtually any air tool, are typically a little quieter, but do require more maintenance than the other two compressor classifications.

Porter-Cable vs. Craftsman Air Compressor

Porter-Cable and Craftsman air compressors are among the two most well-known air compressor brands out there. People often get stuck in a dilemma when they are deciding to choose between these two air compressors. Although the two brands share a few similarities, some things set Porter Cable apart from Craftsman.

Firstly, Porter-Cable has a lot of variety when it comes to power tools, especially air compressors. There are air compressor designs available to cater to the unique demands of customers.

Apart from the high range of air compressors, longevity, and easy usability are also what make Porter-Cable a better option in comparison to Craftsman air compressors. Porter-Cable also has the edge over Craftsman when it comes to warranty.

Their longer warranty despite similar prices to Craftsman makes Porter-Cable a better option for you to consider.

Porter-Cable Air Compressor Common Problems

Despite being one of the best, if not the best, power tools brands out there, Porter-Cable air compressors do face a few problems now and then.

These problems are not as prevalent as the ones that occur in other brands, but they do happen nonetheless. Knowing these problems will help you to seek the necessary help or adjustments that you will need to get your air compressor working again.

  1. Some Porter Cable Pancake compressors tend to remain open despite switching them off. They also tend to make a rattling sound, which might lead you to think that the compressor is broken from the inside. However, that usually is not the case.
  2. People often complain about these air compressors making whistling sounds. It can get annoying sometimes, but the machine works fine. Checking your oil regularly and air hosing your filter is a couple of solutions that you should look into if whistling occurs.
  3. Some Porter Cable air compressor models tend to run hot. Too hot in some cases. This usually happens when you go past the dust cycle. You can eliminate this problem by storing your compressor in a cool and ventilated environment.

Buying Guide

There are certain things that you should look for before buying a porter cable air compressor. They are mentioned below.

1. Digital Display

Reading important statistics like air pressure comes in extremely handy. Digital displays allow you to read these stats. They also allow you to make changes to presets according to the requirements of your tires.

If you want to get the best out of your air compressor, make sure that there is a digital display in it.

2. Power Source

Compatibility with power sources is important for air compressors to function. Since convenience is the reason why people buy portable air compressors, they must be compatible with the power sources that users have in their homes.

3. Built-In Battery

Despite being on the expensive side, the built-in battery feature is an important one in portable air compressors.  No one likes to spend time changing batteries, the built-in battery only needs to be charged every once in a while, and you will be good to go.

4. Power Cord

Ignoring the power cord is a big mistake. Making sure that the length of the power cord is enough to reach the tools or tires that you are trying to fill is important to save you from disappointment.

Compressors with AC cords are a convenient feature that you should seek from the potential compressor you are willing to buy.

5. PSI Control

Every portable air compressor has different inflating strengths. You should observe the requirements of your objects for determining the compressor, which will have the correct PSI for it. The bigger the object, the bigger PSI (Pound per Square Inch) you should opt for.

6. Duty Cycle

The dust cycle is an important feature that you should consider in a portable air compressor. It is essentially the inflator’s cooling downtime.

No one likes to wait for long periods to resume working with their compressors. Do not choose an air compressor with a short duty cycle as you’ll need to wait too much.

7. Pump Type

Pump type is a big determinant of the air compressors’ performance. Go for an oil-less pump if you want your air compressor to last long.

Additionally, they are low maintenance, saving you lots of time. Note that oil fewer compressors are on the expensive side; however, they are worth every penny.

8. Automation

Always opt for a device that can predict your requirements. Go for an automatic compressor that also gives you the option of making manual adjustments in case you have different preferences.

What makes automatic air compressors a must-have is the fact that they shut down automatically, making sure to conserve energy. You can also manipulate the presets to shut the compressor down according to your own time.

Choosing an air compressor that will meet your demands can be tricky when there are hundreds and possibly even thousands of them available. We have narrowed it down to 7, to make sure that you get to choose out of only the best.

How Do You Adjust the Pressure Switch On a Porter Cable Compressor?

Finding the adjustment for getting the right pressure from your air compressor seems like a tough task at times.

People often use the trial and error method for finding the pressure, which isn’t a good idea as it can deteriorate your switch and possibly even go wrong in a short time. Follow the points mentioned below to set the right pressure.

  1. Locate the springs that are present underneath your switches.
  2. One spring is a cutout switch (usually on the right), while the other is the cut in switch (generally on the left).
  3. Tightening the spring increases pressure while loosening it decreases the pressure.
  4. You will require a screw to loosen or tighten the springs
  5. Turn the springs clockwise to increase pressure, and anti-clockwise to decrease it.
  6. Shut the drain valve and start the compressor when you are about to do this.
  7. Wait for the compressor to step before you begin to adjust the pressure.

Porter-Cable air compressors are handy tools to have. Their features are second to none, and to top it all off; their superior quality outshines any other air compressor brands available on the market.