Atlas Copco is consistently one of the top three performers worldwide in air compressor manufacturing, sales, and service. Atlas Copco Air Compressors offers such a deep and broad product line. 

In this buyer’s guide, we will identify the best Atlas Copco air compressor in each category. In addition, to comparing the Atlas Copco compressors to their counterparts– Ingersoll, Keaser, and Elgi.

Best Atlas Copco Air Compressors

1. Atlas Copco CR5-TS – Industrial Piston Air Compressors

The CR5-TS line of Atlas Copco compressors is one of the top-selling in the Atlas Copco lineup of industrial air compressors. The Atlas Copco CR line of compressors sets the standard for professional and industrial air compressors while remaining affordable.

From the cast-iron two-stage pump assembly to the integral tank, the CR series of compressors offer reliability and economy in their class.

The Specifications on the CR5-TS-80—GV compressor are impressive.

  • Horsepower – 5HP
  • Airflow – 17.9 CFM at 100PSI – 17.2 CFM at 175PSI
  • Tank Size – 80 gallons
  • Pump Design – Two-stage piston pump
  • Motor Type – ODP
  • Voltage Required – 230V
  • Drive Type – Belt
  • Maximum Pressure – 175PSI
  • Tank Orientation – Vertical
  • Certifications – ASME
  • Low-oil Shutoff – Included
  • Oil sight glass – Included
  • After Cooler – Included
  • Tank Drain Valve – Pneumatic auto drain included

No matter what configuration you need, Atlas Copco can meet your specifications with a compressor from the CR line.  The CR line includes compressors that

  • Can deliver from 1 to 200 CFM
  • With 2HP to 7.5HP motors
  • Are equipped with 23 to 80 gallon vertical or horizontal tanks

2. GX4-150T – Atlas Copco Rotary Screw Air Compressor

When it comes to rotary screw air compressors, Atlas Copco can fill the bill. IN the mid-range of the Atlas Copco rotary compressor line is the CX series.

The GX series of rotary screw compressors are oil-injected systems that feature integrated air dryers. The Atlas Copco design provides continuous duty cycle compressors for all sizes of industrial and manufacturing operations.

The GX4-150T rotary screw compressor fits well into the needs of medium-sized industrial applications where consistent air flows and pressures and an air dryer for high-quality air are high on the list of specifications.

These qualities and features have made the GX4-150T rotary screw compressor one of Atlas Copco’s top performers in sales.

A quick look at the features and technical details shows why many buyers chose the GX4-150T rotary screw compressor.

  • Power – 5HP
  • Air Flow Rating – 16.6 CFM
  • Operating Pressure – 150PSI
  • Pump Type – Rotary Screw
  • Tank Size – 53 gallons
  • Voltage – 230V single phase
  • Design Type – Fixed speed compressor with integral dryer
  • Warranty – 10 years 
  • Motor Type – TEFC
  • Drive Type – Belt
  • Tank Orientation – Horizontal
  • Certifications – ASME
  • Oil Site Glass – Included
  • Tank drain valve – Manual

The GX4-150T compressor is in the middle of the lineup of GX4 compressors from Atlas Copco.

This line of compressors is configurable in several ways to meet your individual needs. The options available include:

  • Power ratings from 3HP to 7.5HP
  • CFM airflow from 8.5CFM to 21.2CFMGX4-150T

3. Atlas Copco CR15-TS – 3 Phase Piston Compressor 

Moving up in the Atlas Copco line, the CR15 Atlas Copco Piston compressors serve the needs of industrial and manufacturing operations where higher pressures and larger airflows are required.

Built with the same attention to detail and efficiency as the rest of the Atlas Copco compressors to ensure dependable operation in your facilities.

The CR line of compressors fit the needs of situations where the compressor is permanently installed and has 3-phase power available. Many customer choose the CR15-Ts-120GH Atlas Copco for their facilities, making it one of Atlas Copco’s best selling piston compressors. 

If you need to replace or install a 3-phase piston compressor, take a look at the features and technical details of the CR15-TS-120GH compressor.

  • Power – 15HP
  • Airflow – 54.5 CFM at 100PSI to 51CFM at 175PSI
  • Operating Pressure – 175PSI
  • Tank Size – 120 – 200 gallons
  • Voltage – 230 volts 3-phase
  • Pump Design – two-stage piston style cast iron
  • Warranty – One year with extended five years on the pump
  • Motor Type – ODP
  • Tank Orientation – Horizontal
  • Certifications – ASME
  • Oil Sight Glass – Included
  • Aftercooler – Included
  • Tank Drain Valve – pneumatic auto drain valve included

Like most other Atlas Copco compressors, the CR15 line of air compressors is available in a wide range of configurations.

  • Available power configurations – 5HP to 20 HP
  • Air Flow ranges – 70 CFM to 17.2 CFM
  • Tank Sizes = 80 gallons to 200 gallons

4. Atlas Copco GA7VSD – High CFM Air Compressor 

When you step up into applications that require higher pressure, higher flows, and tight air quality standards, Atlas Copco can meet your needs.

The GA7VSD line of rotary screw air compressors fulfills these specifications without breaking the budget for medium-sized to large industrial compressed air users.

The GayVSd compressors require permanent installation and the addition of external storage tanks for more demanding applications. Its continuous duty design also means it will operate as a stand-alone unit in some applications.

The GA7VSD rotary screw air compressor won’t break the bank in operating costs either. Its efficient design and variable speed system allow the air compressor to match demand with motor speed automatically.

The VSB design equates to less energy use and smaller costs.  

The feature list of the GA7VSD+ 175 AP rotary screw air compressor completes the picture of this versatile and efficient air compressor.

  • Quiet Rotary Screw Operation
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Continuous duty cycle
  • Power – 10HP
  • Airflow – 15.1 – 46.2 CFM
  • Operating Pressure – 102PSI
  • Pump Type – Rotary Screw
  • Voltage – 200V 3-phase
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Motor Type – IPM enclosed
  • Drive Type – Direct drive
  • Max Pressure – 175 PSI
  • Low Oil Shutoff – Automatic Included
  • Oil Site Glass – included
  • Aftercooler – Included

The GA line of rotary screw air compressors from Atlas Copco may well be their broadest line available. The number of possible configurations is almost impossible to list but includes the following \options.

  • Power – 50HP to 10HP
  • Airflows – 15.1 – 243 CFM
  • Voltage – 200V to 430VGA7VSD rotary screw air compressor

What Type of Products Atlas Copco Offers

To better serve its customers,  Atlas Copco offers a complete line of products and services including:

  • Compressors
  • Air Motors
  • Air tools
  • Pumps
  • Rental Solutions
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Design Services

Atlas Copco – Anywhere in the World

No matter where your job site, industrial installation, or manufacturing plant, Atlas Copco is ready and able to meet your needs for compressed air, tools, and support.

Atlas Copco has locations in more than 180 countries that can meet your expectations and needs. 

Atlas Copco is a recognized name worldwide in the industrial compressor manufacturing industry. Atlas Copco is not just a design and manufacturing leader.

If you need a complete package from design to after installation service and maintenance, Atlas Copco provides turn-key solutions for any size business or operation. 

Atlas Copco
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Atlas Copco consistently ranks in the top 5 manufacturers and suppliers of industrial air compressor equipment worldwide. The latest figures from Atlas Copco are indicative of their organizational strength.

  • Number of employees worldwide – 39,000+
  • Revenue in 2019 in US Dollars – 11,866 Million US dollars
  • Compressor Division Revenues in 2019 in US Dollars – 5,515 million US dollars 

Atlas Copco vs. Kaeser

Atlas Copco is a top seller around the world. Kaeser is not as well known as a brand but does have a following. A survey of compressor user’s comments about both compressors reveals the following.

  • Most user comments about rotary screw compressors found that the Atlas Copco compressors featured a better finish and a better design than the Kawser
  • Kaeser uses a belt drive on its compressors. Atlas Copco uses belt drive on its compressors of less than 10 HP and direct drive on rotary screw compressors over 10 HP which many users find a better solution
  • Atlas Copco runs the front end of their rotary screw faster than Kaeser which can cause more noise
  • Most users believe that the Atlas Copco rotary screw compressors have a longer operational life than the comparable Kaeser rotary screw compressors.

Atlas Copco vs. Ingersoll-Rand

Comparing Atlas Copco to Ingersoll-Rand is putting the two largest manufacturers of air compressor equipment head to head. Whether the situation is a large industrial plant or a small automobile repair shop, these two giants are always front runners in sales.

Users have lots of opinions and experience with these two brands.

  • Ingersoll Rand seems better known among small to medium users. In India, Ingersoll-Rand and Atlas Copco alternate being number one and number two in sales to large manufacturing and industrial compressed air users.
  • Atlas Copco has the overall edge in price.  
  • Ingersoll-Rand is better known among small users but comments from small to medium compressed air users who have discovered Atlas indicate a preference for Atlas Copco compressors overall.
  • Ingersoll-Rand brands all of their compressors from the smallest to the largest with the Ingersoll-Rand Name. Atlas Copco tends to brand their compressors based on the subsidiary company that builds them. Most of the Atlas Copco compressors in sizes used for smaller or home installations have the Chicago Pneumatic name.

Atlas Copco vs. Elgi

Elgi is an emerging brand. Based in India, Elgi expresses its goal of challenging everyone, including Atlas Copco, within the next few years. Presently, the brand has little recognition outside of India.

Elgi’s marketing and branding plans have focused on building a reputation with users rather than recognition among possible customers.

There are very few comparisons available between Elgi compressors and Atlas Copco compressors.

Elgi Equipments Limited
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Industry analysts predict that Elgi will become a dominant player in the industrial air compressor market over the next few years challenging Atlas Copco and the other major brands.

Atlas Copco The Right Choice 

With the broader range of specifications and the wildly diverse uses for compressed air in industrial and manufacturing operations, you will need the advice of competent experts in the field.  Atlas Copco has years of experience and a host of top professionals to guide your decision from the first steps in deciding which air compressor fits your needs to the installation of the equipment in your facility.

Making the best decision is both a financial concern and an operational requirements.  You can be sure that an Atlas Copco air compressor can fulfill both requirements in the long run. As a worldwide industry leader, Atlas Copco has proven their expertise and their focus on customer satisfaction and quality equipment.