Kaishan Air Compressors are made by the Kaishan Group. The Kaishan Group is the self-described third largest manufacturer of air compressors in the world and China’s largest air compressor design and manufacturing firm.

The China-based Kaishan Group currently lists thirty-two subsidiary companies in its portfolio and does business in more than sixty countries around the world.

Kaishan Compressor

One of those subsidiaries is the Kaishan USA air compressors.

Kaishan USA Air Compressors by Kaishan Group 

Kaishan Group operates as a for-profit enterprise as a multi-national holding group. With more than thirty-two subsidiary companies located in more approximately twenty countries, Kaishan has a worldwide reach and presence in the compressed air industry.

The company operates around a simple three-point approach to its business model.  It seeks to keep all its subsidiary and central corporate and manufacturing systems operating with these three principles guiding every decision

  • Simple
  • Efficient
  • Confident

Kaishan Group Products

Kaishan USA lists an impressive array of product lines.

  • Rotary screw compressors
  • Belt driven air compressors
  • Industrial portable air compressors
  • Gas compressors
  • Compressed air filters
  • Compressed air dryers
  • Industrial vacuum pumps
  • Air receiver tanks
  • ORC power Generation
  • Steam Expanders

Manufacturing Model

To maintain efficiencies and economies, Kaishan Group has adopted a manufacturing model based on vertical integration.

The company estimates that as of 2018, 85% of the manufacturing processes used in the compressor manufacturing operations employ vertical integration in their processes.

The objective of the Kaishan vertical integration plan is to have full control of the supply chain, component cost, quality, and availability. Controlling the supply chain and its integral parts gives Kaishan the ability to respond rapidly to market changes, technological advances, and customer needs.

Quality control is at the heart of the vertical integration scheme.  Kaishan Group is intent on bringing the highest quality compressors to the market at a reasonable price.

Their efforts in quality control allow Kaishan Group to offer a lifetime warranty on the central screw components of their air compressors as well as a five-year warranty on the other major components.

A milestone in this vertically integrated supply chain management came in 2005 when, in cooperation with a local university research group, Kaishan Group developed a new concept in the rotary screw compressor design.

The development of patented new technology and its manufacture allowed Kaishan Group to sever its dependence on outside suppliers for this critical part of their product line, lowering their costs significantly.

Kaishan Air Compressors

A Brief History of Kaishan Group

  • 1958 – Establishment of the Qu County General Purpose Machinery Company in China
  • 1978 – Creation of the Zhejiang Kaishan Co., Ltd after the reorganization of the earlier operations
  • 1998 – Control of the Zhejiang Kaishan Co., Ltd ceded to private entrepreneurs
  • 2001 – Kaishan Group formed 
  • 2009 – Kaishan North American Research Center opened in Seattle, Washington, USA
  • 2017 – Kaishan USA formed, and the North American Corporate office and a manufacturing facility are built in Loxley, Alabama

Kaishan Group began as a modest manufacturer of agricultural equipment. The enterprise was a jointly funded effort between private investors and public funds provided by the government of China.

The company expanded its operations and introduced a pneumatic rock drill and compressor in 1978. The company began to focus on the air compressor and pneumatic tool markets and has since become a leader in innovative compressor technologies worldwide.

Rotary Screw Compressors

Kaishan USA features the Kaishan Group line of rotary screw air compressors.  These compressors are built in both oil-injected and oil-free configurations with the following features.

  • Belt-driven models from 5 to 50 horsepower
  • Tank-mounted belt-driven compressors ranging from 5 to 30 horsepower
  • Single-stage direct drive compressors ranging from 15 to 200 horsepower
  • Direct drive compressors ranging from 40 to 500 horsepower
  • Two-stage air compressors ranging from 100 to 500 HP

Belt-driven Air Compressors

To meet the needs of smaller compressed air users, Kaishan manufactures a line of belt-driven tank -mounted compressors.  This line of compressors is available from Kaishan USA in three configurations.

  • 5 – 50 horsepower base mounts
  • 5 – 30 horsepower tank mounts
  • 5 – 30 horsepower tank mounts with integrated dryer and pre-filters

Industrial Portable Air Compressors

Taking their technology portable for those users who require a quality air compressor and systems on remote locations or across multiple locations, Kaishan offers an array of choices in portable air compressors.

These air compressors are available as both single-stage and two-stage system and are powered by diesel engines. These portable air compressors come standard with the features needed on most job sites such as:

  • Airflow control system for the most efficient operation
  • Monitoring functions with stop and alarm systems
  • Multi-stage air filtration systems
  • Easy and economical maintenance 
Kaishan Air Dryer

Compressed Air Filters

Some industries and environments require higher levels of air quality than standard filtration may supply. Kaishan USA meets those requirements with a line of compressed air filters that can be customized to deliver the maximum air quality at an economical cost.

The filtration products offered by Kaishan USA include:

  • KLF Filters meeting ISO 8573.1 and ISO 12500 standards, removing contaminants as small as 0.1 microns
  • KO, KA, and KX coalescing filters featuring sophisticated two-stage filtration that capture large particulates as well as removing moisture and oil contaminants.
  • KR and KAR filters for the needs of higher air quality with filtration of particulate matter to as small as .01 microns

Air Compressor Dryers

Where compressed air needs require a very dry product, Kaishan builds a complete line of compressed air dryers.  Their product line is rich in features and options to fit any user’s needs.  

  • KRD dryers feature capacities ranging from 230 to 4250 CFM and can be customized to accommodate higher inlet air temperatures, stainless steel heat exchangers, and outlet pressures up to 653 PSIG
  • The KDH series of driers are heatless desiccant dryers with capacities from 10 to 12,000 CFM meeting ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 1 and Class 2 standards.
  • K-HOC dryers use heat-compression technology for compressed air drying that is up to 30% more economical to operate in the first year of use and can deliver up to 14,125 SCFM of compressed air with minimal maintenance.


The claims to being the third largest manufacturer of air compressors in the world could not be easily verified.

Still, it is clear, based on industry reviews and reports that the Kaishan Group is a significant player in the industrial air compressor market.

Kaishan Compressor review

Their philosophy of establishing subsidiaries where they do business and operating as a native industry is admirable and may well gain them additional market share.

The quality of their products is undeniable, and their core values should keep them at the forefront of the air compressor systems market.